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NYPD using drones to ramp up security for New Year’s in Times Square

Former NYPD detective Pat Brosnan shares his insights as the NYPD prepares for an estimated 1.5 million people to celebrate New Year’s in Times Square.

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  1. New York. 🗡👹🔪💩🔪🦍🔪🐛🌭🌈🍕💉⛺🐜🛒🐛🚕🚕🚕🔫😵🔫😵🔫😵🐜

  2. Rooftop Snipers and Heavy weapons teams? I hope they brought some melee support.

  3. New York was the Worse New year's Eve show

  4. We have to eat the babies!!!!!

  5. I’m all for supporting the police but there is nothing a drone could see or pick out in a huge crowd. This seems like it’s just another toy for the police. Just like jetskis for police in Minnesota.

  6. that's an invasion of privacy. Commy New York.

  7. Openly promoting drone security. Thats not good.

  8. So what ur telling me is that pigs can’t go out there and do their jobs?

  9. Trump/Pence 2020. WoooooHOOOOOOO!!!!!

  10. They will need more than that if they want to keep an eye on all of those rats and roaches.

  11. NYC turns into a sheep town. Looks like a big farm.

  12. Next year the drones will be fully armed.

  13. How pathetic all over the world drones used for BEAUTIFUL 2020 celebrations NY ya ball drop is lame


  15. Drones for use to terrorized citizenry, welcome to the future😏 it'll be extremely safe, he assured.

  16. The facade of safety and security in the oldest Marxist sanctuary in America.

  17. Use your drones to take out your anti-cop mayor!

  18. Cool and sexy look. What a tool!

  19. I cant see how anyone can enjoy being in a crowd gathering this large and not get claustrophobia..

  20. New decades start with year 1. Jesus was born in year 1 not 0.


  22. It’s only a matter of time that some terrorist uses a drone retrofitted with a fast acting biological agent to disperse on the crowds such as this. The technology and know how are already available all that is necessary is the crazy terrorist. Let’s pray these plots are squashed before they happen.

  23. Not sure what all the fuss is about, it's just another day,… call me Depressive if you need to, it is still another day!

  24. to be here and to feel a new year, and to focus to the goals ! uh another impeachment circus goal ?

  25. Times square is a square times which means 🤔.
    Coming the squares times😡

  26. There using drones to spy on us… And u think our government is looking out for we the people..then you need to wake up…

  27. Drones as weapons is a very interesting possibility. Since almost anything can be mass produced, they can be given to the masses. The fact communist China is the only manufacturer of consumer drones bothers me. I doubt it will be anytime soon, but still.

  28. The Beast system is upon us

  29. Bad idea, how to tell the difference between bad drones and good ones?

  30. Will 2020 be the year that ABC News comes clean about its coverup of Amy Rorbach's expose of the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia scandal?

  31. Democrats use office drones to spy on Trump.

  32. Jack and ty
    Ugh omg ur ugjcludzuff
    Xgjxvh nv Gn jog gj go
    Gj jg b HB it could

  33. Always fake news and drama to hide the fact that the NWO governments are the terrorist….but Don't worry the devil only goes after   GOD believing Christians…. so your be safe unless your in a church.

  34. real new yorkers don’t go to the ball drop

  35. Not for anything would I be there!!!

  36. How many of those mentally ill idiots are wearing diapers?! ALL of them. Can you imagine the stench in those hog pens of disgusting morons?!!

  37. For the first time ever, NYPD will be using drones for the first time ever and it has never been done before so this will be the first time ever that drones will be used for the first time here in New York because it's never been done before tonight so it'll be the first time ever. Idiot.

  38. He said they use Magnetometers?

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