Sunday , January 17 2021
Home / News / Ossoff Says Sen. Perdue Declined To Debate Because 'He Can’t Defend The Indefensible' | NBC News

Ossoff Says Sen. Perdue Declined To Debate Because 'He Can’t Defend The Indefensible' | NBC News

Jon Ossoff faced off against an empty podium when Georgia Sen. David Perdue did not show up to the runoff debate. Ossoff called out Perdue for blocking coronavirus relief and abusing his power and privilege.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Ossoff Says Sen. Perdue Declined To Debate Because ‘He Can’t Defend The Indefensible’ | NBC News


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  1. 오늘 저녁 듣고싶은 플레이리스트는?🎄

  2. Vote the two trump acolytes out. Decent humans in Ossoff and the rev.

  3. Sen Perdue is a moron. Why on Earth would you give your opponent such a forum to rant forever unopposed?

  4. This senate race is important just like The presidency

  5. Can't even show up for his own debate. Typical Republicans 😂

  6. Buying shares in vaccine company’s and medical equipment hmmmmm now that’s interesting don’t you think

  7. One America News Network – Breitbart – Sky News Australia – News Max – Project Veritas – The Gateway Pundit – The Liberty Daily!!!.


  9. And republicans are going to vote for him still.

  10. I thought the thumbnail was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  11. That empty Podium made a pretty good point

  12. That's a fact. Perdue is involved in a case of insider trading. How can people be so blind to believe a crook like Perdue.

  13. The sparkling experience naively amuse because reindeer affectively argue forenenst a impartial witness. goofy, ripe gram

  14. Election debates are part of American tradition for voters to get a glimpse into the candidates' belief systems and see how polished their rhetorical skillsets are.

    Just the mere fact that Perdue did not feel the need to engage in a debate shows that he is not qualified for the office and does not deserve one single vote.

  15. Ossoff worked for a Chinese news agency? 80% of his support is from outside of Georgia. How much is CCP monies? He has zero experience in government.

  16. A republican unable to defend the indefensible ! The last four years have disproved that .
    No , like trump he realises that merely opening his mouth is a purgery trap . Like all cons he just took the fifth.

  17. Georgia has the right to know whether or not their senator is a crook! Well he is! So vote Ossoff and send Perdue packing!

  18. Trump informs the world that his court jester Giuliani is doing well: the latter is in a hospital with a coronavirus infection, as are 100,000+ other Americans. More than 2,000 are likely to die today but as long as Giuliani survives all is well in Trump’s twisted world. The sheer inhumanity of the Lame Duck is mind-boggling!

  19. Anyone who votes for Perdue is pathetic. Imagine supporting a spineless coward that is so corrupt he stop debating in an election. XD

  20. republicans will still vote for him

  21. Some wonder could Ossoff take a hard sucker punch and not have his jaw broken?

  22. Vote Republicans out of Georgia

  23. This was DAMNING! I wouldn't have showed up either!

  24. Perdue and Loeffler are crooks. I guess some Georgians love to see the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  25. this is REAL no LIES no FAKE NEWS Jon Ossoff is telling it as it is, good for you and thanks from me

  26. Oh definitely he is rubbing it the noses of Georgians.

  27. Making money from the pain of others…makes David Perdue beneath contempt.

  28. Trump is a loser Trump let the virus get really . Trump is Russian agent . Trump loves his doughter yes that y'all.

  29. For the party that fancies itself as rebels and bikers, it's shocking how they just instantly get in line to vote party over country cuz helping a fascist criminal win and steal ALL our money means "victory" to them. Or just look up "FASCISM".

  30. Either ur Republican or Democrat America the man is a crook not even the debate to defend himself..people give ur Senate seat to the best person!…👀💚🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  31. This guy will run for president one day and deserve to win. He's like Mayor Pete without the baggage.

  32. Perdue is an example who showed us this election is Rigged and no need to debate. Stay safe guys

  33. Perdue has profitted so much from his seat, that he could afford to make himself invisible.

  34. An empty GOP podium. Speaks volumes about Perdue's distain for his constituents, his office and governance in general

  35. he is so guilty! his coward self didnt even show up! PITIFUL!!… I wish I would vote someone like him to represent me…he cant even represent hisself! disgusting

  36. Idk who this man is but I need to VOTE for him

  37. LMAO!!! The empty seat shot was hilarious. This is the senator Georgia needs.

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