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North Korea launches ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

The launch, the 11th this year, comes just days before North Korea is set to resume nuclear talks with the U.S.

North Korea fired a ballistic missile towards the East Sea Wednesday morning near the waters off the coastal town of Wonsan, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed to ABC NEWS.
The missile, capable of launching from a submarine, traveled 280 miles and hit a maximum altitude of 569 miles.

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  1. Korean Confucianism looked down upon labor and made the society which respected educational background.
    Therefore corruption is natural in Korea, and the lie is common, too.

  2. Isn't there a significant misinterpretation between North Korean language and American English?? Kim Jong Un always smiles but seems to be disgusted or irritated with talks with Trump or the US.
    The way they express what they think and want to say may be taken wrong by the US or other countries. For example, the NK says things indirectly or considers that the US or other countries understand what the NK wants to do or be equal to other developed, powerful countries, etc.

  3. what the f Mr T do something.

  4. the longer we don't hit, the longer they make bombs, first strike. take out their nuke sites.

  5. Target tokio, fire, boooommmm! Missile completed!

  6. Its not sea of japan , its east sea

  7. whats wrong with sea of japan?
    Koreans can use the name "East Sea" only in your country, but do not force other countries to use it.
    Sea of Japan; Globally hidrographic Standard name on IHO, GEBCO, and USBGN standard.
    Only Korean claims the name of Sea of Japan with distorted story.

    The name – Sea of Japan (Japan Sea) is the only internationally established name for the sea area concerned.

  8. It fell on my garden 😭

  9. I think I remember there were no more concerns about Rocketman, and he was done shooting missiles, not only according to some leader, but ALL his supporters who kept saying how much better things are that N. Korea isn't shooting missiles at Japan.

  10. It is not the Sea of Japan, but the Korean East Sea.

  11. I think Trump is being played. Probably should send in Dennis Rodman!

  12. To a brainwashed Korean.
    Wake up.
    A Korean Diet member examines a bill to regulate YouTube about the Korean history.
    The freedom of speech disappeared in Korea.
    Korea which completely longs for North Korea.
    Can you believe in the Korean government?
    Wake up.

  13. ….One look at that panel…and you KNOW you are being lied to.

  14. lets nuke North Korea and South Korea,2 cancer of this planet

  15. So boring and old, got a rocket big deal, blow up the earth big deal. We all have to go some day anyway.

  16. A lot of countries test their missiles but when North Korea does it is provocation .

  17. Hi, I am a South Korean. Kim Jong Un fired missiles every day, so my fear is gone. Now it's just one of my daily routines.

  18. sea of Japan is correct!!
    east sea →only in south korea.

  19. Sea of japan??? No….that is east sea….

  20. platform from the sea untill its a near the West coast

  21. Kim is doing very well. I am extremely happy. Because the good news is that heaven is near.

  22. East sea (o) Sea of Japenis (x). Stick it up your ass ABC

  23. Notice:
    Not 'sea of japan'…
    "EAST SEA" is right.

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