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PACK WITH ME // What I'm Wearing In Morocco // Fashion Mumblr

PACK WITH ME // What I’m Wearing In Morocco
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Midi wrap dress –
Mini swing dress –
Floral maxi dress –
Floral ruffle dress –
Pearl hair clips –
Broderie jacket –
Broderie shorts –
Floral shirt –
Organza blouse –
Sunglasses –
Broderie dress –
Basket bag –
Glasses chain –
Satin top –
Pearl hair slides –


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  1. I watch you back to back you are amazing , very strong content , thanks for that

  2. Lovely clothes and some great tips. However would never put worn shoes with clothing as they smell ( a lot if worn often) and that permeates the clothing not to mention leaving marks if they are soiled. I always wrap them in protective reuseable plastic bags. Also include reusable dirty clothing bag which again keeps the dirty smelly clothing from ruining clean fresh pressed clothing.

  3. Likewise when coming to others countries! Respect our freedoms! I would never go there, after the two girls were decapitated!

  4. The two piece outfit doesn’t need a belt

  5. Hey Josie! Is your nastygal code still working?

  6. I do it exactly this way.. with a huge list n all. . .love you girl… God bless.😇

  7. I m from morroco. Welcome to my country. Have fun. Go to ouarzazate, tanger and chefcheoun. Also Marrakech.

  8. Where’s the cutlery set from? I love how organized you are with packing! ✨

  9. Packing is such a chore well done you!

  10. Thanks for sharing your process! I always pack my shoes in dust bags. There are so many studies about the dirt/germs/fecal matter on our shoes that I like to wrap them so they’re not directly touching my clothes or designer bags

  11. Didn't see a sun protection for your hair. You should also use a specific lip balm with sun protection. It's important careful. 🙂

  12. So very beautiful. Greeting Serbia. 💕

  13. I am shouting "hairspray," at the screen because you run out, Josie! 😀 love how organised you are. X

  14. Hi josie darling,can i ask did you say that you take two items of hand luggage onto the plane? Reason i ask is I’ve only ever taken one piece of hand luggage on board with me because i thought that’s all you were allowed to take? Loved the belt with the outfit.You have impeccable taste.I will definitely use your tips thank you Susan

  15. That sheer blouse and trouser outfit is to die for! Amazing combo! Why can't you wear a nude cami under the sheer blouse?

  16. "Mummy, don't gooooooooooo! …or take MEEEEEEE!"

  17. For those who may be WONDERING; 'Flannel' (as in, hotels don't always provide as many as you might need) = 'Wash Cloth' or 'Face Cloth' (English/American).

  18. So clever to have a packing list! I finally figured that out and keep mine IN my suitcase (so it can't get lost) … and then, the toiletries bag that stays packed, ready to go! So intelligent.

  19. Josie, you need SHOE BAGS to protect the rest of your clothes (etc.) from the shoes. Even with the soles faced towards themselves, remember, the shoes have been walking the streets of London, Paris, Berlin, etc. right? So you want to keep the shoes contained and all of THAT (whats on the streets) away from your lovely things.

  20. The white Isabel Marant dress is GORGEOUS, and perfect for Morocco as it nails the Covered Arms and Legs rule. We want you SAFE, Josie! (And hair pulled back?).

  21. Yes, definitely; the sheer top is for a Hollywood version of the Morocco trip, not an actual trip. I'd take THAT top to the French or Italian riviera where it would meet with raving approval.

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