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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 17th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

White House acknowledges Ukraine aid withheld in part to investigate Democrats, Trump to host G7 summit at Trump Doral golf resort in 2020, and Elijah Cummings, congressman and civil rights leader, dies at 68.

1:30 W.H. Admits Tying Ukraine Aid To Demands To Investigate Dems
3:01 EU Ambassador: Trump Outsourced Ukraine Policy To Giuliani
4:09 Rick Perry To Step Down As Trump’s Energy Secretary
4:29 U.S. & Turkey Agree To Temporary Cease-Fire In Syria
6:32 Pelosi Seizes On Photo Trump Tweeted Of White House Showdown
8:16 White House: Trump To Host G7 Summit At His Own Resort
9:35 Longtime Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings Dies At 68
11:04 California’s New Earthquake App Gives Residents Early Warning
12:40 Sallie Mae Employees Celebrate In Hawaii As Student Debt Soars
16:23 New Video Purportedly Shows Danger Before Hard Rock Collapse
16:54 Hard Rock Hotel Collapse Survivor Speaks Out For First Time
18:04 Study: Toxic Metals Found In 95 Percent Of Baby Foods Tested

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 17th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Why do the Kurds have to move, why didn’t turkey make buffer on their land.

  2. I'm so glad that I got out of my student loan debt (a measly eight thousand) when I did. College tuition is a complete and utter joke

  3. "The Last Story Doesn't Always Have a Happy Ending"…R.I.P. Elijah Cummings⚖️

  4. Nancy Pelosi, "I'm liking you more and more everyday"… R.I.P. Elijah Cummings🇺🇸

  5. I'm glad I heard it from his own mouth. IT WAS NOT QUID PRO QUO!

  6. Free healthcare and free college in many other countries besides here in America!!!

  7. Potus cleaning house. Hes a maga

  8. NBC should rename itself the ALL TRUMP NETWORK. That is all you talk about anymore.

  9. trump is responsible for the death of Cummings. the black community needs to hold him responsible

  10. I believe part of the confusion surrounding the controversy of the "quid pro quo" with Ukraine has to do with when, and with whom, the different discussions took place. For example: Mr. Mulvaney mentioned his conversation with President Trump, and other cabinet members, indicating there was some discussion about withholding aid to Ukraine if the corruption within Ukraine was not investigated. This conversation was clearly not a quid pro quo, because President Zelensky was not involved in that conversation. The phone conversation WITH President Zelensky did not include any direct ties between an investigation and receiving aid. Besides the obvious fact that President Zelensky has stated he did not feel any pressure from President Trump to do any investigation, and had no idea there was any consideration of withholding aid. As per usual, the enemies of our country and our duly elected president, choose to ignore the facts.

  11. I Vote No Confidence in the entire U.S. Government, what so ever!!!!

  12. The president has already bragged that he would be the first man in history to make a profit from the presidency. It is impossible for him to ever un say that.

  13. don't take student loan dept if you cant pay it back. and read the fine print educated idiots.

  14. Praise the Lord . . . it's men like Elijah Cummings, whom I desire to follow ! 68 years old . . . TOO YOUNG !

  15. Why was Rudy spending so much time with Ukraine top chabad reebe Moshe Azman when he was working on the Biden investigation?

  16. This student loan business is their own fault. Go to a community collage get a job. Almost every workplace will pay for your education. My wife is currently working on her masters degree her workplace is paying for and she started out in a local community collage. Also her workplace paid for her bachelors degree . Take a little personal responsibility people.

  17. Ufa my age 68- RIP Señor Isaiah Cummings

  18. This 'MORAL CODE' remains M.I.A. . . . , in the White House !

  19. Turps are not alone, President Trump has betrayed many domestic citzens. He has no chance, of re-election !

  20. Extremely good, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , doo check 🙂

  21. Everyone in Trump's administration is either under indictment or criminal investigation.

  22. Corrupt Biden and his loser thug son are done! Pill popper Pelosi – Done! Elijah Cummings on his face – Done!!! Bye Felicia!

  23. Nancy Pelosi reminds me of karela DeVille from 101 Dalmatians she's a very evil vindictive lying lady she doesn't have a clue on what she's talking about

  24. NBC News,
    You are still a shameful, partisan, propaganda peddler.
    You will look just a stupid when the impeachment folly crashes
    as you did after pushing the Mueller Hoax for 2 years.

  25. Trump 2020 thank God we got a real leader

  26. how is it that is someone's fault that a person takes $300k in loans goes and spends it and then turns around and says, "i didnt know" " i am a victim". you signed the loans, you spent the money, you are a full grown adult.

  27. 19:55 powerful poem. It's not even very religious. The USA was his bastion of freedom on Earth, knowing it was built on the backs of his privious brothers.

  28. All roads lead to Putin? What is that?

  29. GOD BLESS you Elijah– you are a TRUE AMERICAN HERO !

  30. Lester, please just report the news!!

  31. The YELLOW LINE in the graphic represents TREASONOUS trump's BACKBONE !

  32. Respect Mr.Cummings…Rest In Power…Rest In Peace Sir.

  33. Blessings and RIP Elijah Cummings.

  34. Misconstrued? more like misconSCREWED

  35. Trump was fighting against corruption. this inquiry is unconstitutional. my flatulence smells like freesias in the spring.

  36. Trump is an illegitimate president and a lying criminal.

  37. When will the leaders of the Republican party stand up to this loony, greedy, greasy man from wasting my tax money to line his pockets.

  38. It's just disgusting how Trump continue to cause problems to cover-up his crimes and corrupt dealings to the point of killing people , He needs to be in impeached , arrested , and prosecuted .

  39. Murder sallie mae ceo n employees

  40. Someone should have listened to the Spanish guy!!

  41. Dedicated to the Memory of Representative Elijah Cummings | Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers – Lord Remember Me

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