Thursday , January 20 2022
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Papadopoulos: Anyone who opposed Obama admin was targeted

Former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos on the political fallout from the investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

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  1. Sorry but no one is going to jail people. There are still to many Obama loving bureaucrats in high places in trenches in our government. Look what just happened yesterday 8/1/19, DoJ will not prosecute Comey for leaking classified memos. Also, sorry to say but, Trump won't be re-elected…

    A Boricua man of color, an independent thinker, "The White Rose Movement"

  2. There is a resonance here with the premise of "The Manchurian Candidate". A close partnership of the news media and politicians to delude the American people. Anybody still believe the no-scandal Obama Administration? There were plenty of scandals, just hidden by a colluding press. Who could have thought the Donald Trump was able to break through this unholy alliance between the Democratic Party and the American news media to win the Presidency. No wonder they still could not believe until now that the Donald won fair and square.


  4. Papadopoulos is the lure lol. Awesome! Just brilliant. The deep states hubris is incredible.

  5. This interview make things clearer, thank you, and God bless you George. Numbers6:24-26

  6. Obama put a non Christian guy to be head of CIA and RINO RINO Comey as FBI chief.

  7. When the do gooders elected obama to show they didnt do it because he was the best for the job they did it to show they were not racist. If obama had been white he would of never been elected president. A man from nowhere we knew nothing about. He can't till this day prove where he was born. Has another man's social security number. Had to hide his college records how many red flags do you need. I am ashamed of and now fear the fbi cia and most of all the democrat party. Even our justice dept sided with this would-be muslim

  8. People run from socialism to come to the usa ,and us citizens( democrats only) want socialism to come here. WTF ! AM I LIVING IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE .

  9. obama, his f b i and c i a constructed this fabrication in other countries to eliminate the possibility of a paper trail, in the u s.

  10. Papadopoulos was sadly used by the Obama Administration and other major Departments within the United States simply so Donald Trump would not be elected to the Presidency.

  11. obamas slogan was yes we can . now i know what that really meant . yes we can do whatever we want now that we have the power .trumps slogan is make america great again. that means giving the power back to its citizens .

  12. I opposed Obama via calling out John McCain on his collaboration with Obamas nefarious activities… I got audited REPEATEDLY by the IRS, HARRASSED by State officials, inspected by OSHA … Things that just dont happen to a small construction company …


  14. He Cheats on taxes, 3 wives and the election. I would love the country to.

  15. coming from the same guy who turned on trump….Precious. In the end we can almost guarantee that is this guys himself the one who took down trump.
    BTW why all trump supporters look like they never sleep? What is wrong with their faces? Two years of false promises….

  16. Ohhhhhh…. I get it now. This guy belongs on the short bus. He needs someone to hold his hand because he’ll collude with the Russian’s without batting an eye when left unsupervised.

  17. There are more than a small amount of people involved in this stuff. Rank and file were involved there is no way they can't be.

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