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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 15th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Trump attacks top diplomat during day two of public impeachment hearings, Kamala Harris on gun control and ‘what matters’ most to 2020 Democratic voters, and Prince Andrew breaking his silence about Jeffrey Epstein friendship for first time.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:07 Ex-Ambassador Says She Was Victim Of ‘Smear Campaign’
2:31 Trump Tweets Attack On Ex-Ambassador During Testimony
4:31 Ex-Ukraine Ambassador Says She Felt Threatened By Trump
5:39 Democrats Accuse Trump Of Witness Intimidation
7:11 Trump Ally Roger Stone Found Guilty Of Lying To Congress
8:46 Texas Death Row Inmate Granted Stay Of Execution
9:33 Two Planes Collide At San Antonio Airport
10:19 Police Search For Motive In Deadly School Shooting
11:50 Kamala Harris Pushes For Stricter Gun Control Laws
13:31 Russian Troops Take Over Abandoned U.S. Base In Syria

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 15th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Where's loud mouth Mr. Haney???

  2. Jim Jordan could play Gomer Pyle except he has no heart and Gomer did!

  3. Daniel Goldman could play an Avenger!!

  4. She is irrelevant to the case. She knows nothing.

  5. When will we Hear THE TRUTH being Reported Holt and The Rest of The "Journalists" at NBC??? Not ONE Witness Has Had ONE BIT OF "EVIDENCE" in ANYTHING IMPEACHABLE!!!!! Yovanovitch DIDN'T KNOW A DAM THING ABOUT THE PHONE CALL,ONLY WHAT SHE READ IN NEWSPAPER!!! When will the "Democrat Media"report JUST HOW CORRUPT Adam Schiff is,WITH HIS LIES ABOUT THE PHONY,SET-UP WHISTLE BLOWER by him and his LYING,CORRUPT STAFF????? Anyone hear NBC report that the Fake Whistle-Blower Worked With Sean Misko at National Security Counsel and joined Schiff's Committee Staff in August??? Isn't that Convenient ,THE SAME MONTH ERIC THE PHONY NON-WHISTLE BLOWER FILED COMPLAINT!!!! THE LIES,THE CORRUPTION,THIS PHONY IMPEACHMENT BY THE WORST,CORRUPT POLITICAL PARTY IN HISTORY IS GOING ON WITH THE MEDIA HELPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. All government employees' hurt feelings don't matter, only their service to the People matter.

  7. The Victim Cult strikes again!

  8. Unbiased reporting NBC?? Geez… Chuck Todd , well that's a given. Shame on you Lester, thought you could be unbiased.

  9. Trump is not serving at the pleasure of the people or the planet, or Melania 🤪

  10. 2corrinthans 10 6 is at hand thru 2019

  11. Peter Alexander is a crying baby with his propaganda gossip tabloid sensationalism trashy.

  12. Yah! She looks intimidated. She has that reputation. Biden must be investigated.

  13. For the most part, children these days are so weak minded by means of weak family principals. The "system" is a failure, giving murderous individuals fame and attention while they should immediately be executed while committing the crimes against humanity.

  14. Savannah is so much a hater her energy makes the other cast members uncomfortable. She can't hide it anymore when she talk about the Hoda & Jenna show on Monday Nov 18 2019 SMH.

  15. The "Democrats" have No Case to punch holes in!! Its a schift hole of NO WITNESSES who had any contact with the President whatsoever. Oh. And the "secret" WHISTLEBLOWER the schift hole promised repeatedly they would vomit up but now will not. What a travesty of "justice" . What a total embarrassment on an international scale.
    Have these ambassadors helped recovered the money? No.
    Do the MSM presstitutes care if the money is found & returned? No.
    Are the presstitutes demanding Hunter and his dad open their bank transactions to scrutiny? No. Have they even acknowledged Biden BRAGGED about blackmailing the President of Ukraine? No.
    Does ANY politician have any realistic plan to take guns from criminals or are they just like failed Beto who made it obvious only his fellow law abiding citizens would lose their guns? No.
    Do the corrupt politicians and presstitutes have reason to fear guns in the hands of law abiding citizens? Yes.
    There will be trials. Real trials in the future.

  16. NBC, liberal lying propaganda FAKE NEWS 100%!

  17. Yea, now democrats will make an otter beg scandal for that twitter, why many people speak
    and speak, and is ok but when the president sed something, just in action for like kids?

  18. Americans were very grateful to Trump for telling us, in his tweets, that Yovanocitch was bad news, working with corrupted Drunk Poroshenko. We learned from Trump that she deserved to be fired, because she was disliked by Ukraine new President, and trying to be Bossy against him, disrespecting him. Without Trump's tweets, we would be in the dark.

  19. She will never be President…not ever!

  20. Trump will pardon Stone. In about 16 or 17 months he will be out.

  21. Communication devices should not permitted in a court room for any reason and it should not matter who you are. Not even the judge should be permitted to. all of the evidence should either be on paper or on a disc. No streaming anything and absolutely no internet in the court room aside of an emergency light that should never be used for anything short of an attack on building or city itself. At that time that the light goes off then every should be removed in the same manner. If some one calls in a false alarm there should be very strict mandatory sentence. Out side communication in a court room should be strictly prohibited by any one in the room.

  22. Don't need a reason. Duhh!

  23. The Republicans can't help themselves. 😂 They will give up the damming evidence for the name of a law abiding fully protected whistleblower. Doesn't anybody else see that bribe? It's extortion. It's currupt. If that isn't quid pro quo, this for that, something for something. They are holding back valuable evidence for the identity of a lawfully protected whistleblower. Ask the republicans for all the testimony, notes, and information. When they are asked to hand these things over they ask for the identity of the whistleblower. This for that, something for something, quid pro quo.

  24. Roger stone has been found guilty, 7 counts. I guess Christmas IS coming early.🎄

  25. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can scream FIRE in a crowded Theater.
    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can run inside a operation screaming while a surgery is being preformed.
    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can talk inside a courtroom while in session.

    Typical trump playing the victim. What a disgrace !

  26. A lot of people hope he goes to jail. If he doesn't then it will set a bad precedent.

  27. It’s funny That they already proved that theis school shooting was a hoax… They’re coming after your guns whether you like it or not

  28. The dems are insane…. complete insanity and irrelevant proceedings

  29. State Department CIA and George Soros, a nice cozy bunch of nation-destroying psychopaths vying for POWER. JAIL SOROS and FIRE the SWAMP! These diplomats are nothing more than spies and CIA operatives, taking US tax dollars to fund George Soros' Civil Society 2.0…using youth and technology to remove elected governments and replace them with pliant puppets.

  30. She is CIA. She was protecting the corruption in Ukraine.

  31. Our gvt bought back the guns in 1996. no mass shooting since then. USA the First world country where you send your kids to school hoping they will not get shot that day.

  32. Attacking and disrespecting loyal and trustworthy public servants are shameful!!!

  33. Ghost Guns Must Be Outlawed, How Can We Allow This to Flow Through Our Postal Service

  34. I thought trump was “too busy” to watch the public hearings.. 🙄🙄🙄

  35. So Schiff is on Twitter during a hearing and actually follows Donald Trump. And then brings Trumps tweet into the hearing "in real time." That's your chairman democrat at work. Crazy eyes Schiff, impeach for tweets and feels

  36. Don't see Trump coming to the aid of this black man only white men who have flat out killed!!!

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