Monday , January 25 2021
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NYPD Break Up Crowded Street Of Orthodox Jewish Community Having Rabbi’s Funeral | NBC News NOW

The New York Police Department broke up crowded streets of Williamsburg, NY where the Orthodox Jewish community broke social distancing rules to have a funeral for Rabbi Chaim Mertz amid the coronavirus pandemic. No arrests were made during the incident.
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NYPD Break Up Crowded Street Of Orthodox Jewish Community Having Rabbi’s Funeral | NBC News NOW


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  1. Another mention of hydroxychloroquine and the positive effects –

  2. How freaking selfish and irresponsible.. especially in New York!!! Jerks!!!!

  3. You mean Cuomo’s Gestapo harass Jews in NYC. Cuomo and his troops all need to be charged with treason alongside the mainstream media.

  4. If the Catholics and Orthodox Jews do not want to follow the COVID rules they should be forced to sign a document stating they forego any state or federal medical assistance for themselves and their families if they catch the virus. Stupidity MUST have consequences.

  5. They should yell nazis lol that’ll deter the police

  6. NAZI CANADA ? – NOW AT THE BEGINNING ? B'H DIDNT CANADIANS FIGHT TO RID NAZISM ? At 8:45 am I walked into Kosher City Plus, a kosher small grocery store in Toronto, Canada – 3468

    Bathurst Street, where I spend thousands of dollars on a biweekly basis to purchase essentials for

    example – bread, vegetables and some frozen goods. I was refused service for not wearing a mask. Enough

    is Enough, The following situation has a background.

    I have been asked several times to put on a mask my the manager of the store on several different

    occasions while shopping at this store. I told the manager that I have an exemption and several times

    she didn't say anything. A few weeks ago she asked me what kind of exemption I have. I answered that it

    was a health exemption and she let me go on shopping. A few weeks after this she again said that she

    knows the law exists about exemptions but some of the customers have complained to her about me not

    wearing a mask and again she wanted to make sure I knew this. Today, after she refused me service I told

    her to call the police because I refuse to leave the store and she told me that I can stay in the store

    but I will not be able to pay for the items. I asked for the owners phone number and called him right

    away. The owner of kosher city told me that because Cosco is refusing customers, he is allowed to do the

    same. He went on to say that he wants to stay in business and I am just one customer and the others who

    have complained are the majority therefore because he was nervous about his other customers I will be

    refused service. The owner went on to say that I can be served outside the store, I can call in my

    order, but because of the other customers I cannot now walk into the store. The owner told me that

    customers are in fear and that he knows some people who got sick in montreal because of "the invisible

    desease" and therefore that gives him justification to bow down to the fear. The owner told me that he

    will serve me if I call and I told him it wasn't fair that customers who bow down to the brainwashing

    and fear and are allowed into the store but the ones who do not wear a mask for exemptions or to serve

    their human rights have to stay out of the store. I reminded him that this is very similar to Nazi

    Germany and he agreed with me and empathized. It is as if a non jew can go into the store and the jew

    has to stay out of the store. This is how I feel. I immediately called 311 – Toronto City – I explained

    to the customer service representative my complaint and he told me that he would file a report with an

    enforcement officer. He did tell me though, as long as the owner serves you outside the store then it is

    o.k. There is a loophole in the system. If the store owner can service you by your phone call or email

    or web request then he has a right not to allow you in the store. According to the rules on the toronto

    website. I told the customer service representative that this is discrimination and he didn't agree with

    me. In fact he said that because the city is protecting the people in Toronto this is why it is in

    place. I told the representative that this is in fact discrimination and he didn't want to discuss it

    with me. Repeating that it is for the protection of the Toronto citizenry. I asked the customer service

    staff member to provide a reference number to call and told me that he cannot do this as there is no

    reference number to follow up. The staff member did tell me that I can use my phone number but that

    wouldnt be a way to follow up. The fact remains even if the enforcement officer calls the store owner of

    kosher city it wouldnt make a difference because the store owner will service me, only outside the store

    and never inside the store because I refuse to wear a mask. This is ok, by Toronto city because the

    owner is still servicing me according to the customer service representative at the city of Toronto.

    I am shocked, discusted by the mayor John Tory and premier Ford and his administration and as a tax

    payer I am upset and angry.

    Not sure what to do. The fact remains, the owner of kosher city plus told me that I should go to no

    frills or another shop to purchase food and if cosco can do this then so can he.

    What can a jewish man who has to feed his family who has specific dietary, religious needs do in order

    to feed his family and not be scared of store owners who only offer them curb side delivery while he

    watches his friends with masks go into the store ? What's next? I can't take legal action because as long

    as he serves me then the city of Toronto is ok with this. This is not right, it doesn't feel right and I

    am not sure what the next steps to do are.

    Kosher City Plus is located at 3468

    Bathurst Street

  7. Violating the constitutional rights of these people seems kinda (super racist) 🤮🤦‍♂️ right to religion and freedom of assembly? Remember those rights? Blm can protest anytime though… no masks needed

  8. This looks familiar where have we seen this before??? Oh yeah Germany in 1938

  9. are Gods chosen people. Please be careful. Love a christian man in Australia.

  10. You can riot, burn businesses down, resist lawful order as long as it goes towards BLM. However if you gather as a religious group and mourn a death, well that's just horrible and those people are horrible. Really?? Smh people have lost their minds.

  11. ** Toronto Canada Protest -FOR Freedom  Saturday October 24, 2020 –

  12. It's okay to burn, loot and "peacefully" protest, but free assembly of religious groups are against the rules. Politicians are drunk with power. Vote them out.

  13. You allow 20k blm protesters but won't allow a funeral???😡😡😡😡

  14. Funny how so many people are criticizing the Jews in this video as oppose to the cops which I guarantee they would normally do if it was Antifa or BLM. (or other leftist organization) They are not acting violently in their body language and demeanor its as simple as that, that is why police even consider going close to them and seem pretty relaxed at the same time. For the most part it looked like they were clearing side walks out.

  15. Oyberg Veystein was there in that video.

  16. Guys guys, you're doing it wrong just bring a BLM sign and they'll leave you alone

  17. NBC filming a documentary on their ancestors?

  18. Had i been Mayor i would has horses K9 ALL OUT THERE AND SHOW THEM WHO IS BOSS AND ALL.MUST COMPLY ALL!

  19. Leave them alone. Who are the new Nazis anyway

  20. Looks like all these Orthodox Jews have made it through the pandemic so far. Keep marching and expose more racist liberals. They love to talk about race more than anything. They're practically experts at this stuff. God I hate them.

  21. Cant wait for the next season of suv (svu lol)

  22. Trow a penny far away and they will all run to get it.

  23. DiBlasio, Ask Gov. Cuomo if he has any room to put Hasidims in Nursing Homes, or better yet lock em up in Rikers, you emptied it out anyway!

  24. Disgusting! They should be allowed to have a funeral. DeBlasio allows protests but not people to mourn. Rioters I mean “protesters” have tons of videos floating around wearing NO MASK but gathered by the 100’s. The mayor is a hypocrite. Absolutely shameful! Leave NY it’s a cesspool

  25. Waste of police utilization!

  26. They should have been carrying BLM signs then they’d be allowed to stay

  27. They didn't want to show why they were there but they were celebrating our president they were dancing

  28. Riots ok protesters ok religious practicing not ok what the f. I thought we lived in the USA

  29. New York interfering with freedom of religion

  30. Look new york is rounding up jews. Must be vary proud to be a new yorker

  31. Many people in the comments seems to have forgotten about the 1st amendment 🤣

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