NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson – May 18 | NBC News NOW

President Biden invokes the Defense Production Act to address the nationwide shortage of baby formula, Ukraine holds the first war crimes trial of a Russian soldier and a former Minneapolis police officer pleads guilty to manslaughter in George Floyd’s death.

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  2. What happened to breast milk. They didn't have formula when I was a baby in the 70s or diapers. To dependent .

  3. – Use Ukrainian civilians as shields. Why don't you dare these facts? What is the reason?

  4. Difficult speech of Nancy Pelosy need of indictment

  5. This started 6 months ago and the administration was warned multiple times of a shortage coming. Not to mention we were able to do this for Ukrainians being displace across with the help of the US military. This is what America last looks like.🤮

  6. My ancestors breastfed all of our families babies and everyone was perfectly healthy with excellent immune systems. And you think that I will believe the lie that mothers milk is not perfect for her babies? I can’t believe you guys because I was breastfed and I didn’t know anyone that has a baby that can’t drink mothers milk.

  7. Right! These stories about moms not having babies that can have the mothers milk is unbelievable! This is a lie! Dope dealers girlfriends are telling! Stupid people Atheists should know mothers milk is perfect for baby!

  8. Mommy makes milk for baby. Drug dealers hoard baby formula and cut dope with baby formula and if the drug dealers were out of business the formula would sit on the shelves because moms milk is breast feeding the babies!

  9. Joshua you have a great name and career but are you saved? I hope you are because the news is sounding like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  10. Thank God Trump is now down and out off precidential site in USA

  11. Since Biden took presidential the USA is being third world next Is gas sugar milk meat n stand in line don’t you miss Trump

  12. Yes there are, they are hiding it in the back and telling ppl they don't have any.

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  15. 2:08 artísticas son unos QUINZAA.Monster mamuchas y uno buen ejercicio.2:08 5:25 Se deja ver quez hay muy buenos resultados ❤

  16. What’s next? Breastfeeding stations?