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North Korea appears to be building new ballistic missile submarine l ABC News

Analysts said a crane and support vessels at a navy shipyard suggest a submarine-launched missile is being readied to test.

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  1. I think 5 MINUTE CRAFTS should teach us how to survive a nuclear war the reason people call Kim Jong un a fat kid was because most of the food is given to him and he acts like a child by keeping people at gunpoint all they lives and nucing others please please please have things change for the better when I grow up

  2. Just nuke em time to stop wasting time with those yellow basterds

  3. Nations must be extra-vigilant now with so much unrest around the world, and with so many distracted by the protests everywhere, we might miss something important.

  4. Fat boy treats trump like a bitch.

  5. North Korea is the only nation producing minature cold fusion nuclear reactors as power source for submarines and even tanks!

  6. Sorry but every time i see this TWAT i just Think "Team America World police" And Laugh.

  7. Listen to all the butt-hurt septic tanks!
    I guess when you've been forced to the negotiation table by the DPRK-you would have a tail between the legs.

  8. Why is it a threat when a country upgrades it's military defence-no one says boo about the annual US military budget of USD$800+ billion.

  9. Trump kissing Kim's Butt Hole

  10. ITS NOT NEW ITS A OLD MODDED SUB SOLD BY CHINA it will carry 3 nuclear bombs

  11. Korea will fuck up like the Russian sub k-19

  12. After Melania's moment with Trudeau, i knew Kim was going to flex his muscles ( like a side chick does ) and show Trump what he has been missing in this Trump, Kim and Melania love triangle. Love letters anybody?

  13. Go to war with North Korea! Do to fat boy what they did to Saddam Hussein.

  14. If you have any sympathy for north korea look up north korean human rights abuses and prison camp. Communist shit

  15. All it takes is one sub to slip by and pop up on the US West coast and knock out any number of strategic targets.

  16. I really hate that George Youtube ending to all of your videos, please put something else or have at least 1 more ending clip,

  17. Why shouldn’t they? The US, Russia, probably China has them. And while the US challenges N Korea’s right to have nukes the USA just commissioned a new generation Minuteman ICBM system. The USA also commonly test launches ICBMs from the Vandenberg base in California. Why shouldn’t N Korea have nukes? The USA even has a rogue regime now – Trump.

    Do as we say, not as we do. … is US policy

  18. Why does he lie and cover up that cowards actions?

  19. Trump, you better get your radar love in gear and pleasure lil' Kim, looks to me like he's calling for his bitch.

  20. Donald Trump is the biggest loser of any generation.

  21. Trump fell in love so it doesn't matter.
    Trump said we can go to sleep.
    Trump and little Rocket man write love letters to each other and hold hands.
    Ballistic missiles are love missiles.

  22. Okay,? America builds nuclear subs all the time

  23. Long, long after Trump is gone and forgotten about, North Korea Will still have Nuclear Weapons.
    Impotent Trump Only Fails our Great Nation.

  24. Lol Peruvians and Colombians have submarines too for the cocaine trafficking. I bet North Korea bought some old WW2 subs and put some political prisoners on a big hamster wheel.

  25. Just a fire 🔥 is enough to destroy the world like in the Brazil and this fat potato wants to nuke the world 🌎 !!! Somebody is paying this fat actor to be a president in nk!! They are all actors !

  26. Blow it up and blame Russia lol

  27. What's the point of this bullshit news when we have over 100+ nules in the u.s. and multiple nuclear subs….stfu already

  28. Balls of sticky rice miss sales

  29. Korea wants all the smoke!!! Making America great again comes with a price…..your lives😂😂😂😂😂

  30. God I'm sick of people. WHY would they Not build weapons? We have weapons. Wp want to control everything including other countries. Just sit down

  31. To the north korean spies scrolling through the comments.
    I apologize for the words of my fellow americans.

  32. Breaking news US has had North Korean area surrounded by Nuclear Subs for 60+ years

  33. The Orange clown is delusional

  34. Their current submarine is a joke

  35. Dont complain. Just build your own.👈👀

  36. Send seals in plant Mine's on that shit blame China

  37. A sub lol I'm scared we have ships that can hit that thing before it leaves north Korean waters

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