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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 4th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Legal scholars say Trump has committed impeachable offenses at House Judiciary hearing, Trump cuts NATO trip short after Trudeau’s hot mic moment, and George Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martin’s family and others for $100 million.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:28 Active Shooter Situation Contained At Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
2:47 Legal Experts Clash Over Impeachment At First Judiciary Hearing
5:05 Witness Under Fire For Remark About Trump’s 13-Year-Old Son
5:33 Report: Giuliani Meets With Ex-Ukrainian Prosecutor Overseas
5:51 Democrats Aim For Impeachment Vote Before Christmas
6:11 Trump Cancels NATO News Conference After World Leaders Mock Him
8:34 North Korea Warns U.S To Expect ‘Christmas Gift’
10:04 Nearly 700,000 To Lose Food Stamps Under New Trump Rule
10:22 Zimmerman Names Trayvon Martin’s Family In $100 Million Lawsuit
12:27 Study: Hair Dye & Straightener May Have Breast Cancer Link
14:13 NBC Meets With Gabrielle Union Over “America’s Got Talent” Exit
16:15 Stopping Porch Pirates From Stealing Your Holiday Packages
17:46 House Passes Robocall Crackdown In Near-Unanimous Vote

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 4th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Such a waste of a fine tree.

  2. Article II section 4 of the Constitution has not been violated. The evidence must be "material" and not circumstantial or Congress can just lower the power of any president they 'might' disagree with. This is stupid. You can't impeach a president unless he has been 'convicted' of "high crimes and misdemeanors". There has been no conviction. Presidents have a right to be idiots, unfortunately.

  3. "Don The Con…Con", Shameful, Embarrasement, Dirty, Corrupt, Liar, Manipulator, Pedo., Etc. 👎👎😁😄😜🤣🙃

  4. trump 2020 get the kleenex ready demos another landslide win

  5. Thank you Trump thank you thank you thank you God finally people are off of welfare get your lazy butt and go work just like every American does Obama made everyone lazy thank you Trump you are turning America around

  6. Why can’t the Dems work this fast any other time, let alone at all.

  7. Get rid of him
    Impeachment or elect him out

  8. Trump is a joke to the world leaders

  9. Trump is the Greatest President of America, God Bless You Trump.

  10. Zimmerman was a bit gung ho at the time he decided against 911 operator instructions of 911 operator clearly stated instructions……. that's the reason Zimmerman's life has seen some problems .. and Zimmerman's life will continue to see problems as long as he refuses to understand Authority and proper placement of that Authority. For reasons of policy and precaution….. Zimmerman seemed to be a stalker to his query.. Zimmerman seemed to be a gang banger possibly to his query.

  11. Those leaders weren't caught on a "hot" mic- they were eavesdropped on by media. They should be expected to have some reasonable privacy without nosy press people listening in on everything. That was not a public conversation. SOmetimes the Media needs to have some respect.

  12. I started bleaching my hair, eyebrows and skin at 16 as it was the style. I still bleach my hair and still a healthy 75 yr old. Am I weird or is this bit of 'news'…fake news.

  13. I'm thinking North Korea is being financially assisted by Russia. That christmas gift hopefully isn't a new ICBM

  14. Zimmerman should take the man out of his name.

  15. It was WWIII 2022, I was chewing on a rat in a FEMA camp when all of a sudden GOD ripped open a chasm in the Earth and all the demonrats fell in it.

  16. How low can one get, using a child to get your point across!

  17. Everyone should have respect for President Trump and his family. He's keeping America, America!

  18. Beautiful tree but can’t help but wonder how much money they paid hiring electricians and all the expense just seems so not right when people are starving and homeless. Christmas has become so commercialized only seeming to be about big sales putting the average families in sorrow because they can’t afford Christmas. It’s no longer an enjoyable season for me , just a dread that it’s here again when it’s hard enough to keep necessary bills paid . A lot of children believing in a Santa Claus that doesn’t remember to come visit them. I can’t wait for a time when we quit lying to our children. Christmas is for the rich anymore. SAD

  19. 3 specialist , they did not mention the 4th specialist who said there is no proof for impeachment

  20. Impeachment Drama. Drama is a good description.

  21. As a Marine Corps Veteran, I, like many others, appreciate that President Trump always returns the salute issued by the Marines.


  23. Thoese leaders should've themselves been ashamed of. They look like stupid people who laughing at one another, you are more stupid than me hahaha. America is wealthiest, powerful country, yours all not. Surely thats what you laughing at hahaha.
    President Trump is excellent president still, he rather should think of this and his people who love him than pay attention to the mocking come from those stupid leaders.
    Ok, you respect my president Trump, I will respect you. But aha sorry :).

  24. They mock him, he gets offended.
    Yet he mocks others. What a b*tch lol

  25. How'd you transplant a huge tree? Need like a tanker truck of clone-a-root.😂😂

  26. The Moron blew a gasket halfway on his International Political Sideshow,…he abandoned it.😖🤬

  27. Looks like Simone skeletons are about to be out in the fresh air …
    The #MeMovement is about to focus in on their next target …

    And being the biggest music producer on the planet id have to imagine has bodies on bodies

  28. Breathing fumes at the gas pump, even touching the pump without examination gloves is more cancerious.😡

  29. I understand that this is a democratic "cry baby" page, but looking forward to 4 more years of trump cleanup!

  30. 5:50 yeah Peter if you're at the yards of the White House then I'm Superman, take off your gloves, why fake that every time??? You can notice the green screen CGI. 🤔

  31. Ever since I went Homeless, I get everything General Delivery.
    Never get anything stolen now.😂

  32. As for Mr. Kim…tell him that we have ten new coffee companies he would love. Ordinary too. Kroger, 2.99 plus tariff.. Colombian. Satellite and Pinon …delicious, felicity… Coffee.

  33. Plan and simple government is a joke. Democrats have done nothing but complain how trump did something wrong. How about worry about our health care or our homeless and sick children. Honestly don't care to listen to more about how trump did this and did that. Least he's been trying for the people. More then Democrat has.

  34. Donald Trump just doesn't understand how much he is hated on this planet it's a shame to see billions and billions of people hating your guts I mean this man needs to step down already because he is hated and it doesn't matter if the Democrats turn an ant hill into a mountain just to remove him it doesn't matter if he gets impeached because he threw a gum wrapper in the sidewalk he needs to be removed Donald Trump is the most hated man in the world somebody should make a t-shirt Donald Trump the most hated man on the planet

  35. I wish they would just get this disgusting clown out of office already!!

  36. You know how we all laugh at Kim Jong il… Well Donald you are the free world equivalent.

  37. Any sort of Attack from N. Korea would surely be Suicidal on their part, So if Kim Jong Un wishes to remain being the recipient of coerced adoration by His Subjects, He should think first …There is nothing to be gained by becoming 46,541 Square Miles
    Of Ash and Rubble.

  38. Malia in Swahil means The Queen, now you know is anyone said that about Obama's daughter they would get blasted.

  39. If the European leadership doesn't like the President of the United States that 's how you know he is doing the right thing for America.

  40. Will Bidens legs be testifying ?

  41. The buck stops here? How about bucked off, and euros spin.

  42. We should demand Angela Merkel retire, since lots and lots of labor deals evolve from Hannover.

  43. If there is impeachment, by all means Mr Burden should be removed from the Democratic ticket. He should avoid high treason, contract fixing, and bribes from a foreign state.

  44. thoughts. Goes way back.

  45. Sheila has a voice we admire, a step down ultimately should come from her.

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