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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 21, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

All passengers escape from fiery plane crash at California airport, police say mass shooting plot near California airport thwarted, and testimony underway in trial for high-profile Florida shooting caught on camera.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:31 Ten People Survive Fiery Plane Crash After Aborted Takeoff
3:15 Marriott Hotel Employee Arrested In Mass Shooting Plot
4:36 Trial Underway In Deadly Florida Parking Lot Shooting
6:46 Trump’s Mixed Messages On Gun Background Checks Spark Confusion
7:23 Trump Reverses Course And Says No Payroll Tax Cut
7:41 Trump On Trade War: ‘I Am The Chosen One’ To Deal With China
7:55 Trump Doubles Down On American Jewish ‘Disloyalty’ Comments
8:26 Trump: Danish P.M.’s Response To Greenland Offer Was ‘Nasty’
9:11 Trump Admin Moves To Hold Migrant Families Indefinitely
10:40 Two Terrifying Shark Attacks Off Florida & Hawaii Beaches
11:54 Severe Storms Threaten 52 Million Across Several States
12:12 Amazon Rainforest Infernos Burning At Startling Rate
13:47 Growing Vaping Health Concerns As Teens Go Back To School
16:03 TSA Agents Begin Warning Travelers To Upgrade To Real Id
18:04 Mystery Illness Striking Florida’s Endangered Panthers

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 21, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So if someone comes up behind me and hits me so hard I come off my feet I'm supposed to wait until they do it again before I defend myself. No plain and simple the man was offended that someone was speaking to his loved one in a rude manner and chose to assault that person then that person defended themselves. That's what i see with my eyes. I would say that the man that got shot should have chose to speak to the man or call for help instead of attacking first.

  2. Trump sounded like the antichrist when he sead " I am the chosen one"😬

  3. The illness in the panthers maybe is the illness call MAYARO , have the same consequences in human being, but people go to bed, when they feel sick is hard for them to walk , attack the bone , join and many more , vision , is hard for them to see, many people already die in Izabal , Guatemala , Maybe the same mosquito is there , ……attacking the poor panthers they feel weak and they cannot go to bed is sad , i cannot imagine their pain

  4. Don't wanna get shot , then do not put your hands on me

  5. it was not stand your ground it was bullying the white man is going down in flames

  6. Uh oh, Vaping is bad for us….. Let's get it off the market to save our kids!!!! Uh, they can still get drunk. In high school, in the tree fort. Getting drunk as a young person is amazingly common. But Vaping??? Some how different and that devil smoke needs to be taken off the shelves!! Meanwhile, there is preacher (not intended to be derogatory) out there, who has a glass of wine with dinner.

  7. The two felt it was quite fine apparently, to park in a spot allocated for the HANDICAPPED!! Causing one man's death and destroying another man's life. And the female driver goes home? WTF?

  8. NO NO NO do not release detainees in the USA, that just allows/assist them in continuing to be here illegally ! Deport them now.

  9. the attacker's father state's his son was backing up, true BUT was he going to leave or turn around and re-attack the man on the ground. When you walk up and attack without any discussion, how should the victim of the attack to judge the attackers next more ? ? ?

  10. He was attacked, so he killed the guy without a seconds thought. He had no need to shoot the guy, it’s a simple dispute. People allowing this kind of behavior is just allowing small altercations to be settled with a guy with a gun and an inferiority complex.

  11. What is inhuman and cruel is the fact that most middle class Americans can't afford medical and the immigrants come here breaking the law and getting rewarded for it!!!!! They work off the books and collect government assistance!!! Come on America wake up!!

  12. Peter Alexander needs to be put on as lead journalist!

  13. Is that legal in California?

  14. You won't push me down and walk away!

  15. Can't fly with a regular driver's license??? Now that is stupid!!!

  16. The man that shot the dude in the parking lot should not even be in court. He did nothing wrong. They should not have even charged him with a crime.

  17. E-cigs…another “addiction crisis”! So, cancer causing cigarettes are “okay”…as long as the pay up, big tobacco companies can continue to get away with selling their poison, what we KNOW kills thousands of Americans everyday. I wish these “addiction crisis e-cigarettes” were available when I was in my teens when I started smoking cigarettes. To this day after trying to quit too many times to count. This addiction crisis” that’s claimed less then 200 people Nation wide is being highlighted by who? Big tobacco? Maybe because big tobacco hates the idea that many are turning to e-cigarettes rather then using their products?
    Regarding the nut in Florida who shot a guy for being pushed & the “stand your ground” law, the shooter was absolutely NOT entitled to shoot. I was shot in the chest and I was “God like lucky” (as the trauma surgeons said) to have survived. I still live with one of his bullets forever lodged in my back as it is to close to my spine to be removed. Now another one of our many crisis the “opioid crisis” is forcing myself and many other good, responsible, untreatable pain patients off of all pain medications solely due to others misuse. I never wanted to be shot, I never wanted to be unable to work within the trade I was schooled in, that was very gainful. (commercial HVAC/R technician) I never wanted to be in $35,000 of medical debt, nor be unemployed living (existing) on less than $1,000/month. And I never wanted to rely on medications that happen to greatly increase the quality of my life after being shot. By…an active shooter when I was 19 years old! These are just a very few examples of what happens to those of us that survive this violence AFTER the cameras and the reporters go away. Especially if you have no family or support structures in place. I do wish safety and happiness to all and ask one thing…do just one thing to help someone else, anything. Let someone out in traffic, aid those in the most need, donate a can of food at the supermarket, volunteer at your local food bank…big or small…every good deed is multiplied exponentially. Much love America!

  18. mr. might-makes-right escalated the situation. the situation got escalated. have a nice day?

  19. 5:00

    Captain Save A Hoe to the rescue.

    Still manslaughter tho.

  20. My president is right on .he really is truth in his statement about Jews not only Jews but the real Hebrew Israelites black Jews we support u and ur stance on things most ministers and priest on average support our president we are not under any delusion liberal policies don't go along with our creators doctrine or Torah principles halleluyah thank u .Mr.president black jews for Trump😇🙏✌️👍

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