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Pelosi calls on House to move forward with articles of impeachment

Speaker Pelosi made a statement on the status of the impeachment inquiry. She called on Chairman Nadler to begin drafting articles of impeachment.

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  1. No one is above the law that means too the Dems are not above the law, Dems are the ones corrupt. Impeach the Dems. Office.

  2. What an expert politician Pelosi is! … (btw, that's no compliment). Such clever use of selective word order to make our President Mr. Trump sound bad: "… the president …" instead of "a president" when providing examples from The Founders to make it sound as thought it was tailored and directed right at President Trump. Selective out of context statements, false statements, … nice! … What a model DemonCrat you are! What a b1+ch!!! I hope you expire soon Pelosi … it's time for you to meet your maker, the Devil.

  3. She makes me feel physically sick !!

  4. This woman hates our President

  5. I’m speechless. This is Fkn stupid. Trump isn’t even taking a paycheck! Let him do the job! This is insane! She acts like she gonna be broke! Facts are America is kicking azz for a change. She makes me sick. Have a little class lady! Shut your mouth. Biden isn’t even your Dem choice yet!!! Swamp getting drained! Go Seahawks


  7. Sick sick sick an twisted skull duggery.

  8. Nancy needs to lay off the liquor. Or maybe she needs to use better denture glue.

  9. Every deed eventually gets brought into the light, including this attempt to impeach the US President. On that note and in regards to this announcement – Ephesians 5: 6-7 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Therefore do not be partners with them.

  10. She is drunker than I am at this point

  11. The reason I voted for Trump he said he was going to clean out the swamp and the democrats don't like it.

  12. I cant bereave all the Bull Sh++ the democrats can get bye with changing all the rules.

  13. Notice how empty it sounded in there? Did you see any reporters & any questions for Nasty? Humm, ThankQ

  14. The real sad thing in America is that they have corrupted our country to the point that Barr will never be able to convict any of them because a juror can not be found anymore that will convict you if there is a D in front of your name.

  15. These people cite the founders but they want to tear down their statutes and paintings and erase them from history. They are sick.

  16. I'm sick of seeing Pelosi face.

  17. AS crazy as Ms. Nancy is acting, i think she thinks she could end up being PRES.
    The Monarchy is the CURRENT Democratic Party.. everything she said shes talking about her self & Party

  18. Please all I want for Christmas is for this Traitor to LOOSE HER VOICE! She does NOT REPRESENT MY AMERICA OR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  19. I speak for alot of people when I say shes got to go!!!! We the people want this president to do what we elected him to do and Pelosi is done nothing but put us all on hold. We want her gone.

  20. We don't need a history lesson from someone who is abusing their power and committing treason. What is the penalty for treason? Its time for some people to be held responsible for their actions! She said know one is above the law!! Shifty lies about the President and the President can not sue him because he is a congressman he has immunity on what he says as a congressman. That law puts him above the law and needs to be changed! Who agrees with me?

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