Thursday , September 16 2021
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Parents Of Missing New York Woman Beg For Answers

Family and friends are pleading for help in finding a 22-year-old woman from Long Island who went missing while traveling through Wyoming on a “van life journey” with her boyfriend, according to investigators looking into her disappearance. WNBC’s Pei-Sze Cheng reports.
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  1. Ok blond blue eyed thin white girl…missing NATIONAL news….

  2. The Typical story of a lovely, beautiful, young , innocent, gullible , sensitive Empath, caught in the web of a Narcissistic psychopath…look no further than the boy friend! & don't be fooled by his on camera fake smirk performance images!

  3. This is not uncommon. Nowadays travelling youtubers missing …..

  4. Check the miles on that van.

  5. Seems like she was "TAKEN" and the boyfriend threatened with his and his family's lives. Check her latest subscribers to her social in the last 3 weeks before she disappeared. They were trackable and letting everyone know they were alone. Please keep the story hot for the sake of her and her family.

  6. They were engaged. His fiance is missing and not talking to police…he knows she's not alive to be found anymore. Or else he's been looking for her right now.

  7. I have a strong feeling we will never hear from her again. Her body will turn up somewhere. Probably a desert. That boyfriend (more like criminal) had something to do with it. Call me crazy, but if he already hired a lawyer he knows what’s up.

  8. Boyfriend knows what happened.

  9. I make the rounds on occasion with social media, meeting new girls and she reminds me of so many of them. It really is a tragedy that you can fall in love with someone, trust them and they end up hurting you. Their is no reason for it.

  10. This is so disgusting and evil- that young man putting this family through more trauma by withholding details – he might know there is no hope while they hold out for hope.

  11. feel for the mother tht girl should have protected at all cost dont make sense

  12. So obviously the guilty as sin BF is declining interviews, the very fact he is not saying anything regardless of America's innocent until proven guilty rhetoric makes him suspect number one.

  13. NBC: You should EITHER note: 'The boyfriend was found to have no involvement"…

    OR: "The boyfriend is currently under investigation"

    ELSE: Like, seriously, what–are you CRAZY?! Why would 'the bf driving to FLORIDA' be a casual, nonchalant SIDE NOTE?! What the bloody 'ell kinda 'journalism' do ya call THAT?! I'm not saying he's guilty–I mean, we have NO idea–but, unless that was part of the couple's PLAN, I feel it's clearly, highly 'SUS'. lol

    What couple plans to go off grid and camp in a van for a few days, then, drives separate vehicles home? WHAT?!

  14. Oh no a white girl is missing, everyone put your life on hold.

  15. I'm a butt hair away, from getting in my car and Driving Up There. Need Dog's!!!☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  16. Praying to keep her alive and safe or
    Another day another Sarah Evarard😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 please God save her she's alone and scared in the woods

  17. I'm in beautiful Park City! Ogden is very dumpy, with scary people.

  18. If I was camping with someone and they drove off in my vehicle, leaving me stranded, my next call is to the police. Any evidence she did that? If not, it's very bad news.

  19. I wonder what can he be charged with if he never say anything and they never find her?

  20. "Free spirit" does not sound like "committed to the relationship" to me. Bet she cheated on him, would be a good motivator for murder. Who gets engaged at 22 now a days??? I blame social media.

  21. Obviously there is a major piece of this story missing: What did the boyfriend do? Why would he drive home without her? Why did the boyfriend not report her missing? I have no doubt the police will be investigating his part in this missing persons case.

  22. Lets here from Wyoming. This dude crossed over many states. No wonder the FBI is involved.

  23. Praying, but innocent fiancées do NOT return early alone, quickly lawyer-up, refusing to cooperate with police.He makes it seem like he has killed her and hopes to get away with it, just from how he is acting.

  24. Any lawyer failing to bring a statement already is certainly incompetent. Big fail. They have sunk you already pal, innocent or not.

  25. How does this boyfriend drive all the way home without her, AND WITHOUT REPORTING HER MISSING AND SPEAKING WITH HER PARENTS?????

  26. Maybe Gabby checked his phone and discovered that Brian was cheating on her with men. He may have freaked out if she threatened to expose him and then he may have murdered her.

  27. I don't understand why her boyfriend would drive to Flordia alone why??? Praying she's ok..

  28. I knew a couple a few years ago who likewise went off on a prolonged trip, but to Europe. The fellow came back alone and would not say what had happened to his girlfriend. Everyone thought he had killed her, but it turned out that she had met another woman on the trip and had fallen madly in love with her and left him. He did not say anything because he was a stand up guy. She was a grown woman and could do whatever she wanted, and it was up to her to tell her family.

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