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Our Swedish Roadtrip! | Fashion Mumblr Vlogmas Day 16

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Hotel Slippens :


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Coat by Reiss :
Boots by Kurt Geiger :
Bag by Gucci :
Jumper by Topshop :
Hat by Topshop :
Scarf by Topshop :
Touch Screen Gloves :

Pink PJs :

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Necklace :
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  1. Hey, I just found your channel today! I am an English girl living in Sweden, where did you eat the Christmas dinner exactly? It looked amazing and I would lile to go this year 🙂 ❤

  2. one again this is the 20000th time i say this if you want to show us where you're staying try not to be in the middle of the shot we can't see anything it's not the hard to flip the camera and film it i hope you will do that next time anyway i love your videos

  3. maybe charlie will wear likke a warm hat when you are outside cos im afraid his precious brain will get frozen in swden! hehe – i had a cat named chralie when i was a kid , i didnt knew its real name in england hahaha its good name 😀

  4. how beautiful I miss the cold I live in Orlando FL and the winter is basically similar to London summer. x

  5. Haha, Fiskebäckskil is my hometown 😀

  6. Love your videos!! You are so cute!! I like both cameras you r using, but what can you recommend more? this canon or olympus pen? The design of Olympus is so great!! but im still confused! want smth light and what i can use everyday! thanks in advance!

  7. You pronounce it like this: Fiske|becks|shil 😁 I just found your channel, you seem so sweet!

  8. Goodness that dear little town was VERY quiet!

  9. well, too bad you skipped the breakfast at the Hotel, it is one of the best I have seen!

  10. Next time come to Stockholm 💕 but in summer time! 👍😉

  11. Is that Daniela Andrade's 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas?' Hope you have the copyright to use it.

  12. What a lovely trip! It is now on my list. Thanks for sharing ❤

  13. That is one of the neatest hotel rooms I have seen! Lovely vlog as always.

  14. it makes me cringe when you call each other darling…not hating,I guess it's just my issue lol

  15. when will you guys travel to Bali, Indonesia? or have you already? kisses from here 😘

  16. josie how do you get by in sweden w/o speaking swedish? do most people speak english?

  17. Seeing you start your day in Gothenburg has me wanting to go back. Spotted so many places I remember from when I was 17 (five years ago erg) and would love to return to them.

  18. Where are your thermal jeans from josie xxxx

  19. Such a beautiful vlog…great music. Cute Charlie! 💕

  20. Editing skills on freakin' point, Josie! 😍❤️

  21. Loved seeing more of Sweden, the road trip looked lovely! Another fabulous vlog Josie. 🙂 xx

  22. Wow, Swedish roads look like ours in America! Great vlog 🙂

  23. Yay Vlogmas 🎄🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼🎄 So beautiful city Josie! 😍😊

  24. Thank you very much Josie for the lovely video. It was wonderful tagging along with you both visiting Sweden. I have never been and it looks like a very interesting country to visit someday. I think you and Charlie are adorable in the way you converse with one another. A big hug from your subscriber here in Montreal. 🙂 💕

  25. I'm from Sweden and it's so fun to watch your point of view of it! 😀
    But yeah, it's way too cold in Sweden during the winter haha

  26. You guys are sooo funny.What a beautiful video!!! It really made me feel as if I had been there.I enjoyed every second of it.Bravo,Josie! xx

  27. Sweden looks so amazing! Your vlogmas has been amazing Josie. Xx

  28. Thank you for sharing your mini vacation.

  29. I looked at those mumin cake cutters when I was in Gothenburg in November. Really wish I had bought some of them.

  30. Im a photographer from Gothenburg, and I would love to take somephotos of you and Charlie. Contact me at instagram my business name there are @livefoto! Hope to see you in Gothenburg!

  31. wondering how diverse the cultures are in Sweden? watching your vlogs has me considering this trip next Christmas vacation.

  32. great Christmas atmosphere! Charlie nice shoes!!

  33. I just loved this thank you. You two make watching different places so interesting& you're such a lovely couple oohhhh i could just squish the pair of you, Have a great week Susan

  34. your vlogs are so lovely…I simply can't stop saying that. charlie is adorable***

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