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Ohio doctor faces 25 counts of murder after fatal opioid overdoses

Dr. William Husel is accused of intentionally causing fatal overdoses, and has had his medical license suspended. He has denied the allegations.


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  1. Fall guy. End of life care and prescribing a bunch of pills to random junkies for money are 2 different things.

  2. No one can experience the patients pain but the patient themselves…. if I am diagnosed with a terminal illness and disability, I will want to live and die comfortably. This hype is bs to me bc outside these clinics and hospitals, there are non licensed killers making and dealing drugs to the general public. I am disgusted by this story..and pretty soon, we will all suffer from this in the end. America will not reach an end on drugs when it’s lucrative for illegal distribution and our country has the highest demand in the world when it comes to addiction.

  3. Yeah I'll give a shout out to Doctor Kevorkian he's dead but that guy had helped many people and his ideas were true and they weren't outdated or this is some unorthodox why people shouldn't have to die well if you're intensive care and you ain't never getting better this guy here is like DR. Kevorkian to he should be getting into trouble I got a mother father sisters and brothers and Sons if they were sick and ill and they wanted to die I'd have to stand beside them I sure as hell wouldn't disown him and want to sue people after it that's their life that's their thinking that's their mind it's being hurt their soul and person you got the state wants to come in and fuck you in the butt when you try helping these people in the United States that's why I've been saying what I say about the government every one of those motherfukers need to be killed right along with the biggest domestic organization terrorist cops of America

  4. In their last days some people don't want to suffer until their last breath and just want to overdose in drugs it's called Euthanasia dying with dignity and no pain.


  6. sounds like a mercy killing but with opiates….. isnt that against the law either way u look at it?

  7. Only in america. What a fucked up disease riddled nation

  8. Was any overdose? Illegal prescription?
    Prescribed meds are signed off by several people including administering nurses. It sounds as if hospital is covering themselves from huge lawsuut and dr is a scapegoat! 🤪

  9. Abolish the DEA, and audit the CDC.

  10. Remember what they did the Doctor Kevorkian that lady wanted to die than her then that lady's family came out and had him put in prison till right before he died those people should be put back in prison for what they did that lady wanted to die liking another Lance you can die if you want to die they'll come until you get your ass in bed and it's over here in the United States is all based on lawsuits and taking your rights away as a human being didn't tell you to believe in a Bible that's the Middle Eastern folklore

  11. They want everyone to die painful deaths. The oppiod war is a giant scam.

  12. What a world we live in

  13. He did nothing wrong……..on any medicicine package….it says ….taking over recomended dose can lead to propblems…mlet him go….

  14. This is a sham on this poor guy to act like they're doing something about the opioids in America needs it was here before America was formed and carved out of these woods with a gun and a Bible that guy needs to walk out of that courtroom like nothing ever happened to him and those people that took opiates they probably were just drug addicts any damn boy which that's a human but they were going to get those anywheres else people act like Vicodin and Norco isn't on the street it's all over the street in Chicago people sell to your left and right

  15. Question isn't the Hospital administration at fault also? This reminds me of the story of Richard Jewell. Railroad. I don't know this doctor but I need to see more proof.

  16. Just the government illuminating competition and some shit prosecutor going all in to make a name for himself. They don't gaf about anyone but their own selves. If they cared they'd be going after the CIA and their cartels!

  17. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! Woooooo weeeeeee these devils stay in the news with Multiple bodies and wickedness.


  19. Great…this poor young Dr is going down just for providing comfort to dying patients? I hope I would have a Dr like this if I am dying and in pain!

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