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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 27, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Ex-Dallas officer testifies at her murder trial for fatally shooting neighbor, Pompeo subpoenaed over Trump’s phone call with Ukraine president, and WNBA star Maya Moore steps away from basketball to focus on criminal justice.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:35 Ex-Officer Breaks Down On The Stand At Own Murder Trial
4:03 Secretary Of State Pompeo Subpoenaed For Ukraine Documents
4:49 Trump & Republicans Take Aim At Whistleblower
5:14 Pelosi Fires Back At Trump, Says Barr Has ‘Gone Rogue’
5:37 Report: Trump Discussed Financial Support With NRA Chief
6:10 Ex-Ukrainian Prosecutor Speaking Out On Rudy Giuliani
8:10 Houston Deputy Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop
8:18 Possible Serial Shooting Suspect In Custody In Texas
8:51 Tests Find Black Market THC Vapes Tainted With Hydrogen Cyanide
10:55 Girl Says White Classmates Pinned Her Down, Cut her Hair
12:17 Husband Pushes For New Law After Wife’s Death Outside Hospital
14:23 Former U.S. Diplomat Joseph Wilson Dies At 69
15:17 Demand For New Protections After Woman Killed During Home Delivery
16:48 ELK Caught On Camera Charging Crowd At Colorado Park

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 27, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Im curious, if she even thought it was her apartment how was her entry made?

  2. Great idea, design seating areas on planes, trains, buses etc jus for families with children not only that the kids can make new friends but Also everyone will enjoy their travel more and parents don't have to stress and people without kids don't have to stress
    It's a win win

  3. Racism is thriving with Trump in the WH. No pics or identifying both Texas shooters, because most likely they're white. Amber Guyger wasn't ID'd or charged until they scrubbed her racist online posts

  4. After my reading all the Utube texting below herein on the cop in wrong apt. NBC story aired on 27SEP19 evening, I am amazed at really all the uncalled for racial texts by all the blacks…no logic, no family values, no fear of God…etc…is all that is expressed in texts
    I Remain,
    28SEP2019; 19:45 H.H.

  5. The students that cut the young girls hair that is assault period to the grandparents LAWYER UP

  6. Why are some schools failing to stop bullying? This is has been a problem for the longest time and every time it happens they always try to say "Safety is our concern" yet they don't do much. I got bullied when I was in middle school and despite me and my parents trying to tell the school to do something about the bullying they failed to do it so I had to get transferred to a different school because of that.

  7. Don't understand why anyone would vape or smoke it's expensive it stinks and it ruins your health and you look ridiculous sucking on a NASTY

  8. From a legal perspective as to law today shows is that the apartment building owner(s) are liable by their gross negligence to not install a room number with the name of the room occupant therein installed at eye-level located right beside the front door in the hallway like what any/all other such same kind of built apartment complex are all already had been doing, because people have been known to go to the wrong apartment. The family of the victim should prosue this against the said owner(s) with a beter experienced civil lawyer, instead of seeking revenge against the mistaken cop at not her fault from the said owner(s) gross structural deficiencies in refuse and/or failed to install said mounted occupant floor number and room number with occupant name( for a example; 3-714. Billy The Kid )mounted upon the wall at eye-level located right next to the door…in the NBC video above clearly shows absolutely no mounted room number nor occupant name next to the entrance front door, nor anywhere around…the NBC broadcast anouncer stupidly said, "[The cop] didn't notice the red door mat laying outside the front door"…come-on, anybody can place anything outside your front door! The cop suffered enough…all charges should be dropped in this case, and the family go find them a experience civil lawyer to take this said gross negligence forthwith against the apartment owner(s) instead for 60,000 million dollars…and leave all of the stereo-type out of it.
    I Remain,
    (Making more robbing trains)
    28SEP2019; 19:33 H.H.

  9. An honest mistake since the average black is usually up no good

  10. Instead of doing the right thing,  acknowledging her guilt, asking for forgiveness and accepting a plea bargain offer from the prosecutor, Amber chose to testify, in an attempt to lessen or eliminate her punishment for the taking of an innocent life.

  11. From my understanding from Utube broadcast on 26SEP19 is that about four(4) days "BEFORE" President Trump spoke with Ukraine leader, President Trump had already approved the money for military arms to Ukraine. What's all this "AFTER" these other media's are now piping-out?
    I Remain,
    28SEP2019; 18:52 H.H.

