Saturday , October 16 2021
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NYC housing market in 'smart' and 'healthy' place: Ryan Serhant

Serhant founder and CEO Ryan Serhant weighs in on the state of the U.S. housing market amid the COVID pandemic. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Chinese investors buying everything.

  2. Look at the drive by murders and attack on the street. I love a freedom states with low taxes! Who wants to live in big cities any more.
    If you live in New York it's a good day if you wake up.

  3. We have 2 million illegalls needing housing.

  4. Lol you mean dictatorship controlled? Na

  5. Watch for hyperinflation prices in US and financial crash after September 30 if no debts limit raise 35 trillions $

  6. China Evergreen lost 300 billions $ Lehman Brothers and Bern Stern lost 500 billions $ in 2008 and nothing happened

  7. Sell that snake oil. NYC is becoming a hell hole.

  8. If New York was a country, it would be a shi*hole country

  9. A toad in a toilet…
    Just say no to drugs…

  10. Wouldn’t take property there if you give it to me

  11. Ya the housing is great just ignore the vax mandates and all the crazy shootouts on scooters taking place.

  12. Lies, NYC office space and residential will no longer be in demand with the rise of work from home.

  13. Is this a joke? The only people buying houses in New York right now are investors scooping up properties to rent out in anticipation of people moving back. People are still rapidly trying to escape that commie hell hole, and anyone trying to move there right now is either an idiot or suicidal. Watch in 6 months, they'll be selling off en masse once they realize how wrong this guy is. This is real estate fantasy, not based on reality.

  14. fox started the New American Revolution when they Threw President Trump under the Bus. "fuckCriminal vp bidumb." ie. College sports.

  15. If you like living in your home 27/7 go for it.

  16. It's gone dude more destruction is on the way empty shops on every block this is a joke it's black rock and other firms buying it up you will own nothing and be happy says the world economic forum Nazi's ok you got that .

  17. If NY imposes vaccine mandates…Ain't worth living there…

  18. Every Friday is it down day in the tech markets


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