Nightly News Full Broadcast – May 23

President Biden vows to defend Taiwan if China invades. A report finds that the Southern Baptist Convention leaders mishandled abuse allegations. Vietnamese refugees reunite with the sailor who rescued them 44 years ago.

00:00 Intro
01:22 Second formula flight to arrive this week
04:59 Biden vows U.S. will defend Taiwan
06:59 CDC sounds the alarm on monkeypox
08:49 Pfizer: Vaccine 80% effective in young kids
09:14 Russia gains ground in Eastern Ukraine
11:15 Deadly NYC subway shooting manhunt
13:24 Southern Baptist Convention sex abuse report
15:34 Democrats face bruising midterm battle
18:10 Vietnamese refugees reunite with sailor who rescued them

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  1. Let's hope they dont monkey around finding how to stop monkey pox.

  2. Kiss&Tell we will need that vaccine here in America.
    We just love homosexuality here.
    A lot of the people who had AIDS had monkeypox. AIDS is the kind of actually transmitted disease that housing other diseases.
    Like pneumonia and many others.
    When you are not natural, every thing around you must be unnatural as well. To hide your unauthenticness!

  3. Kiss&Tell now this is the man who everyone's taking about?
    This is the country who's the greatest on earth?
    If that baby formula is that important why we not making it here? All of the money we are sending to other places could have secure the building of Sasha factory and Warehouse .
    If just don't feel super when that happens. Super power right!

  4. Why don't the US make it's own formula? This just makes no sense, America can produce anything if it wants to.

  5. It saddens me that there is sooo much hate in this country.

  6. Instead of focusing on focus group approved name calling, Dems need to focus on getting things done and stop the infighting. They spin their wheels and nothing gets done, then want to blame everyone else that is too extreme (like aoc and bernie) or make issues that are based on race or abortion. Stop the b.s. and start working!

  7. Biden has no clue. He will drag us into a Nuclear War with either Russia or China. Yes he will attempt to blame it on the Republicans, but by that time it will be far to late.

  8. Sure there’s a shortage, and all because the US manufacturers depended on the ingredients from China! They do all this because they greedy and they do not want to pay the Americans a living wage.

  9. I love Lester Holt he gives the best news out of them all

  10. How did babies survive in the past without that milk?

  11. The church definitely makes the world a safer place……

    For pedophiles

  12. They need to get rid of there crooked Dems folks I’ll always stand with trump he will put a end to the corrupt politicians

  13. People are insecure because of the corruption in our Gov with the crooked Dems it affecting america

  14. Monkey pox is what you get with open borders folks there’s the answer

  15. organized religion is a plight on humanity! DISGUSTING! how many times must this crap happen?

  16. I’ll still stand with trmp

  17. It’s all to get votes fr the Dems ! I’m glad there doing something which surprised me

  18. Toddlers can do without formula

  19. To all new mothers or mothers to be breast-feed it’s rewarding if you work and everything yes it gets harder but just breast-feed do both I had to do both the first week until my milk came in

  20. President Biden is the problem!

  21. That was good he clearly sent a message, to China, so there is no miss understanding or manipulation about it. Thanks, President Biden

  22. If the GOP is still adamant about MAGA, then it had better work on the caliber of people in USA! If one is aware of US history, then one knows that the only time in US history that US looked good was during Depression and WW2. One compares the caliber of people then to caliber of people in 2022….????

  23. Wait until its not just babies who need food, this Ukraine war is going to starve people in our own country. Stop sending our money overseas and take care of US citizens.

  24. I'm sorry that our world has come to this mayhem. There is really decent folks in America I applaud you. I'm in my late 60's I've seen alot. I'm sad that America is like this. Thinking about all of you ❤️.

  25. No vacs for my children stay away from them they are my choice.
    I'm out of here I don't even like your channel

  26. Im not going to fight for taiwan

  27. Massachusetts: the spirit of America? No no no…. GEORGE: The spirit of America!

  28. it's sort of hard to land this 'extremist' narrative on conservatives if virtually all conservatives are of that cloth. You see, words have meaning, and extremist implies a relatively small population. IE, the extreme end of the specturm

  29. What, no anti-Biden crap today?? You're getting soft, NBC News!!