Nobel Prize Recognizes Breakthrough In Quantum Information

Advances in quantum information have been rewarded with the 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics – but Star Trek’s teleport is still a long way off, expert says.

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  1. The Nobel Prize is still valid? Many of these celebrated awards given to achievements have been tainted by politics, whitewashing, and corruption over the years, and Nobel Prize is no exception, sadly. Hopefully, it will restore its integrity again.

  2. Great what will this do for the economy and the health of the world

  3. These people are frauds. These slit experiment with the concept of “entangled photons” isn’t even entanglement. The slit experiment isn’t how you make a quantum computer. Which makes this Nobel nothing more than a joke. These people don’t even know what they are talking about because they are Einstein quacks theorist and not Neil Bohr’s physicists. There is a difference. Einstein said entanglement wasn’t possible because Einstein claimed that a object “can’t” be acted on by nothing. Which was why Einstein said that a object in space, “can’t” be influenced by “spooky action from a distance” because to Einstein, space is empty so there is nothing to influence the object from a distance. Einstein’s problem… space isn’t empty. A Magnet can influence iron particles from a distance. That is entanglement. Not this fake photon experiment trash theorem of nothing nonsense.

    You people need to learn about a concept before just taking information from frauds and broadcasting it as news or a “accomplishment” because this my friends in the news industry, is what is called false news and fraud scientist giving themselves money to try to pay for research that amounts to nothing because again. This isn’t quantum anything. People are for lack of a better word… stupid. You don’t even know the original concept by Bohr’s because of Einstein.

  4. "..not thinking there will be teleportation in the sense of Star Trek."……………. Is he sure about that???

  5. being awarded a nobel prize means nothing anymore when u give it to a derpy president for nothing and a 16 year old for yelling out how dare you

  6. KEYWORD: Predictions
    People get misguided in language, these are not proven theories, but theories that are decided on amongst other scientists who theorize the same thing but can’t prove it. Just like Evolution and the Big Bang theory, Never proven.. The scientists agree on the science to keep gaining funding for their experiments and maintain the image of being the “top of science”…
    All of their theories are no more proven than the existence of a creator, even simulation theory

  7. now explain the difference between a light year and a light leap year

  8. This pales in importance when you consider the leaps and bounds we have made in exploring human sexuality, transgenderism, and the use of hormone blockers. Get these white men of the screen and give the prize to someone who has actually contributed to society!!!!

  9. I though Sheldon and Amy won this already

  10. The quantum computer reqires a software implementation of schrodenger's cat, where there is a box, and inside is a single cat, that is both dead, and alive at the same time. Good luck with that. Its all a Lie

  11. A pretend prize for pretend research.

  12. Biden will go down as the best President ever.

  13. Beam me up scotty! In spite of their advances these people are about to annihilate themselves!

  14. Please see Moore’s law

  15. Congratulations ! Quantum is made of “ Waves “ , and doesn’t “ be Anchored “ or “ be Locked “ , do waves be Anchored ? No . Never .
    Always , Moving .
    Quantum is the most interesting issue , ever . Inspired .

  16. no help for us poor people.

  17. Sooo when can I time travel?

  18. "but I'm the least racist person at MY klan rally" – Donald j tRump

  19. "but but but tRump did dun wun dat elektion" – MAGA

  20. If ignorance is bliss why aren't republicans happier? 🤷

  21. …out of all the moronic questions to ask