Friday , January 22 2021
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Official Details The Aftermath Of Kansas Bar Shooting That Left Four Dead | NBC News

Thomas Tomasic of the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department details finding the wounded after a Kansas bar shooting at Tequila KC. Authorities say there may have been two suspects involved in the shooting, and they are still reviewing bar surveillance video.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Official Details The Aftermath Of Kansas Bar Shooting That Left Four Dead | NBC News


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  1. let me guess, the shooter played violent video games and watched the joker movie

  2. It probably was a: build the wall person or a: I need loud, finna , mobile person

  3. So why isn't this all over CNN and MSNBC.? Oh that's right because they were criminal Hispanic gang bangers

  4. No description? Sounds about whyte

  5. Kansas City bar shooting at 1013 Central Ave. on 10/6, the 279th day of the year with 86 days remaining, and date numerologies of 55, 35, 28, and 19.

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    kansas city bar shooting on 10/6 = 106 (R)
    bar shooting on october 6 = 106 (R)
    1013 central ave. = 106 (O)
    four killed, five wounded = 106 (R)
    gun sham = 106 (RO)
    police did it = 106 (O)
    masonic ritual murder = 279 (RO)
    bar shooting on 10/6/2019 = 86 (R)
    5 injured = 86 (O)
    gun shaming = 113 (O)
    masonic death ritual = 113 (RR)
    scottish = 113 (O)

    4 dead, 5 wounded = 55 (R)
    hispanics = 55 (RR)
    gun shamers = 55 (RR)
    masonic cops did it = 552 (Jewish)
    kansas city shooting = 257 (RO), the 55th prime no.
    kansas city, ks = 35 (R)
    shooting at kansas city bar = 350 (RO)
    four dead = 350 (Jewish)
    scottish rite of freemasonry = 350 (RO)
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    mason = 28 (RR)
    anti-gun propaganda = 280 (RO)
    nine shot = 208 (Franc Baconis)
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    masonic cops = 170 (RO)
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    another staged shooting = 107 (RR), the 28th prime no.
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    kansas city, ks bar shooting on 10/6 = 109 (R)
    4 dead, 5 wounded = 109 (R)
    four dead, five injured = 109 (RR)
    bartender jose valdez = 109 (RR)
    tomasic = 109 (RO)
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    4 killed, 5 wounded = 67 (R), the 19th prime no.

  6. More propaganda to push the narrative. Look … you ain't getting g our guns ok… talk talk talk everyday about shootings and guess what ?
    You will never get the guns. Never.

  7. Wett backs are taking over Kansas

  8. They were just in the making of Sicario 3

  9. It doesn't matter that they were Hispanic. It doesn't matter if they were undocumented. What matters is that their families are grieving.

  10. This is Trump's fault. "Orange man bad" 😣

  11. don't go blaming gun owners. it was probably something personal.

  12. Probably illegal aliens…

  13. The media jumps on any of these. They love it

  14. He was Hispanic.. the end!

  15. Is it just me or that person in the thumbnail looks like a bald jeremy renner

  16. MS 13 – 4 = MS 9, right?

  17. I’ve never heard “the shooter is a white male”. You?

  18. Mass media. If it bleeds it leads.

  19. A good guy with a gun would have prevented this! Oh wait I forgot they are never around 99 percent of the time when this happens because they are too busy hiding and quivering in the bushes like the incel cowards they are.

  20. atleast they killed thier own!!!….instead of innocent americans

  21. Before you idiots go on ranting about how the media only covers this because they have an agenda, answer me this. How do you prevent it from happening? If your answer has anything to do with a gun then I might suggest refrain from thinking, and let us do the heavy lifting.

  22. This is the work of a typical fascist Dumpist. The lunatic right is off their meds.

  23. It's sickening the way msm has paid no attention to this shooting. It instantly tells you the shooter is not white.

  24. They owed the shooter or who ever hired him money.It happens with illegals.They spend thousands to sneak across our border.Maybe they didnt pay for their fake IDs.

  25. BET $1,000,000 it was over VAGINA..

  26. Drug dealers killing drug what!

  27. Appears to be MS-13 related. ….just a guess.

  28. most degenerate country i have ever lived thank god i`m not and never going to return write it down in my file

  29. no named suspects…no named victims…..very little other info……was this a training drill?……false flag?.….disgruntled employee?……love triangle? ….gun grab?…… this a multiple choice quiz, or is the NEWS gonna start reporting the NEWS??

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