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Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 13th)

First doses of Pfizer Covid vaccine on the move, planes carrying Covid vaccine depart Michigan, and first vaccinations for front-line workers to take place this week.


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  1. Vaccine Escorted by U.S…America is so dramatic 🤣🤣

  2. Congratulations On D- Day And The Vaccines 💉

  3. You can take that snake oil and go love yourself… unbelievable.. where are these hundreds of thousands of people that’s died from this bogus made-up pandemic

  4. I think AI (like AlphaFold) will also be vital to the development of vaccines, gene therapy, or regenerative medicine.

    We, humans, have been facing the problem of health (including mental, social) degradation over time & generation.

    I hope we can self-control complicated systems like the immune, genetic, or nerve systems with new techs & policies to utilize them.

    I also hope the US will achieve the sustainability of human health, leading the world 🌏.

  5. D day I would laugh if they called it a day talk about making people freak

  6. Let the depopulation begin

  7. Before you take the vaccine just remember who's behind the project; Bill Gates.

  8. Kate Snow has started developing age marks. It is time to trade her in for a new fresh model.

  9. Someone should be riding shotgun on these trucks.

  10. How many kids are going to born with mental problems cause mommy took a bad vaccine before pregnancy.

  11. The only thing that caused suffering in 2020 was governments

  12. 80% PPP went to big businesses, not those small mom and pops. So spread the fact people. Republicans are not for small business. Vile and con people need to be exposed. Don't be dumb listening to their lip services and think " oh yeah, they are for Americans" Well yeah, they are, if you are a millionaire.

  13. Stock market will be 40,000 bubble by the end of next year.
    When the vac rolls out people will be dancing in the streets.
    Look for Dow 100,000 by 2030.
    America is strong.
    You gotta play the roulette if you want to get rich. That what America is all about. Money for nothing. Me I’m staying out of it.

  14. Does really NO ONE understand how many people DIE from the flu and even TB, every, single year…(oh, remember that thing called AIDS….no one wants to "cure" that though)…unbelievable feats of stupidity and brainwashing.

  15. Like sheep they will line up for this too…no vaccine will be taken by this wolf.

  16. Not the enemy of the people however what I am hearing is not journalism. She said that the shooting took place as the people were singing Christmas carols. This kind of literary embelishment Is only useful in the writing of fiction. The desire to create a greater response is good for their profit but really bad for keeping a republic in tact.

  17. CoVid Vaccine Causes Bell's Palsy

  18. Like: if you are a medical worker who is excited to get the vaccine
    Comment: the reason you're sceptical…please. We all want to know how you feel.

  19. An assault on democracy is coming from the compromised Biden family,
    laundering money from China, with Joe as the Godfather. NBC won't cover
    that truth. Bobulinski…Bobulinski.

  20. 2020 was all about survival with many achievements not met but you have to be ready for 2021 and it begins right now by making a move to achieve your goals… If you have been saving and it's not really getting you to where you want to be, then invest that money today for a better life tomorrow. If you can't fly, run if you can't run walk, if you cant walk crawl but just try and move to Achieving your goals

  21. Thanks to President Trump and his cabinet. Former business man got it done!. Yes, not a politician but a business man. Imagine if Biden was in charge. Where is the bailout money while you all stuff your freezer with ice cream. God will slam you!

  22. Who ever invented dry ice 🧊 is a genius 🤓 💡

  23. The historic turning point should've been people following the guidelines instead of waiting for a magic shot or a pill that would allow them to continue to put others at risk as well as themselves.

  24. 100 million vaccine doses.
    2-doses required.

    That’s 50 million Americans vaccinated out of 320 million.

    That’s only 5 of every 32 people or roughly 1 in 6. That’s one person protected and 5 people still vulnerable to a potentially fatal disease.
    Plus a vaccine is useless if you are already infected.

    This is progress?
    Stop cheering.
    We are so screwed.

    Way too little and apparently too late as well.

  25. Thank you CNN 10 for your great show!!-Barnegat High School

  26. The best hope was to wear a mask, but PB and Rump fracked that plan all up. And now you want us to drink your kool aid and you wonder why we dont believe. You gave money to walmart and big crop. while we go hunger!!!!!!!!

  27. Are those kids opening up their presents before Christmas?? Okay.

  28. I haven’t gotten a cold this entire year yet. I will still be wearing a a msk come next year since irs great to not get sick since I usually get 3 or 4 colds a year and makes me feel miserable

    Immortal legend.
    No matter Flourish or Depression, always common peoples suffering difficulty.

  30. people are stupid the damage was done!!!!!!aint no vaccine going too repair the damage done….get your investments in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. The tRumper shootings have already begun. They better make an example of trump and his swamp so everybody knows what evil failures they truly are. Sheep need to know the REAL NEWS about their false profit.

  32. Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist, has a new book. Think it's called "rona false alarm"

  33. Sorry but this vaccine was approved because of political pressure that much is very obvious. They are gambling with peoples lives here. The fda is being run by trump yes men. The cdc is being run by trump yes men. I am sorry but I'm not taking any vaccine at this moment. Give it to the anti maskers. Thats my opinion .im not telling you not to take it. I'll watch.

  34. Google " liability clause for vaccines "
    It's all you need to know

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