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Oregon decriminalizes illicit drugs, four other states legalize weed | USA TODAY

Oregon decriminalizes small amounts of illicit drugs, other states legalize marijuana.
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Possessing small amounts of illicit drugs will no longer mean jail time in Oregon, and four other states legalized recreational marijuana on Election Day.

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  1. So I guess they haven’t had some close to them ruin their family or die from overdose and I trust they doubled the crimes for selling drugs. Dems Fools there is no righteousness in supporting drug use.

  2. People who regularly take drugs like Dope & Meth already have Mental issues. So to save Billions on building Mental Hospitals or Mental Programs governments legalise it..

  3. Listen, Colorado is being double crossed…. they recently quadroupled the minimum price at the recreational dispensaries… they are also checking pocket knives at the door which is not done in liquor stores or most bars…. the combination will cause an increased schism between rich and poor, as well as set up a diversion which will prevent the people from demanding vast drop in housing rates, while being made into the bad guys for not only producing that diversion while demanding drops in marijuana prices, but will split up their families as many choose to pay a car payments worth of money toward marijuana as if it were as naturally expensive as cocain or similar hard physical addicting drugs. You need to understand… you must not talk trash about your neighboring states… you must not give yourselves an excuse to say there is nothing you can do because of face masks, fake plagues or any other similar…and you must not take the bait to bad mouth each other……. prepare for it….. force the dropping of the marijuana prices in a way that does not causes farther injury… and do not allow them to intertwine stuff like social justice or legalization of heroin or similar with your safer choice movement… do not allow them to claim right to embezzle for drug treatment programs…. all of these things are what once a long time ago led to a term called "knit wit"…… if you allow the leadership to convince you to tie everything together …than you will lose the good with the bad… nitted together in dishonest desperation is knit wit … as in knitted yarn.

    Please …. pass this message along… watch my video titled Drinking while driving… and my other videos…. I will do the best i can as i always have to protect you while i can.

    you need to totally legalize marijuana in all quantities immediately…. some law enforcement will take the bait to betray their oaths and start busting private growers for helping out the poor people and selling instead of giving away marijuana…. they will cause many many many of your neighbors to lose their fams, homes, and future for nothing but empowerment of leadership willing to lay you to waste in fake plague embezzlement scams, housing scams, medical scams.. etc…..

    Sincerely…. I love honest law enforcement… who respect their oaths not to support or enforce corrupt laws or perceptions of right to scuttle the peoples will.

  4. this would be a lot funnier if it was Florida instead of Oregon.

  5. For those who think that drug legalization leads to more tax revenue take a look at the historical stock chart of Tilray.👇

  6. Oregon’s state flag looks like a Sasquatch facial profile.
    Follow my adequate tiktok
    @ squigglesbydesign

  7. And get rid of drug court its a waste o huge tax dollars all it does is delay or stall a persons addiction. Go ahead and dig into the true numbers not the fudged idiotic nonsense they feed everyone. Fact there are many empty beds in treatment facilities reserved for drug court while someone on the street who is truly wanting help cannot get it. But yet the drug court person who yea does not want to go to prison does get it but they are not naturally driven to treatment through suffering its through fear.
    Believe me the streets and addiction can be more devastating internally than any court can ever instill into a person to want the desire to get clean. So there is no need for the criminal justice system the addiction and its consequences are much more harsh than any court can impose upon an addict. This is what drives a person to want the desire to be clean. They have to hit bottom and honestly the justice system gets right in the way of that and really does a disservice to the addict. What really ends up happening is the addiction just gets disrupted and put on hold and while it is everyone tries to talk sense into the addicts head and show them what they need to do. But they have not reached that understanding and true gut feeling that they have been brought to their knees and are in dire desperation to do something or they may die. THIS IS WHAT WORKS! So yea left to their own decisions and devices able to have their drugs without criminal justice interruption will in the end save more folks than you can imagine! Criminal charges are a complete waste of time, money, and future suffering.

  8. 1 THESSALONIANS 5:6-8

    “So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet.”

    1 PETER 1:13

    “Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.”

    1 PETER 5:8

    “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

  9. Damn. The Drug market is gonna be boomin. Alot of drug movers are gonna have to pass into Oregon as a safe place before going to other states. Lets watch the crime from druggies increase

  10. top cannabis investment is Aurora cannabis which has 45% short FYI for investors

  11. Yeah but where would you get coke from is there a shop fo this or what?

  12. SO much ignorance with you people. This is a good thing.

  13. Drugs: *kills 67,000+ a year in us
    Democrats: LEGALIZE NOW
    guns: 35,000+ deaths a year
    Democrats: OH GOD NO AK LOOK SCARY! BAN NOW!!!!

  14. off to Oregon to get myself a ham and crack sandwich

  15. wow people are damn triggered and throwing shit at Oregon
    Do you really want people to get locked up for a bit cocain… the lockup will be paid by the taxes
    of the person get into rehab, the taxes paid for that actually can make a difference in the person's life
    BUT hey, what do I know.. just somebody else on the internet

  16. Libtards in Oregon are crazy

  17. Big brains in Oregon I see

  18. I would again like to congratulate Drugs for winning the war on Drugs… hopefully a new day and a new approach will wash over the country

  19. People will still have to do a drug test before employment.

  20. Just when we thought Oregon couldn't be a bigger sh*t hole.
    Good for you Oregon..

  21. Latest news: Oregon becomes first state to legalize child marriage. Governor states, "What the f*** do I know?"

  22. USA Today is a piece of s*** newspaper

  23. Welcome to Oregon: Future Anarchist Dystopia

  24. tx, legalize recreational marijuana, please 😻

  25. No way now that's going to far marijuana shouldn't be legal now cocaine legal, this can't be true.

  26. It’s not about health objections or fear of addiction crisis. It’s about taxation and profits. All states, especially during a global financial crisis, should embrace this as an economic path towards recovery. It will lead to reduction in overall population stress & stress related illnesses as well as enhanced profitability and economic viability.

  27. Dopers are smoked until they can not move !

  28. Our congress members don’t have to take drug test, It a save tax dollars and I don’t see people wearing 😷 and if the fda can let pharmacies sale drugs where the possible side effects is kidney failure or liver damage the war on drugs is one of America’s biggest scams

  29. California…? hahahahahaha

  30. Parting in Portland going to be fire

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