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Pauly Shore: If 'The Rock' runs for president, I want to be his running mate

FOX Business’ Kennedy talks to comedian Pauly Shore about pop culture and politics.

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  1. Check out the Weasel on Pauly Shore's Random Rants on youtube.

  2. I'm disappointed PS didn't know Marianne Williamson. She is exactly the kind of character who is perfect for his humor.

  3. Kennedy is as pretty as Pauly shore is funny.

  4. lol "SAUNAAAA" inside joke wach ,Pauly shore random rants, it's lit

  5. Pauly Shore is alive???? LOL


  7. Pauly Shore you look good…time has been kind to you

  8. Rock 2024 on the Republican ticket! Heard it here first!

  9. The Rock would NEVER be a Democrat, so give that idea up!

  10. Just as annoying as before. Jeez. I did enjoy Encino man. But no more Pauly shore

  11. Yeah.. whatever.. We dont need more FREAKS to join the Freak Parade.. !!!!

  12. Pauly Shore on Joe Rogan… I feel bad for the guy but it was hilarious! However I would love to see him on TV more his energy is positive.

  13. Left Wing FREAKS! Period! UGH! FU the Rock? We are NOT IDIOTS!

  14. pauly shore ,? thought it turned trans now..

  15. I love you Pauly. Dude, don’t tax my gig so hard core cruster! Unforch, we are both crusters now though you are crusterer.

  16. This guy needs to back on TV

  17. Pauly Shore is the most informed person from Hollywood when it comes to politics.

  18. Stupid kid he is…..both in our 50's and he is still a stupid kid

  19. Rock doesn't stand a chance.

  20. no to the rock and this guy too

  21. Silverlake IS annoying indeed. It's where you end up turning around if you fk up and go left at the Grand Ave on ramps. No other reason to go anywhere near the Hell of Melrose.

  22. HES STILL ALIVE????????

  23. Is this Betos' re-branding i was hearing about?

  24. if the Rock were prestdent, we would need drool bibs for women when ever he speaks. He makes my tiddley wink!

  25. So Shallow!! What would "the rock" do for americans? Get them a free pass into hollowood? Deal with the trade imbalances in between China and the USA? Or Kim Jong Un? Or Iran? Or Paris Accord? If its because "He looks great" is the theme, Hillary already tried that through "she would be the first woman president" …… same idea. No skills just a Shallow Idea

  26. Pauy is too clever to be a president😁😁😁😍

  27. Love Pauly Shore! He’s the best! Missed him. He looks great!

  28. There you are i was wondering why haven't made a new podcast episode.

  29. If I were to pay to hear some good comedy I would pick Kennedy hands down.

  30. Kennedy and Pauly shore next to each other……. What year is it.

  31. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to proclaim this or not but I am in love with the lovely Kennedy. She is the perfect woman in my opinion.

  32. This obsession with celebrities is how you know America is doomed.

  33. Who is that stupid bimbo next to the other stupid bimbo?

  34. So Trump supporters are all southerners with male homosexual tendencies for muscular men?

  35. Love the Weaz, funny, but no! And especially no to Hollyweird Rock.

  36. I can't stand this guy… dipping…

  37. Please put him back where you found him.

  38. you don't hire the cable guy to x your car, people should stick to what they are good at, actor's will act…

  39. if Shore was Rocks running mate you'd lose… Bro… Bro Bro… get a life dude

  40. I cant stand listening to Kennedy's voice… she's not to bright either and booker buffs his head with his Spartacus panties

  41. kennedy your so funny and blunt i love it..trump is the best though. why stop him now. he is doing amazing for America/Americans

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