Saturday , May 30 2020
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Pelosi is 'tyrannical' and 'out of control': Rep. Green

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) says Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is telling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) she failed by calling for more impeachment investigations.

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  1. Pelosi,Shiff, Nadler and other's should be jailed

  2. Yes Polosi is a traitor to the constitution, to congress, to the American citizen.
    Dem house representitives are corrupt and criminal.
    Don't kid yourselves, Polosi and company are are serveing China and Putin's agenda. Putin.

  3. Pelosi and the other Demorats want to create their own process.that will skirt the laws the courts, and the constitution.isnt abuse of power. Can you say dictator. Better think what America will be like under Dem rule!

  4. Democrats biggest liar will change rules benefit themselves

  5. There are 3 separate branches of government. The Executive branch is not beholden to the Legislative, and vice versa.

  6. Tyrant Pelosi needs impeached for abuse of power and she needs to take the squad with her

  7. Pelosi adam shifter nadler an Democrats said have good on trump national emergency
    Now holding up impeachment papers to Senate
    Now want bring more charges
    Democrats been looking for crimes there is no crimes committed bye trump or Republican
    Pelosi need see physicists an in hospital jailhouse helping out Hillary mopping floors in prison with Adam shifter an nadler

  8. Nancy abusing her power and obstructing the other half of Congress because an unfair House impeachment process demands a fair Senate trial. Could there be anything more hypocritical here?


  10. Nancy Pelosi needs a psychological evaluation the American people cant Let a person with this kind of mental problem do the things that she's doing to this country she reminds me of Captain queeg in the movie The Caine Mutiny it's really gone too far there needs to be a stop and a serious evaluation of her mental capacity

  11. Am I the only one who would eat Trish Rogan 😋

  12. Trump must declare a National Emergency and sent Secret Service agents for arrest Pelosi and remove by force all Democrats Nazis in US Congress. They are must be removed with head covered and in chains!!! All 298 House Democrats who voted for this "Impeachment" Hoax must be face justice for investigation of their participation of this failed Coup D' Etat!!!

  13. pelosi and those like her forget that they are elected representitives not our rulers.


  15. They're all nuts. Very entertaining interview.

  16. Nancy "mafia princess" Pelosi needs to be in prison for her crimes!!!!

  17. No one, among government saboteurs, cares about the country. No one lives forever, knowing that Pelosi's time has enough for her personality to rob , cheat , prostitute her position and overall have a good time .

  18. Dems have showed their hand since day 1. Complete sham from start to finish. Get out and vote and send them a message. This is just a glimpse of what they would do if they had more power.

  19. I see it as an abuse of power to do all this with a slight mojority in ONE branch of government. It is a stain on one of the most prosperous and peaceful moments in American history!

  20. She has dementia, after all she is 79. I don't know any 90 year olds that are all there in their thinking abilities.

  21. She's panicking because her family corruption is being exposed.

  22. Democrats had new email 12 weeks ago just following their plan. Republicans need to fight harder for our president and stop taking the bait.

  23. Trish Reagan I like what you are saying. I think you need to go back to debate or practrice more, because you are not coming across very well.

  24. That's why she should be in jail. No women should hold that kind of power in the future.

  25. How can anyone "Coin" the phrase "Obstruction of Congress" when Congress is a non-functional entity?

  26. Our educational system is the kernel from which this evil is springing. Take back the schools from the liberals. Nothing is free, we are paying by letting young minds get poisoned.

  27. CNN and MSNBC is a best fake news channel in the world now.
    I believe that,
    President Trump re-elected easily next election.

  28. All Democrats are head cases! All should be in mental institutions. They've all gotten rich off the taxpayer! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!

  29. Why am I Feeling Like I'm Watching …. "THE GAUNTLET" I'm waiting for the big ending…….

  30. The Dems have spent the last 50 yr trying to stealthly stack the Judiciary their way to wreck the Constitution. Along comes 1 President and 1 majority in the Senate using the Dems own Harry Reed trick and they are having their "takeover" ruined for at least 1 generation in just 3 yr. Pelosi has been forced to condense their crazy take over in to 1 yr. To late.

  31. Vote Red in 2020 and push Pelosi into obscurity where she belongs.

  32. Saul Alinsky guided his followers with the idea that the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution. So, whether the Dems introduce socialism through legislation, or so discredit public institutions that the populace rises in revolution, is all a victory for atheistic communism. Any hope of meaningful opposition evokes support for personal responsibility of all, including the citizenry, elected representatives, media, and bureaucrats.

  33. Now everyone knows that about Pelosi the Question is what should be done about her and her clan?

  34. Of course Pelosi is "tyrannical." Her father was a racket guy and she is a Democrat. Can't get more tyrannical than that. She is also in mid-senility and a raging boozer. What a combination. She should be charged with harassment of a sitting president and trying to unseat a legally elected President. What punishment does that warrant? Gitmo at the least, hanging at the most.

  35. I'm just curious why cant Pelosi be removed from office?? This is going on too long now this is ridiculous

  36. We need to abolish the democratic party. It appears the party is made up of liars and dirty scoundrels who only care about themselves and not the American people.

  37. I think Pelosi thinks she's the president but she is not evidently she's not even house speaker cuz she's letting the squad tell her what to do knowing that socialism and communism is not what the American people want isn't she Rich enough that she can handle this I mean even if she got put out of Congress it's not going to hurt her way of life so why doesn't she just stand up to him and stand up for America

  38. Talk about abuse of power!!

  39. Let's all just watch Nancy Pelosi self destruct in front of us. Pelosi is dying from hate

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