Sunday , October 24 2021
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Over 100,000 COVID-19 patients hospitalized ahead of fall | WNT

In Idaho, some hospitals are now rationing care and say they are running out of critical equipment, space and staff. Experts are closely tracking the new mu variant that is confirmed in 28 states.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. idiots man absolutly idiots pfizer paid the largest criminal fine in history for promoting 4 drugs that did harm to people. yet they keep making drugs lol paid 1bn in fines. just for record richest man in the word could do that 180 times and still have plenty of money. stop being sheep.

  2. How can sick 😷 person provide for his or her family with no assistance or help from anyone?

  3. lol new variant lmao eat a d***

  4. We need to be realistic and have the kids virtual learning again…or have them use the mask.

  5. Fake News scumbagacrats

  6. 2:11 wtf is wrong with that school buses wheel?


  8. Dear parents, grandparents, guardians m such. Please keep all our children of all ages, to stay home!

  9. You are dying from your own stupid freedumb.

  10. It'd be nice if Biden was gonna announce that 75% of hospitals nationwide would accept vaccinated patients only; or those too young for the vaccine or who have a medical reason for not getting it. How many more, including children, will be gone by Christmas. It's time for this country to quit being held hostage by hubris and willful ignorance.

    Losing the antivaxxers will improve the gene pool, too.

  11. When is Joe going to require all federal workers to get vaxxed ? Lets start with all of the postal workers

  12. So while crisis come's up .Bitcoin climbs lol 😆 Now i say crypto is better than stock investing in crypto should be in every wise individual to do list .

  13. Hospitals are empty!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah little fools!

  14. Dipshits people going hog wild! Time to slow down people and care about your fellow countrymen! Mask up and vax up! If you don't care about other adults then do it for your kids or kids in general.

  15. This is nothing but non evidence-based fear mongering because Big Pharma is butthurt that nobody else is getting their experimental gene editing drug injections, so they are ratcheting up the "fear porn" and even sinking to the new low of going after the children.

    Children have a much higher chance of being struck/killed by lightening than from dying of covid.

    2 years into this… and who do you really know of that died of covid that had no unrelated pre existing conditions present at TOD?

  16. Look up mass psychosis, I encourage all to do some remand see if what the media and government are doing fit the definition

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