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Over My Dead Body l 20/20 l PART 1

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE NOW: https://bit.ly/2MbUdXv

Dan Markel and Wendi Adelson’s marriage falls apart in Florida: Part 1
The couple, both of whom were lawyers, met through an online dating service. They had two children and built a life together in Tallahassee before their marriage fell apart.

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  1. Why does the podcast guy look like the victim

  2. god i hate george stephanopolous.

  3. its the wife and her family….. shame on American justice

  4. This story is so old…only got to 4:11. The family of the wife killed the husband. Thumbs down on posting this 10 yr old shit pretending its new.

  5. Omg of i got marroed, my husband could lock me, chain me, cheat, hit, bite me, throw ew on me and I would not ever say goodbye. Ever. Maybe if I was married to a monster because I was a crackhead, I'd walk away. That's it. I'd sleep in the bed I made, pray and be single.

  6. This is a recycled story from years ago aired on 2020.

  7. An exceptional man killed leaving two boys fatherless.

  8. I listened to this podcast months ago!!! So obvious her family did it!!!

  9. What happened to the indigenous women disappearing story? Ashley Loring Heavyrunner missing in 2017

  10. I missed this on purpose. Had fun reading the bible.

  11. It sounds like an “ I love Wendi “ podcast.

  12. No offense, but I hate the saying " he was my world, or they were my world" It just sounds cheesy to me.

  13. "A Jewish Lawyer gets killed in his garage" How is this surprising?

  14. Oh my god what the fuck is wrong with Tova Walsh's teeth? Go see a fucking dentist holy shit

  15. does anybody know if ABC has the whole part of this documentary because I would hate to waste my time watching for five parts and then you wait for the last part and it's never there can anybody tell me please is it there or not thanks a whole lot somebody who cares xoxoxo love a faithful American

  16. Why am I gonna watch this if ABC News never upload the rest of the parts!!! Not gonna take that risk and waste my time on this one.

  17. I like the video. I just absolutely cannot stand George Stephanopoulos.

  18. I have to give props to Tallahasee Police for this investigation and taking their time to hold someone accountable.

  19. Maybe it's not fair to go by that little paragraph, but it doesn't look like Wendy's much of a writer — if that's supposed to be "fiction", which is supposed to entertain.

  20. They just convincted the hitman today. Im from Tallahassee and this honestly made our entire city wonder why a respectable fsu law professor be gunned down in his driveway in the middle of the day for no reason. Had no clue till today it was the wife who set it all up.

  21. @ABC NEWS Makes no sense for you to upload all the parts of the story EXCEPT for the ending! Just upload all the parts accordingly so people can actually watch and appreciate the entire production of the story instead of watching bits and pieces of it.

  22. 4:59 – Smh. That should have been a HUGE sign/omen right there.
    I'll NEVER understand WHY ppl jump into marriage so fast that they dont take the time to discuss religion, their views on having children, debts they have and expectations they have on finances, and spending habits.
    Some may see these as "small" things, but I've watched HUNDREDS of true crime shows, and those things ^^^^ can murder A LOT!!
    For example: They we're both Jewish, but obviously she wasn't as strict as him because he expected kosher catering, and she was a bitch and only had non-kosher catering!! Hell, she could've at least provided BOTH!!
    THIS is something they SHOULD have known about each other BEFORE marrying!!
    Edit: career expectations should be on the list to! He obviously wanted an old timey wife that raised kids, and let the husbands career take the lead, but she wanted to fulfill her iwn dreams!
    I just don't get WHY ppl don't discuss these things.

  23. ABC does this thing where they never upload the last parts of the stories on their youtube channel. Won't be watching them anymore.

  24. I haven’t started watching bc I don’t wanna be disappointed that the last segments will be not uploaded 😒😒😒😒

  25. What is it ABC wants us to do to see the end? Subscribe to some abc online thingy or??


  27. You can watch the murder trial against Garcia and Magbanua on You-Tube. Law and Crime Network channel. And the Tallahassee Democrat channel.

  28. Self pity.
    A simple good bye will get closing sooner instead of dwelling on a issue such a family brake up.

  29. Two people that were never meant to be.

  30. That actually was very sad story about the tragic moment

  31. The weakest link☆☆☆☆Dayuuum I'm getting old😂😂😂😂😂

  32. I lived in Tallahassee. This case was huge!!

  33. Did they happen to have information on the Clintons


  35. The people who choose to kill to solve their problems just boggle my mind!

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