  12. Okay, everybody are treated equal to the law and the 5th with 6th Amendment's Right to freedom to "CHOICE OF A RETAINED ATTORNEY OF YOUR CHOICE", except President Trump because his Retained attorney isn't part of President Trump's solected-out WHITE HOUSE STAFF! CREATING A THREAT TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY AND SAFETY OF THE NATION…never mind the fact he is unconstitutionally and illegally not being treated the same to the law and the Constitution at the moment to President Trump's 5th and 6th Amendment Right to liberty and freedom to free choice of retained attorney of your own free choice like what any/all other American's enjoy's in exercising like the Democrats in the House of US Congress who made-up all of this garbage as bases to impeach the President. Every American, including President Trump, has the Right to ask their own retained attorney legal questions to get "any/all" legal advice(s) as to what to do frist…or the Right to Choice of Retained Attorney is dead and all those American soldiers spilling their blood and guts in Foreign Wars overseas to protect all of our Rights here in America is all being done in pure vain! Its time to vote all those Democrats out of the House!
    I Remain,
    28SEP2019; 18:44 H.H.

  13. #IMPEACHTRUMP trump/pompeo/ghouliani/mcconnell for prison 2020

  14. The jury will probably find Amber guyger not guilty.

  15. I hope they put her fake cry in prison… she is kinda cute tho … I might visit her while she in prison .. put a lil money on her books lol 😂

  16. What about your victim being without his family and friends? As usual you are only thinking about yourself, sweetheart. Where do you think that kind of selfishness is going to get you? It got you into jail and it will keep you there where you belong. How blind can you be? You might want to think about your victim's family and such. So let's pretend that it was a horrible mistake…..wouldn't you want to be apologetic instead? Most people would be but not you!

  17. her sob story is no excuse – he was in his own apartment SHE WASN'T – SCARED??? BS BS BS BS

  18. she has to pay for her crime, i dont buy her story SORRY BUT I DONT

  19. I'm having a hard time with the fact a police officer walking into the wrong apartment and gets gun happy. A police officer !!! Let that sink in.

  20. like plp dumping ice over them selves..show plp destroying guns on U tube …what are easies way ..so it can never be fix or reused?? sorry drulocks turn me …I have left a resturant whne plp working there had drulockks …free country But i do not have to like that w awful hair style..no way

  21. She is a killer she needs to go to jail. If she was so tired why did she think it was appropriate to pull out a gun? She is a trained first responder and failed to provide aid to the man she just shot? Her crocodile tears 😭 please she is not remorseful. JAIL is what she has earned by her actions.

  22. When is America finally gonna step up and admit this leader is a horrible person only lookn out for the top 1% of the world. rectify your mistake before it gets worse!

  23. When I come home to my apartment I unlock the door. Even if I forgot to lock it, Out of routine habit I would still put the key in. What are the chances that her key would fit his lock? Even if his door was left unlocked I would notice something was wrong or didn't feel right. That plus the red door mat make me think she had it in for him. Plus he was unarmed and she might have shot him as she was trained but don't they teach observational skills in the PD? She is a good crier though. I'm a sucker for that.

  24. I believe she is innocent. Over worked tired,,, apartments all look alike… its a sad sad Mistake but she should not be punished for it…. look at her past record and history..

  25. Okay, President Trump said to another nation foreign leader to "Find some dirt on [Joe] Biden". Okay, that's parisian…but how is it a threat to national security and safety??? Here go's the Democrats once again thaking everything out of context.

  26. Its so messed up that they bullied that girl so bad, people are such trash.

  27. ….so sad, man killed for nothing, she KNEW, ought to be ashame, but she not.

  28. The two apartments is ueing one key

  29. She better not have a all white jury. We all know the outcome of a white jury. ( not guilty)
    Knowing shes 100% guilty!

  30. To the murder cop, how can you not know its not your apartment? The furnitures would be different and noticeable when you walk in. I think it's premeditated-hate crime – murder. She had probably had it in for him for a while.

  31. it was reported that she and law enforcement said that it was difficult to tell which floor she/you were/are on. Yet she told 911 that she was on the 4th floor. Hmmmmm, fatal attraction anyone? we're supposed to run when an intruder is in our home,why didn't she back away to wait for help?

  32. And this is why I keep my doors locked

  33. The Ukrainians are good people. The fact that Trump had to bring them into this mess is completely pathetic.

  34. I think I agree with Trump on this…and so…we should hang our treasonous president

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