Thursday , May 13 2021
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Olympian Apolo Ohno On How A 'Fear Of Failure' Ensured His Success | Nightly News Films

Apolo Ohno is known as the most decorated American Winter Olympian in history. But in his first Olympic trials, he finished dead last. He traces his “hard pivot” in life, when he left the world of short track speed skating and had to figure out a new career path.
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Olympian Apolo Ohno On How A ‘Fear Of Failure’ Ensured His Success | Nightly News Films


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  1. That's both the most delusional and self-aggrandizing thing I've ever heard what A pile of BS

  2. Love seeing him again. Loved watching him in the Olympics. An amazing athlete and individual.

  3. Never heard if him. 8 medals. I think he needs a better promoter. Agent. His seems not to be very humble enough to be endorsing American spirt hero. Im bored with him. Its all about I i i i i . And more of I

  4. Be Well Everyone.

    Have some pudding. .

  5. I remember watching him, so focused! Great athlete

  6. Give your medal to a trans wamen

  7. Apolo made the USA very proud the way he handled himself during the Olympics. He was a true gentleman. Loved him on dancing with the stars.

  8. He looks so healthy. I wonder what his diet is?

  9. A truly great athlete on so many levels!!!

  10. Wait, NBC is actually featuring a person who is not a full time “victim” First time for everything💯👍🏽

  11. His father never smiled. Seems a total control freak.

  12. How did I not know this show existed? Legit good concept for interviews lol

  13. He looks totally different !

  14. He is so gorgeous. And, his father did an outstanding job, raising him. Best of luck to him, in his future endeavors.🙏🌟🕺🏻🛼🏆🎖🥇🌟

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