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One of world’s largest meat suppliers hit by cyberattack l GMA

Meat processing company JBS said it was the victim of a ransomware attack on Sunday, just weeks after the destructive Colonial Pipeline hack.
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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Is the Russian hacker a Democrat trying to force the Green new deal on America? 🤔

  2. Why is this all happening under Biden he is weak threat of war raising prices this guy has done nothing except make America more racist world leaders know he is weak I voted for this fool I'm sorry America

  3. Cyber attacked by themselves but fool ppl and blame Russia as always 👏🏼😅 "brainwashing to its finest "

  4. oh no, guess we'll just write another check to the hackers and raise prices again. oh no, look, it happened again, lets just write another check, oh no, look, it happened again, get the checkbook….

  5. Haha we all know this is just a scam, just like the gas pipeline bs, there's never a "supply" shortage, it's always propaganda, blame shifting, but the feds are going to say whatever they want as an excuse to just arbitrarily raise the price of goods. Yes, it makes sooo much sense that "ransomeware" attacks cause prices to just go up… almost like, how convenient! Why nothing else? why's it gotta be our gas and food? hmmmmm

  6. This is just another tactic for price increase don’t believe the media.

  7. This is just the beginning, WEF is behind this . Operation Polygon July 9th tune in , and if u missed the global coronavirus pandemic simulation event 201 in OCT 2019 be sure to watch that. We in year 2 only of a 10 year plan , they get their way human race as we know it will be no more , they wanna hook everyone on this planet to a AI cloud and control everyone and everything. THIS IS NOT A JOKE GO TO WEF WEBSTIE THIS IS A REAL AGENDA , read fourth industrial revolution by Klaus Schwab the world most evil man possibly

  8. why isnt lebron james saving us. he claims he has the right skin color for the job. where is he?


  10. This is why you don't negotiate with terrorists. Idiots.

  11. Are these terror attacks or planned shortages? I just dunno anymore.

  12. Oh look, first the gas shutdown, now a meat shutdown.

    prediction: next it’s gonna be gun registry’s, and no american can purchase a firearm, until the nationwide gun registry is back online.

  13. Sounds like a lot of old people not knowing how to use a computer and they voluntarily accepting the virus.

  14. Why people support these companies? Who murders and abuses animals? Why you kill and eat animals?

  15. THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY – The Nuremberg Code states that when human beings are used as experimental subjects they are to be given the pros and cons (side effects) of the experiment they are participating in. The Covid-19 vaccines should have undergone 2 more years of observation before being
    released to the public. Therefore, all the people taking these "emergency use authorization" vaccines are human experiments. Did the millions of vaccine receivers get a printed copy of all the possible side effects of the vaccine they would partake in? Were they told that the vaccines may cause HORRIFIC SIDE EFFECTS AND DEATH after injection, after a few days, weeks, months or years ??? Did the public know they were part of an experiment and that if anything goes wrong, the vaccine companies could not be sued? ? ?

    Was the public told that an alternative, Ivermectin, was a safer and more trusted form of prevention and treatment of all phases of Covid ? ? ? Vaccines are not the only answer to this pandemic and withholding IVERMECTIN'S clinical trial results is more criminal than the Holocaust because it involves deception to many more millions of people resulting in more pain, suffering and death ALL OVER THE WORLD. Pro-vaccine propaganda has hidden IVERMECTIN as the amazing prevention and cure of Covid-19 and its variants. GREED for money through the purchasing of vaccines has hidden this strong yet economical drug from reaching all people throughout the WORLD whether they are rich or poor.

  16. Biden is not going to do anything he has no balls.

  17. That lifp that straigh hand has 0:35 🤣😂

  18. Notice: Russia gets blamed for everything! A buch of LIARS!!!!!

  19. Vegans be like heck yeah! Guessing the terrorists are Vegan? 😉

  20. she said president putin 👀👀👀 oops

  21. They are always acusing Russians or Chinese without proff.. Show us the proff or Just stop with that bias.

  22. the system that zeus the (devil) have built to control us is coming down, why is it that all of this is following right behind the (virus) or multiple (viruses) they are trying to keep us distracted from the bigger picture of whats really going on

  23. The next stage of false flags.

  24. Bidens really working at destroying the US!!

  25. JBS, TARCO, IBP, PFIZER, MEYER, PERDUE, all under the same umbrella…great fact checkng george…

  26. Fake news, all of it. This is the joey regime and company aka satan’s kids. Plotting these attacks/hoax against its own citizens to push their agenda. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. World Economic Form not Russia

  28. Not shocked this happened to JBS. I discussed a role with them a few years back and it was obvious to me from the panel I faced at their So Cal plant, that they do not hire the best & brightest.

  29. ☠The media IS the virus☠

  30. What about US supporting Wahhabi terrorists against Russia? Like the ones who killed 300 school children in Beslan? And even bombed the US own Boston marathon.

  31. Good news for the poor animals so the can have more time to esacpe suffering there 💻🐂🐐🐄🦆🐓

  32. LIES. All government, all intentional, all part of the globalist world economic forum plan. They want to destroy us, our economies , lives ,and way of life. Even the food qe eat. We have Trudeau over here looking into big eating.

  33. We need to stop letting senior citizens govern our country.

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  35. Fluff. Lets see some fauci email talks

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