NYC Mayor’s New Plan Will Involuntarily Hospitalize Mentally Ill People

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced a new plan that will allow police and first responders to involuntarily hospitalize anyone they deem a danger to themselves or others. WNBC’s Andrew Siff reports.

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  1. There was a young German man that had similar ideas

  2. Since when and
    look at the lady in the red dress back there… smirking. …. 😏
    Who authorizes some of the same mentally disturbed law enforcement ppl to deem anyone pick up anyone and involuntarily admit mentally disturbed ppl. especially non violent and not bothering anyone or well taken care of by themselves and or family supported ?
    Law enforcement isn't trained nor skilled mental health diagnosticians. So essentially the poe poe can just walk around and "say" "anyone" they "think" then "say" has mental medical history or background check????? Really?
    👁️ 👁️

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣You all didn't think this one thru. This isn't a solution
    You all set up a cluster phuck waiting to happen.

    All these gun false flags are not the result of the mentally ill.

  3. Baker Act. Needs to be used. Many people will be appreciative after stabilizing. Some not though.

  4. A modern day Hitler.

    A better solution would be for President Biden to issue an executive order to the Social Security Admin to expedite processing of disability claims for the seriously mentally ill, especially those who are homeless.

    The Social Security utterly fails individuals who have serious impairments by requiring them to unnecessarily prove all 5 steps of the sequential process when the law clearly states they only have to meet the first 3 steps – shameful.

  5. ah yes, one more way to use semantics to get rid of the "deplorables".

  6. A year ago they were releasing felons from prison because there was not enough room,
    now . . . . . . . .

  7. Ever talked to someone who has been in a psychiatric hospital? From what I’ve heard, it’s awful. You could have an anxiety disorder and get stuck in a room with someone who rubs their crap on the walls.

  8. He is talking about putting them in prison. He must be considering there are only 25 inpatient psych ward beds to cover NYC.

  9. 25 beds isn’t enough for the Millions of mentally people walking around

  10. And you’ll find out that the majority of the people are not mentally ill they’re just on very bad drugs the stuff that this mayor refuses his law enforcement to crack down on.

  11. Violation of the 14th Amendment. Enjoy paying out millions in lawsuits, people of New York.

  12. They want to deem anyone against their agenda insane. NYC has fallen between this bozo and Hochul. Escape from New York. 🐍

  13. I am not trying to sound rude or judgmental, but the reality is most homeless are drug addicts. Sometimes drug addicts are homeless because they made a choice to make drugs a priority, and others are drug addicts only because they are homeless and felt as though it was the only thing they could have that will make their situation feel okay. Being a drug addict is a fulltime lifestyle. If you lack the funds to maintain your addiction then you spend the rent money on drugs. I'm sure there are some homeless people who don't use however, they are likely to be a very small minority. You really can't help any addict unless they want to be helped, unless they realize they are going to die if they don't stop taking drugs and living on the street. Their life is a mess, they live from dose to dose, all their walking hours they are thinking of how to get the next dose. It's a vicious cycle, once you're in the throws of this cycle it's very hard to get out. The number of mentally ill homeless people in my town alone has grown tremendously in numbers. It is rampant. A lot of times these homeless people go to the bathroom wherever they want, create tons of trash, and that includes hypodermic needles. The City cleans up the messes and they move back in the next day. There are free food, free showers, free clothes, you name it, handed to them. It seems that a big portion of homeless people have willingly decided that this is the way they want to live.

  14. They have no place to go and no money to do it with. They are restricted from every thing. To help them would be to make yourself useless. The number of issues they face is overwhelming. Legal, health, housing, employment,laundry and transportation the list goes on and on.

