Nikolas Cruz trial: Jury mulls death penalty for Parkland gunman | ABCNL

Jurors on Monday were considering whether convicted school shooter Nikolas Cruz should be put to death for opening fire on students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. He has no soft spot! He is a soldier of satan he will get exactly what’s due to him

  2. Don't give him the death penalty just throw him in general population

  3. They really should throw him in gen pop fck the chair

  4. I'm not trying to be funny here but he's using glasses straight from the 70's and his hairline has already received although he's in his early 20's…and I love it. He really looks one of psychos on death row waiting to be put to sleep. He's the poster boy for gruesome murderers. I mean you couldn't have a better example really. May he go to hell.

  5. i wish he got the help he desperately needed before it was too late. the warning signs were all very much there.

  6. I am an independent journalist and I am going to watch this execution if he gets the death penalty. I don't care who I have to bribe or whatever I am going to watch.

  7. Even though he deserves the death penalty, I still want to see what he went through in his childhood so that it can be prevented to others in the future

  8. The death sentence – 17 times for him – makes sense to me!

  9. The death penalty is an easy way out. Lock him up in a tiny cell for the rest of his life.

  10. Difficult childhoods, absent and abusive parents are what breed mass shooters. With the overturn of Roe, there will be thousands of unwanted, neglected, and abused children, some of whom will later become or attempt to become mass shooters. America is a breeding ground for these types of people and we are only making it worse. And the same politicians who point to mental healthcare as a solution continue defunding it.

  11. Hed get death penalty and live in jail 40 or 50 more years

  12. The demons made me convict him to the electric chair and save on my taxes

  13. 4 month trial ? Stupid
    Shouldn’t take that long to prove your case and give him the death penalty

  14. He doesn't deserve to die, that's too easy for him. He needs to sit their for the rest of his worthless, natural life and mull over it everyday, see their faces and hear their screams on repeat until he takes his last breath.

  15. I feel so bad for the victims and there parents it is happening to there own kids

  16. If he doesn't get the death penalty I garruntee there's gonna be more shootings in the future

  17. I'll be amazed if they give him the death penalty

  18. This is so sad, but I can't be the only one shook by her foundation… please tell me I ain't.

  19. This boy was full of self hate. Its a double tragedy. He hates himself so in turn, he hates others. His soul in deep trouble. He gave up on his own self worth. God loves all of his children, but he expects obedience. Theres a very high price to pay for defying God. God said, an eye for an eye. People need to stop putting God up on a shelf. He gave us free will but hes watching to see what we are doing with it. He knew he would probably regret it but he loves us enough to have given us that anyway. People need to stop worshiping false idols. Those do not begin to hold as much power as God. They are no match for him. ✝️ Alot of people dont understand the meaning of the trinity. God, Jesus, and the holy spirit are one. Not three. God is Jesus. He created another part of himself in the form of a baby to show the people he was born to live as a regular person so that they could see his love for them living among them everyday to heal those who needed healing. He came down to earth in the form of a baby to show his people how much he loves us. God is extremely powerful. He can take on any form he wants to. God is a spirit. God and Jesus are one in the same. Thats why its called the Trinity. There ya go. Now go listen to him. Open a bible. ✝️🙏

  20. Under Florida law of the jury recommends death unanimously the judge still can impose a sentence of life

  21. He wants death right?

  22. In the 40's and 50's this guy would have already been dead and buried for a few years.

  23. Oh those 80s glasses 🤓 CRINGE 😬

  24. What a waste of money

  25. The fact that this human being is still alive and is still even breathing is insane!!!He should’ve been executed 4 years ago! The day he planned so well and did this awful unforgivable massacre! he was already gifted 4 years to live enough is enough!
    I feel deeply sad & sorry for those poor parents that are watching him live & hearing the voice of the killer who took their kids life forever!!

  26. Most times I think Death might not be right but in this case I think he should get the death penalty.

  27. this reporter looks funny