North Carolina Power Outage May Leave Thousands In The Dark For Days

About 40,000 people are without electricity in Moore County, North Carolina, after two substations were damaged by gunfire. Officials say the massive outage could take days to restore. WRAL’s Monica Casey reports.

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  1. "I promise Dr Alamini to share my testimony after helping me to heal my sick sister. God has used him to bless me . He is s psychic" God gave this people some real mystical powers to do a lot of things"

  2. It was most likely from a stray bullet from a hunter who was deer 🦌 hunting. It was a one in a million shot. Who knows, maybe it was Hunter deer hunting.

  3. State nor local emergency management are NOT providing any services to the 30-40,000 residents! Churches, businesses and volunteers stepped up today, day 3. It’s cold and many are without water from wells too. Most cook with electric and this town has a high percentage of elderly. Take notes and prepare for the government to be of zero help!

  4. North Carolina = MAGA country. Good luck

  5. Crazy green movement anti nuclear power Democrat extremists or terrorism attacking the power grid as a prelude to war? You decide, this one they definitely can't blame on Republicans, we like power and warm houses.

  6. Another test just like covid lockdowns. Observers will see how we respond to such power grid attacks and how long it takes to restore for future plans.

  7. NBC, who will you blame?

  8. These power outages will prove that we're just a step away from being a third-world country.

  9. With as many surveillance cameras as there are everywhere I can't believe that critical infrastructure like substations, dams, water supplies, bridges, tunnels, etc, etc, etc aren't totally blanketed with multiple cameras and other monitoring devices. If there are cameras in place then we need to go the next step and connect them directly to law enforcement agencies nationwide so that there is immediate response to any similar situations.

  10. The question I would be asking about that proud boys were at that drag queen thing in North Carolina or any of those proud boys wearing night vision goggles

  11. So what they're saying is it wasn't Russia?

  12. When white supremacy affects all the other whites as well. Why whites should hold their own accountable! The world is waiting!!

  13. Since any kid can buy a high powered or military assault style semi-automatic and modify and upgrade it, and buy all the ammo they want online, everywhere but California New York and Massachusetts, why aren’t we talking about that? This would be a practically irresistible target!

  14. I bet it’s the same guy with the pipe bombs at Jan. 6th, and the same guy who blew up the Georgia guidestones, and the same guys who are burning down food processing plants .

  15. If they find out it was done by Russia, I won’t be surprised

  16. Open Boarders letting terrorists in OR our own Government WEF!!!

  17. Some will be out for weeks because they can't just flip a switch even after repairs are made they will have to let it come on in phases. Also if their are any storms this will hamper efforts as well.

  18. How would security protect the substations for being shot at from maybe over 1000yds even less at 100 yards. There is going to be a war. When someone like the gentleman that took out the communications last year and blew up himself. Disgruntled employees know what to hit God bless America

  19. Just pure meanness, all it is. I live in NC, & these rural sheriffs don't play around. His agency WILL find the cretin(s), & I hope they spend several yrs. inside HIGHLY electrified fences.

  20. “Destroyed by gunfire.” Be aware of how they word this stuff. They probably know who did it too.

  21. The lowlife that did this better get ready to pay the piper once they get caught…

  22. Anyone who thinks this is because of a drag show is spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories.

  23. It's funny that the news doesn't talk about how important these substations are and it only takes a few of them to shut down the whole country I think it's only like 20 substations and it will shut down the whole grid but they're not talking about it interesting

  24. People are saying Russians I don't think so Civil War

  25. Hey it looks so very nice there

  26. Someone didn't like drag shows

  27. Oh yeah what a secure country we have when fools w/ firearms can cause this. WOW.

  28. The first of many could this be a result of Joe's open border policies

  29. More and more homeless pooping in the streets and now this! All the weapons we are providing to Ukraine is causing the death and displacement of millions. Those who haven't been wounded are now freezing to death with mass power outages. Karma, what goes around comes around, and as you sow, so shall you reap!

    All this money being spent on weapons, would be better spent in improving our own nation right here at home. More government jobs, securely protected infrastructure, and other programs to, "Make America Great Again". And no I am not a fan of Trump, but at least he tried to make peace with Russia and North Korea.