  15. people who are mentally ill are dangerous, as they see and hear things that aren't real. The reason that woman thinks otherwise is because she's sane.
    The mentally ill are infesting the subways, covered in their own urine and pushing people onto the tracks, killing many recently.
    Yes, they are dangerous

  16. As a person with mental illness, where I live no inpatient psychiatric hospital will take me as a patient no matter how mentally unstable I am due to being on oxygen and terminally ill, and there’s only two inpatient psychiatric hospitals that accept Medicaid and Medicare and there’s no outpatient mental health help for Medicaid and Medicare patients

  17. 50 beds? Ha! Let's hope it's more than a start

  18. So he’s locking up his voting base ? Democrats are the party of hypocrites , if he was a Republican . There’s be riots and protests. What a F’n joke liberal trash are

  19. Yo why that lady in the red dress just smiling like a goofy

  20. People with mental illnesses are not dangerous. Not a good mayor

  21. Does this go for mentally ill people that Ike sticking thing in parts of their body where it clearly doesn't belong. Stop mentally ill people from put stuff up their buttons it doesnt belong. Goes against nature. And God. It's antisemitic to put things in your button where it doesn't belong. Help this mentally ill people.

  22. Basically they want to lock up the homeless

  23. 25 sounds like a reasonable estimate of mentally I’ll people in NY

  24. Your kidnapping people and putting them in hospital not cool

  25. That is going to backfire and open you up to all kinds of law suites😂😂 you idiots 💯💯💯💯

  26. This is a step in the right direction. I hope they build on this to get people the help they need.

  27. You mean sociopaths and racists who are brutalizing Asians in your city?

  28. If you're asking yourselves if these clowns can pull this off,, take a look around and you have your answer, it's called a track record.
    THEY created these disastrous conditions.

    They DO NOT have the brains. Please god, don't let these inepts make any decision of this magnitude.

  29. On the way to communism. What will actually happened to the mentally ill sent to hospitals? Also any medical check if they are really mentally ill? Just by seeing? We don't know.


  31. I guess they can round you up if the police officer thinks you might have a mental illness. What could go wrong?

  32. These people aren't mentally ill, their tweakin on drug's.

  33. It is inappropriate for NBC to leave this video clip with a suggestion that Mayor Adams is perpetuating a stereotype of mentally ill people as being dangerous. Shame on you NBC you should do better "reporting" and "journalism" and less "editorializing"!

  34. You think this is good until they start mandating what is a mental illness.

  35. Definitely going to have to consider drug addiction creates some of this too

  36. Whaaaaat? This whole time I thought that the mentally ill were 100% totally capable of making those decisons for themselves!!

  37. This will result in the abuse of the system and the involuntary hospitalization of people who do not need it. This is why they were closed down, and zero significant reforms have been made to prevent these abuses from happening again. This is just something that "sounds nice" but in reality does not work out.

  38. Im not on board with this. I see this as a danger to just snatch people off the street.

  39. What Maddams didn't say, is that he will allow police to legally put a bullet into their brain

  40. How long can you hold a person that doesn't voluntarily go to these hospitals?
    24 hours? 48 hours? Or as it is now just 72 hours.
    If a homeless person is no threat to themselves or others then there's no way you can hold them over 72 hours.
    This is already a thing so what's the difference going to be now.
    Oh but I get it, it's only the homeless we are talking about. Everybody knows that homelessness is a mental illness.
    Has nothing to do with let's say……
    The cost of living.


  41. I just see an easy way to get homeless people off the streets. Whether they are crazy or not. So easy to claim someone is mentally I’ll. Also with people pushing for mental health screening for gun purchases I think it will subsequently impact people’s ability to own a firearm. I don’t think this is good at all. And is it just mandatory lock up as long as some cop says so?

  42. Well it's winter, betcha by spring they will be out again.

  43. The "liberty-loving" Vichy-GOP should be up in arms about this — their silence makes their true feelings known. While it will get people off the streets— which will be good enough for many people, there doesn't seem to be a plan, supported by evidence, to provide appropriate treatment.

  44. This headline isn't even close to what the actual plan is.

  45. A lot of ulterior motives that are evil , hide behind things that appear to be a good thing