Monday , January 17 2022
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Pelosi bolstering support for DCCC before she's ousted: Turner

Power the Future executive director Daniel Turner slams the president’s energy policies on ‘FOX Business Tonight.’ #FOXBusiness

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  1. They don't care about price hikes because we the people pay the taxes that paid for their lives

  2. Can't wait to not mourn that rupugnant hag's loss.

  3. Don't think Joe isn't benefiting from it too

  4. I wish DeSsntis and Florida could block Pelosi from buying that mansion and moving there. Hope Florida gives her a appropriate "welcome".

  5. OMG look at her face. Is this Pelosi or a devil from hell ?

  6. If the blue States we're not like Joe Biden they wouldn't be doing this because I live in New Mexico and that I know of if a state does not want to do it they don't have to but they want the money and New Mexico is a very poor state so they'll do anything for money which is really sad because they're selling their soul to the devil………

  7. Who’s fuel tank fills for $20? That is either a dumb number, or a tiny tank!

  8. How is she going to get out of office when they have everything rigged that's what I want to know??????

  9. Pelosi is the best crook we ever had

  10. She is too old like so many others! Out of touch with most Americans

  11. Democrat utopia is what we have now

  12. Military needs to do its job and get this trash out of the whitehouse

  13. DCCC:
    District of

  14. unbelievable. So over due to get rid of the people that made this mess.

  15. Bye Bye WORTHLESS PELOSI!!🤬and hopefully the rest of the LEFTIES! That hate our country

  16. This is a great interview btw. Very Informative.

  17. The Dems got their two cents in…..

  18. Pelosi and Biden have killed the Democrats, once and for all, with their arrogance.

  19. These people in Congress are mostly millionaires. They don't understand the value of work, money, or the American people. Like George Carlin said, "They don't give a ** about us."

  20. They left pump money for program just do increase debt and inflation country expands for cost payment of behind.

  21. pilose is acting like she's the queen of Sheba or maybe a dictator. people like she's acting ; makes lots people strongly beleave 2 term limits for senators.

  22. for pilose to do the thing. she should outs her self for good good of the country. no speaker of the house needs to be so pompous as pilose is acting. pilose needs to retire as soon as possible. many people I've spoke about pilose feel the the same her attitude. pilose is getting poisonous with her bazaar behavior. step down pilose.

  23. Look, with that 2¢ we can buy a breath mints for Biden to kiss our a$$e$ when we kick his dictatorship out. That's something positive.

  24. The BS continues to get deeper.

  25. I just want to know why Pelosi isn't being investigated for insider trading? So stupid not to provide our own oil. This needs to stop. Right now we are dependent on our enemies' decisions. Crazy.

  26. Looks like the swamp is still getting drained, the squad turds & their log rollers keep trying to plug it up though.

  27. Why is there no impeachment in process?
    Impeach Pelosi and AOC first, then impeach Harris and Traitor Joe Biden, in that order..

  28. Guns are made for defense
    Only criminals use guns for offense
    Don't take away our defense
    Take away the offending criminals…

  29. The only thing that would fix our government is a mass PURGE. Our government has failed us, and America.

  30. Biden and Nancy should keep that 2cents because they need it more than we do.

  31. They’re evil, what’d you expect.

  32. The Keystone pipeline was pumping over 830,000 barrels of oil EVERY DAY!! That is over 264,770,000 barrels in the 319 days since this ILLEGAL COUP INSTALLED REGIME TOOK POWER!!

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