Parents are standing up, objecting to what kids are learning in schools: Kristi Noem

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem discusses Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s op-ed that suggests parents don’t want politicians dictating what their children can learn on ‘The Bottom Line.’ #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. And what they are not learning and should be instead.

  2. We need to burn all of the books until they agree to only teach Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

  3. It's great that we live in a country that we the people can stand up and change what we see is wrong. I agree things are bad, but is great we live in America. Call your public officials let them know whats wrong. They work for you. Do your part for the area you live in.

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  5. My neighborhood developed an education task force. Any teacher comes to indoctrinate our children, hundreds of goons with billy clubs are ready to swarm

  6. Fox has become a joke 😎 you're much more like the national enquirer not anyone I could trust. Failed congressman dumpy doesn't help you at all

  7. The Democrat Party believes the state, as long as they are running it, has more rights than parents do when it comes to the parents' children. The Democrat Party is socialist/fascist/communist. The dumbing down of America has been going on for generations. All is going according to the leftist's plan.

  8. EVERYONE in this country needs to SPEAK OUT and STOP this government CONTROL of OUR children!!!

  9. Responsibility for self, child and nation invariably falls back on the indiv, or parents? Kristi Noem very sensible explanation re parent assuming responsibility and initiative.

  10. I would keep my children home, and find another way to teach my children what they need to know. I would home school. Find a tutor. Thanks

  11. Look man parents shouldn't worry about our government officials sniffing their kids they should be happy living there peasant life in debt.

  12. What's the point of complaining when you continue to send your kids there? It's like listening to your friend complain about her toxic relationship but still stays with the dude. Parents have two options, either send your kids to a private school or homeschool them yourself.

  13. Parents don’t want some “journalist” dictating what their children learn,think and believe.

  14. The government needs to let families decide where their kids go to school and let their tax dollars follow them. The best schools Will survive.

  15. lobbyists needs to be out lawd thay are the problem with everything we shood be getting rid of them

  16. Mindy Kaling won't let her own children watch The Office episodes that she wrote. Some of the school and library content they want to expose school students to is much worse. But even liberal minded people realize you don't do that.

  17. Teach your own kids. Be a stay home parent!

  18. California schools are a branch of government

  19. future of our country, in whose image Naomi, your vision, my vision? or the majority?

  20. It's about time parents start acting like.they got balls !!!! Geeez

  21. 'parents' are many years too late as they vociferoisly abandoned the older generations wisdom and left their kids to the little kohmmie factories to raise.

  22. Great job parents keep it up beat back evil God will fight these battles and ALWAYS be victorious

  23. I believe there's a federal law against exposing minors to pornography. Why no subpoenas?

  24. Good for the parents! Allowing radical Leftist ideology to infiltrate the minds of our children is abhorrent and totally unacceptable!!!

  25. you call yourself a broadcaster, and then speak of “more calm” instead of calmer.

  26. There try to tear down statue at Arlington cemetery now ..this is simple wrong .and what there doing with school it mess up.

  27. With everything going on right now, we'll have regrets for things we did not participate in…Investment should always be on any creative man's heart for success in life.

  28. We have already lost so many young minds to this sickness.

  29. Geez even it good thing i am out a school the boarding does not do well schools is not politics its learning every subject in school

  30. It's what democrats do!!!!

  31. Cameras are everywhere except in the classrooms. Sad.

  32. in the 70s kids would fail a grade and have to repeat…. school was for learning.