Tuesday , April 20 2021
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NY Lawmakers Call For Cuomo’s Resignation | NBC Nightly News

Anna Ruch told the New York Times that the New York governor put his hand on her lower back and asked to kiss her when they met at a wedding in 2019. Cuomo denied two other allegations from former aides last week.
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NY Lawmakers Call For Gov. Cuomo’s Resignation After Third Accuser Comes Forward | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Cuomo is no different than any other democrat, these government parasites are attracted to the democrat party because they all are liars, perverts and thieves.

  2. Take a look in Queen's Flushing I lived there 15days Rats Play Ring Around the Roses He done nothing

  3. My question is can this guy can get impeach


  5. 🤬This blatant murderer should be behind bars‼

  6. He's a FAILING FONDLER! 😆

  7. Gov Cuomo reminds us all of President Clinton, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."

  8. See you can't even hold politicians accountable with the news imagine if the news was sweeping this under the rug like they did Joe Biden's stories

  9. Cuomo is as disgusting as the mainstream media who enabled him

  10. Gov. Cuomo I hope you ganna be healthy and unguilty and i believe you

  11. This is a smoke screen for the COVID deaths he is responsible for.

  12. I love you, Governor Cuomo! You've done an amazing job for New York. So many people are envious and the knives are out. They want to destroy your reputation and your chances for the presidency. Stay strong. They did it to Al Franken and they tried to do it to Dr. Fauci and Biden and it didn't stick. Don't resign!

  13. Sexual harassment claims pales in light of the horrific deaths of thousands of frail elderly. The NY State Legislature shares in this holocaust liability as they voluntarily relinquished their powers giving & allowing Cuomo to maintain Emergency Powers. The Legislature cannot be allowed to hide behind immunity for what equivalates to negligent, mass, painful murder.


  15. Geez …what kind of world are we living in ????
    The media has given trump a pass … and he is accused of far more than just sexual overtures …
    Italians hug, kiss and the cheeks and sometimes lips… even guys kiss and hug .

    I’m just furious… this is a witch hunt …
    Basta !!!!


  17. His brother, Fredo is creepy too.

  18. Corrupt Cuomo…gotta go! He needs to be removed and prosecuted…he will NEVER resign!!

  19. Lmfao get this POS out. Oh I’m throwing a party if he’s out 😬

  20. He should not resign. Didn't ask Trump to not run for president and he admitted grabbing women by the pussycat. GTFOH GOP all over these lies

  21. DeBlasio has his eye on the governorship.

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