Outrage over heating bills

Rising prices are forcing customers in areas of the western US to pay up to three times the normal rate for natural gas. ABC News’ Elizabeth Schulze has the answer from angry residents.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This is what happens when we allow monopolies to flourish. Energy companies should not own the energy productions and distribution. It's a rigged, late-capitalism game that will negatively affect consumers. All utilities should be run as non-profit "utilities" or co-ops, not publicly-traded companies.

  2. those fat pigs in texas dont even know what cold is. lol

  3. easy fix turn off the heat buy some candles put the candles in crisco could be birth day candles or big candles put the crisco in a jar fill it up to the top then put the candles in the crisco is like gas for the candles & makes them last days longer & they make head a bit so stop or do this buy a home with a fire place problem over

  4. Democrat admin happens every single time these criminals steal office!

  5. Biden: “I Guarantee You We’re Going To End Fossil Fuel” it's working

  6. Keep it simple, if gas companies profit millions at the end of the year, well….theres ur answer as to where the extra fees went. Lets say they profit $60million (just example), from the average monthly energy bill of $300 (just example. To keep it simple). If the charged us only half the cost at $150, they would STILL make $30million. They wouldnt be in the red, theyd still be in the green. $30million profit is still good money, but no, they want $60million. Raise the price. Heck, lets go for $70million. Id bet thats how alot of companies do things.

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  8. As for Southern California, ask Governor Nuisance our useless so-called governor who should have been recalled last year, but the trash he has wrapped around his finger vote for him.

  9. You get what you vote for

  10. Gas, water, sewer, electric keeping it 66 during the day when people are home and 60 degrees at night December 2022 bill $204 I live in Minnesota so it's cold.

  11. It’s only going to increase as these gas company grifters fleece all of you, because this winter isn’t going anywhere.

    Spring and summer aren’t coming ever again.

    Prepare for winter eternal, everyone.

    Winter is sticking around for a very long time. Everlasting winter.

    Enjoy it. Maybe it will make all of you stop destroying the earth.

    I hope you all enjoy yellow snow.

  12. Stop spinning it. The prices are higher because of CORPORATE GREED!!!!

  13. yall voted for this shut up

  14. It's almost as if Trump was onto something when he wanted the country to be self-sufficient on gas and when he warned Europe not to be dependant on Russia! Who would've thought!

  15. omg I wasn't the only one. Here in ontario, Canada in the GTA area I just paid 250 dollars. my last months bill was 180. WTF

  16. Don't ya just love the boomerang sanctions we have imposed on Russia?

  17. You were warned what would happen when you elected globalist democrats into office

    They want you to suffer and become poor and become dependent on the government

  18. It's not just west look at nyseg and rg&e the east has issue to look at the smaller news station's

  19. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

  20. It’s part of the plan. Always was. Gas is up 30 cents almost overnight. Time for biden to drain rest of our emergency reserve. Again.

  21. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Swalwell and the Squad. The Democratic Party = corruption.
    Complete failure!
    Just more lies, misinformation and false promises.
    Southern border = Failure
    Afghanistan = Failure
    Covid = Failure
    Energy independence = Failure
    Cost of gasoline = Failure
    Cost of food = Failure
    Cost of building materials = Failure
    Crime and public safety = Failure
    Safety and education of our children = Failure
    Transparency = Failure
    Unity = Failure
    Ukraine = Failure
    National security = Failure
    Biden/Harris. The Democrats = Failure

  22. "When record-setting cold temperatures hit the area, most of us stay indoors and look for ways to stay warm. This can mean you may see higher-than-normal electric bills the following month." 8 of the top 10 states with the highest poverty rate? The Republican-led states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and Oklahoma.

  23. Welcome to the incompetent and shameless pathological liar Joe Biden’s new America of misery, chaos, violence, and death.

  24. My bill was 460.00 I was fuckin pissed

  25. Hows that green energy thing going?

  26. The prices are rising worldwide and its unbelievable! Since I live up North in Canada, I decided to invest in a wood stove and it really brings the price down! My neighbor has a catalytic wood stove and she never needs to put the heat on in the house at all! It cost her 300 a year for the wood and thats it!!

  27. I don't even look at my bill so i wouldn't know if it's gone up. We need to use it. It is what it is

  28. Biden and the dems shut down coal oil .now they want to shut down mining

  29. High heat bills, the push for electric stoves, moving away from gas?
    Well, the rebate for an electric stove still looks good. I'd do that in a heartbeat and also look to completely move away from gas; I heard gas causes developmental problems and lung problems too, no?

  30. Its funny cuz before the pandemic for about 6 years it looked like everyone was winning up until the pandemic when they realized people are living too good so they bringing us back down to struggling

  31. I paid 37 bucks last month

  32. Humanity is at code red beware you ain't seen nothing yet .

  33. It’s happening in Florida too. My electric bill used to be $200 a month during the summer. This past summer it was $350 a month. Just got the bill for December 2022 and that used to be less than $100 and now it is $173.

  34. It's just the nature of capitalism. More profit is all that matters.

  35. Where is the class action lawsuit? This is price gouging.

  36. Welcome to Brandon’s America! He and his voters need to be held accountable!

  37. Blessings to Brandon for the highest inflation in over 40 years & taking us to the brink of WW3 🙏