Monday , January 17 2022
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Nightly News Full Broadcast – November 28th

U.S. braces for Omicron variant with new travel restrictions, travel chaos as countries prepare for Omicron variant, and answering your questions about the Omicron variant.

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  1. Be careful to the Yelow fever Wr are not vaccinate against a lot of different types of diseases and the vaccine doesn't help you to get others very dangerous diseases.

  2. No ones brasing for jack sucka, kids don't need gene therapy! Screw wallstreet and their puppet biden.

  3. UNFORTUNATLY THERE ARE A LOT OF CONTAGIOUS DISEASES FROM THIS COUNTRY AND WR SRE NOT VACCINATE AGSINST THEM the Vaccine doesn't usually help in a lot od disease bring from this country The ,vaccine this is just a flying fluwith a few roots so in case you are already vaccinated, there are illness that are not a simple FLU.

  4. I finished my Christmas shopping and shipped all off before Thanksgiving

  5. If Brandon was serious then he would shut the borders down but he won't do that

  6. We are all going to die no?😷😷😷😷

  7. It's funny how when the last president banned flights from Africa, he was automatically labeled a racist. Now Bidens doing it. Fascinating is the one that funded China to make covid more contagious. He also did experiments on beagles, they were chosen because they were more 'compliant'.

  8. Usa should not allow visitors from all countries that have cases of omicron virus:Israel, uk,Belgium and Canada and Germany and others….

  9. In South Africa 3 years ago Meghan with Prince Harry was sent there when an African student was killed.,but you can ask her Meghan the wife's of Prince Harry she was at Oprah you can give a call,and ask them what happened in 2018,and i am sure Meghan and Harry her husband will explain you.

  10. This is so ridiculous: hype about “all the disposable income” people have to buy holiday crap and 3min later talking about how many people are waiting in food lines for the first time.

  11. Even if this one is not as bad as we think, it feels good we are putting something into action. Let's put this one in the permanent play book folks.

  12. We and other countries, should fund S. Africa research. Global issues require international work and cooperation.

  13. They just want to vaccinated you that’s all what is about

  14. She is a LIAR!!! Boris Johnson already told us the double jabbed are NOT SAFE!!!!

  15. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Many elderly and disabled on social security/SSI receive $814 a month which makes you eligible for $16 in food stamps. I'm not sure where you can live and eat for that. Small or efficiency apartments in Nashville TN run an average of $1200 a month and up. We have enough homeless to fill the Titan's stadium.

  17. I’m surprised Maxwell’s family still talks or attempts to help her. Most families would be the ones pushing for to get their just deserts for something like this

  18. Ordinary flesh and blood human being, playing god; Vaccines Malpractice Scientist.
    Playing decision for experimental people. Propaganda

  19. The medium is working with Wall Street to spread this.

  20. So we are being completely surveilled BEFORE… we are even born. Our very thoughts RECORDED… by the FBI that does the dirty work of the CIA…. and KGB…. and MOSSAD….SIS….RAW….KAKAW… KAKAW… KAKAW…

  21. And the Liberal News media I'm a Independent myself I was a Democrat for 30 years I'll be listening for the Liberal News Media to call President Joe Biden a racist.

  22. Dang 606 a month is a lot. Me and my wife only spend like 250 a month on food. Unless you're out doing physical work, your body doesn't need that many calories.

  23. So this makes President Joe Biden a racist right because he's banning flights from Africa so where's the Democratic Leadership at because they said that Former President Donald J Trump was a racist because he banned flights from China I'll wait to hear all of the Democratic Leadership call him a racist to President Joe Biden.

  24. This is straight B's we need some arrest made on this biological warfare .internal protocol.with a smiling rat spin doctor at play

  25. Jay your a lucky guy to have such a lovely woman like Chelse for your beloved bride.
    Good luck you two. 💞💕💞

  26. She is flirting with me with the fluttering fake lashes. Can't concentrate on news.
    Price of diversity.

  27. Sounds like like the regular flew ?

  28. When they tell you not to panic….it's probably time to panic!

  29. It's better to panic now, than not panic, and panic later when it's out of control.

  30. theres no good deals..stupid people can't see that items are priced up months before holidays so you think the prices are going down and actually there just going down to regular price

  31. Omicron, Megatron, Galvatron sounds like a New Leader for The Deceptive Cons on Transformers.

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