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Overton's six wickets from 2017-18 Ashes series

Craig Overton has been added to England’s squad for the fourth Test against Australia, so take a look back at his six wickets from the last Ashes campaign


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  1. Sorry but Chris Woakes offers more than Overton and it’s madness dropping him

  2. Was Ben stokes playing in 2017/18 ashes

  3. Oh!!! The pink ball. Such a marvelous looking beauty.

  4. Doesn't matter – England's best player is Stokes

  5. Damn that Pink Ball looks so delicious

  6. Why is Mark Wood not playing ?? Is he injured?

  7. Tim paine 57 what a achievement for him wow he created record by scoring these runs brilliant paine

  8. Paine 57🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. But where is Toby Roland Jones? Is he fit.

  10. Wish list After this ashes series :
    Khwaja as a captain💯
    Removal of tim paine
    Inclusion of Alex carey
    Anderson's retirement💯

  11. Give my Grandfather a pink ball and he would take 10
    Not a fan of the Pink ball tests

  12. steve smith out before 80? paine crossing 50? hmmm funny how time changes

  13. Feels great to listen to Chappel’s commentary

  14. How often Paine gets himself out on the hook or pull is staggering when you look at his solid technique . He just finds ways to get himself out.

  15. That Cummins shot was disgusting

  16. Soon as the ball hit the pad on that last wicket, I knew it was out. Because this video is all about the wickets he took.

  17. Jimmy- Injured
    Stone – Injured
    Garton- Injured
    Wood – Injured
    Curran – Injured
    The faster Overton bro- Injured
    Woakes – Injured

    Hmmmm… wonder if Goughy can come back?

  18. Such a beautiful action

  19. This video was primarily made to show some rare occurrences like Paine making a 50 and Steve Smith getting out

  20. Plus he bowled with a crack in his ribs.. right??

  21. I hope Sam Curran gets a chance instead. Australia is unaware of how good a talent he is. He brings a great variety to the English attack as well as some match winning lower order batting capability. I think the young left hander is very lethal if he gets some swing going.

  22. The bounce he gets due to his height and some extra pace combo can make it difficult for batsman to play shots against him

  23. So but what has happened to the new boy

  24. I remember about 4 years ago, the Overton twins were being touted as the next big thing. Not quite worked out for them but we could do with some extra fast bowling stocks, with Mark Wood always injured and Andersen and Broad getting closer to retirement so let's hope they start pushing for places.

  25. So Michael Phelps plays cricket now 🤔

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