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Paine reacts to shock loss, Stokes brilliance

Australia captain Tim Paine addressed the media to discuss how his side let the third Test slip as England levelled the series at Headingley


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  1. Im English. I can’t understand why this guy is in your team. Darren Lehman has a more recent FC century and Paine only has one anyway?

    I think if he went and you put a genuine all rounder in your team it’d be much more balanced.

  2. Brilliantly said towards the end , about Umpiring…" he 's allowed to make mistakes "

  3. tim paine is a true sportsman…. that is to be admired.

  4. I don’t think they made that many mistakes, how many teams in the future are going to lose from that position, probably never happen again.

  5. Great cricket from both teams. Always the best games England v Australia
    Stokes Amazing!!

  6. He is captain but he is biggest weeknest of Australia

  7. Come on Paine, time for a Captain's knock.

  8. Reading into body language, there's no real smiles by Tim and very defensive tone.

  9. umpire 12th Eng Tem won…. jok

  10. What a fantastic captain! I love how when he plays wicket keeper he’s always rallying his guys bowling.

  11. what a class act. i genuinely feel sorry for the aussies. they were beaten by ben stokes.

  12. When you lose because of captain,,, All captain say same thing when they lose…


  14. Losing match and showing kind behavior won't help match.. It is just to overshadow bad performance…. We have to win the ASHES….. NOT BE SYMPATHETIC…. HAVE TO BE THE OLD AUSSIES LIKE RICKY PRINTING…..

  15. The lbw was not out.
    Flicked the front pad spinning off brilliant decision!

  16. steve smith will be back next game

  17. there seems a lack of urgency with this guy. Theres a difference between remaining calm and apathy. how did we get to th epoint where our worst player is our captain #noruns

  18. England missed mark woods and James Anderson. They are aiming to be back in time. Plunkett?

  19. If this was Smith’s Australian team, the humbleness and sportsmanship would of been non existent . Fair play to Tim.

  20. Made calculated wrong decisions on bowling changes and field settings . Also seemed to lack strategies for Bairstow, Archer and Stokes.

  21. I'm sorry but I just don't understand how we justify keeping Paine in this team…. Sub par with the bat… He has had at least 40 innings for a return of 4 50's. and the captaincy down the stretch of that test pathetic keeping the field deep so we can only have ONE BALL at fucken Leach it's just beyond ridiculous

  22. Aus Wjn But Bitch Umpire Not give out to ben stoke

  23. Not easy position to be in.

  24. I love him and all but reviewing one outside leg…

  25. That was a class interview from Paine given the circumstances, where emotions are still raw after such an agonising defeat. He seems like a very genuine and honest guy, who truly respects both the game itself and his opponents. It's a great reflection and credit to Australia to have a guy like this representing you as your captain.

    The truth is that Australia have played the better cricket in this series and in spite of all the hype from the British media, Australia will definitely win one of the last two tests and thus retain the Ashes. Your bowling attack is too good to be thwarted in three consecutive tests and England's batting conversely is not strong enough and I say that as a Pom!

  26. Paine great guy and all but he only became captain cos of the incident in SA.But should someone be plaiyng just because they are the best option for the team for a captain cos really his batting is not doing any good for the team .If he had stuck around in either innings england would have been chasing 400 at leastt.We have to make serious changes Starc should come back he is a bit costly but he is a wicket taker and there is no way 73 would have been chased with him around ,he might have broken that root denly partnership.cummins, siddle and Pattinson are more or less the same bowler just from differen ends ,so we cant have them in he same team and Hazlewood a bit different but we got starc tall, left arm, very fast , he should just be playing …manchester test XI…warner ,harris , khawaja ,smith, Labuschane , head , wade(wk) , cummins ,starc , hazlewood , lyon….yes paine out …captain well just give it back to smith or wade since he is vp already

  27. Why can't he bowl with strategies 😏, moving with the same length all day 😢😲 & if SIR STEVE was in a us is would be at 558

  28. Worse Captain of Australia ever. The quicker Steve Smith becomes captain again the better 👍


  30. Proud for Australia
    Great job Aussies
    Win and loss are a part of life
    Don't worry
    This is a message from me to Tim Paine

  31. Pattinson is of no use really

  32. Well Tim Paine is the worst captain keeper batsmen to wear the Jersey no 7

  33. I'm a pom I think he's a good captain.. pressure does things to teams…

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