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NIH director: Pfizer vaccine trial results ‘absolutely astounding’

National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins discusses Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine and combatting potential mistrust.

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  1. Well im agianst it and its hurts my soul to see this happen but its is necessary… its in your hands gaia

  2. So 1st dose is a test run to get everyone to think its safe the next dose is even worse

  3. Why is it such a hard thing? 2 parts selfishness … 1 part arrogance … 1 part ignorance.

  4. Can someone please explain…we know that it causes an immune response by increasing inflammatory mediators..but why werent antibody levels measured? We really dont know how long the effect lasts yet it is effective? And how is it called safe when all that was looked at was pain at injection site, swelling, fevers and chills..what about any other systemic changes or other blood parameters?

  5. You are professional liars without a soul! Dr. Francis Collins, you disgust me!

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  7. that piece of trash is eternally doomed

  8. the people who are informed – who are not victims of media mind control – know this person must be prosecuted for attempted genocide

  9. This dude is a straight psycho

  10. So what about the chatter of this vaccine changing a persons DNA, and the chatter that the vaccine has traces of the HIV virus….????? So explain yourself

  11. Side effects include – a now sustainable planet.

  12. Get BNT162b2 to protect yourself and your family,
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  13. Why isn't everyone pissed off that the CIA unleashed covid on the world , just to see what would happen, this isn't the first time the U.S. government has executed secret experiments on the American people or other countries, facts , look it up WE KNOW YOU DID THIS CIA !

  14. Shameful people are still not wearing mask.

  15. Thank you President Trump for operation warp speed. See you in 2024.

    Immortal legend.
    No matter Flourish or Depression, always common peoples suffering difficulty…….

    Washington D.C Rally, 12 Dec 2020 (Highlights) : Roughly estimation# 50K to 100K peoples attended…….

  18. DON'T WANT AN EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE NEAR ME! I'd rather have the China virus with a 99.98% survival rate and take the #ZelenkoProtocol HCQ prevention treatment and if I get it, I'd take HCQ which has been proven to keep people out of the hospital. This guy in the video has been bought and paid for by the big pharma and even Bill Gates. CAN'T TRUST THESE GOVERNMENT HEALTH DEPARTMENTS!

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