Sunday , January 23 2022
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North Carolina braces for Hurricane Dorian | USA TODAY

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper delivers an update on preparations for Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian swept past Florida Wednesday on a collision course with the Carolinas that promised heavy rains, powerful winds and damaging surge following the historic storm’s slow, devastating roll through the Bahamas.

The storm had technically diminished to Category 2 but actually had grown in size.

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  1. Will hurricane dorian effect my trip to NC outterbanks this coming Sunday?

  2. OMG… which Bathroom do I hide in?

  3. Any doubt if Disneyworld is okay after Hurricane Dorian??😰😨😱😥💔

  4. I was watching the guy sign the entire time. I want to learn so bad

    HUMANS: Horrific hurricanes harming and hurting helpless
    humankind, womankind and mankind. Local – State & Federal
    Governmental Officials, organizing – operating in one accord all
    together to haul and herd hijacked hatemonger humans held hostages,
    hideous hostile homeland habitats. Loaded up and driven away and
    adversely affected, collective citizenry of the United States,
    hereon, North AMERICAS!!!

  6. “RACIST”
    Weaponized Weather Wrath, Rapidly rushing racing – running rivers
    waterways, with whipping whirlwinds + washing whirlpools, wiping
    wicked witches – warmongers, wanna wish we were whitewashed;
    “whites” wayward. Wrongdoers waging worldwide warfare, whitewall
    warlords – warlocks – werewolves and whiteout wizards!!!

  7. North Carolina stay strong it will pass just hope no one dies

  8. Braces?? Lol Dorian is a light breeze right now

  9. Wilmington? Jackson? Hey we southeastern folks take the brunt of these hurricanes and get the runoff flooding from the west. Water table is not as high as when Hur. Matthew passed through so I expect to be fine. Swiftwater boats were here last time but don't expect we'll need them for Dorian, except maybe right on the coast, seas will rise up to 7 feet, more than Carolina Beach, Kure, Myrtle beach residential areas can accommodate.

  10. Wow, it's like off our hands now…. 👀👀👀 FL was safe this time

  11. It's a good thing I don't have to rely on people's voices to tell me what's going on ?
    Hey USA ! What the hell are they saying?

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