Thursday , January 27 2022
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Papadopoulos on Mueller's upcoming testimony shaking Capitol Hill

Former Trump 2016 Campaign adviser George Papadopoulos on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s upcoming hearing on Capitol Hill and the charges leveled against him in the Russia report.

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  1. Mueller is a puppet of the deep state ….

  2. Greetings from Paris We can't wait to see all the Crazy SWAMP CREATURES IN THE CONGRESS. MULLER and his Evil CREATURES all in GITMO SOON FOR TREASON

  3. What a wast of time i dont want to know whats going on with that man he looks like the democrats and Congress

  4. As if Mueller is gonna tell the truth

  5. George should sue the crap out of Mueller, and make him cough up that Uranium 1 money.

  6. He was framed. I hope he sues and leaves them homeless. I'd rather see them in a cell, but eh, we'll see.

    And fox news, please replace some of these hosts. If I'd seen it was her, I wouldn't have clicked.

  7. Be VERY CAREFUL what you wish for. I can't believe the dems asked for this. UNBELIEVABLE.

  8. never trumpers ! ha ha fuckin freak

  9. This fake (Papa) wanna be player in the game is lucky he didn't get more time. He need to go sit his wanna be A$$ down and thank his lucky stars.

  10. Hi this guy was given a lot of money so now he is a star Americans are soooooo stupid

  11. GP's main crime was WORKING WITH ISRAEL…. Obuslim's greatest ENEMY!!

  12. the UK in 2016 were NOT TRUMP's FRIENDS….thanks to those greedy GLOBALISTS!

  13. I thought Trump said Mueller was okay? I thought his report totally exonerates Trump? I thought that Barr said he concluded there was no collusion or obstruction? What are you cry babies crying over now? PoorTrump always getting beat up… WAhhhhhh

  14. The British have a history of tyranny and turning on a friend and ally. The U.K sold their souls to the globalist long ago.

  15. Obama led the most corrupt and dangerous FBI and DOJ in U.S history. Obama, Comey, Clinton, Strzok, McCabe and Brennan all belong in prison

  16. Remember no weapon formed against President Trump will prosper! The wall of lies are coming down!!

  17. The guy you should not have as a guest.
    😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  18. It’s not the public Mueller interviews taking place on July 17th but the private Executive interviews of Wissman & others on the Mueller probe we should be concerned about.

  19. Republicans will punt at this great chance like Romney punted 2012, both parties were stealing us tax payers blind before Trump was elected.

  20. Does anyone know what TIME he is testifying? I have something I might have to rescheduled but I can't find the time he is speaking.

  21. George is a good guy. They tried to.set this man up. Didn't work & the cards begin to fall very soon!!!!

  22. MUELLER IS IN FOR A BEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mueller has more integrity in his little toe than Trump has in his whole family!!! You people are a bunch of liars and pathetic slow witted scum bags.

  24. Why would anyone in Republican Congress allow a closed door meeting with no witnesses or transcripts does that even seem real? Everyone knows this is just a way to muddy the election, who goes along with this crap? Seriously?

  25. Oh shut up coffee boy go back to prison

  26. Mueller is a spy, as a Republican, but he is really a Democrat.

  27. Papa D is the man………………………..good work George.

  28. Is Muller the guy in the pee pee dossier ?

  29. Don't even mention Rachel Maddow's name………..she is a joke and a liar about as biased in her reporting as it gets.

  30. Mueller won't answer the real questions. He is part of this hoax. He has to try save his own butt. It is a bunch of bull. This is a joke. Hopefully Barr will get it right . our government is highly corrupted at the top. Lot of them gone now but it still runs deep.

  31. Popadopous knows what Mueller was asking him will tell all

  32. Mr. Papdopoulos is morphing into an excellent show piece as his shoulders , voice, looks, and movements and other variables become relaxed and his command presence and speech patterns and speech tone and style and interaction seem to be coming together fast

  33. Even if Nadler fails to cut off Rebuplicans questions to Mueller, Mueller will choose to answer them anyway. The fix is in.

  34. I don't think Mueller will answer any questions from Republicans. He can't or he'll indict himself and others. It's gonna be a Democrap clown show! 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  35. Why Tabby Americans surveillance illegal. 😙

  36. Popa is dirty dirty dirty,, he talks the talk but he spins more than ever,,, he thinks we don't we know or realize. Ask him about arms dealing, uranium and money laundering for the CIA and FBI PLUS ALL THE CRIMINALS HE SEEMS TO KNOW. How come a man like him knows so many spies, they weren't thrown at him he knows them all including Imran Awan. The man is bent as is Carter Page.

  37. Mueller’s testimony will fizzle … he’ll avoid all questions. The big show will be Barr and Durham.

  38. It’s now obvious that this whole thing was a corrupt set-up.

  39. Papadopolus is so full of BS now. The guy is a felon, busted for lying to Team America about Russian spy activity he was involved with.

  40. I cant recall that's classified and I have been instructed not to answer that by DOJ counsel. Nothing is going to happen to any of them. People supporting Trump are already serving time in prison and not even one trial for the coup conspirators. Just-Us is served.

  41. I would like to see the Republicans start with a question and if it (question) can't be answered in allotted time, the next Rep continues on same issue. They must ask the right Question.jmo

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