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Over My Dead Body l 20/20 l PART 3

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FSU law professor Dan Markel fatally shot in broad daylight: Part 3
Markel died less than a day after he was shot in his car. His ex-wife Wendi Adelson is questioned by police, who were investigating what the killer’s motivation could be.

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  1. Not even a good actress, haha

  2. The Adelson's are guilty, guilty, GUILTY of the murder for hire of Dan Markel! Nail them!

  3. The victim is such a jerk. Verbally abusive, saw his wife beneath him and don't respect her because she's a stay at home mom who he had ordered to put her career on hold while he languish in his success.

  4. Omg so GUILTY – why is she not in prison?!?!

  5. Anyone else notice she has an owl on her shirt during the interrogation? 😮And an owl is what Rivera put on Instagram to let KM know the murder was done. She made him take it down.

  6. It was her mother's idea, she manipulated her son to hire the hit man.

  7. why you narked out the neighbor ?

  8. I bet there weren't any years with all that crying

  9. Hmm. Is it not puzzling that wendi didn't ask about the children.. Where they with him, where are they etc… That's is very very strange if one is surprised and had zero knowledge of what happened. She didn't ask or seem more frantic as as mom, because she knew the hit was done after the kids were at day care. Imagine if the detective threw her a curve ball, just to see what she'd say….

  10. Ahh, can we talk to your determined mother please ? Ugh. Of course the decent police have yet to discover that fm . . . . 😏

  11. Disturbing to see cults up close: this cult member Dan Markel tries to dictate that these children are also members of his cult in the future – – and it ultimately leads to his death. Sad all around. This is what happens when cults/religion deeply control people's lives… His ex-wife and her family are just as bad: threatening to put children into another cult: christianity. When cults clash: keep your head down and watch your back closely.

  12. Is THAT the ACTING her mom was talking about?!?!

  13. Lmao I've noticed the host has to be as short as Tom cruise. Why do they keep filming him from a long undershot. 😂🤣 It's not helping bro it actually makes his size more noticeable. I'm like he looks tall until you notice the shit around him. I'm like damn he's not that much taller than the mail box . But either way he's still definitely cute affff

  14. They make it sound like he was a great man but she didn't have to kill him.

  15. Sorry he sounds like a real asshole, and Florida is famous for FRAMING people especially if they have no leads….they love puting people of color and women in jail. The Worst place to live for people of color or women. The police are an ole boys club type of thing.

  16. damn these parents are so emotionless talking about their son's death.

  17. crocodile tears over his husbands death…guilty it is

  18. First thing out of her mouth should of been omg where’s my kids since he had them overnight

  19. @ABC NEWS Makes no sense for you to upload all the parts of the story EXCEPT for the ending! Just upload all the parts accordingly so people can actually watch and appreciate the entire production of the story instead of watching bits and pieces of it.

  20. They swab her for GSR (gunshot residue) not fingerprints.

  21. Some people man…🤦🏻‍♀️

  22. Her response to the news was bizarre. She was waiting for the news before he actually said it and cried immediately. If she wanted to be more convincing, she should have feigned shock, disbelief and then grief. The mind doesn't go to grief that quickly with unexpected news.

  23. The Adelsons need to be on trial next 👩🏻‍⚖️😉

  24. That ended very abruptly with no answers at all.
    what a waste of 7: 19
    My first thought is …
    was he investigating Clinton ?

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