Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Peter Navarro: Tariffs are raising revenues

Office of Trade and Manufacturing Director Peter Navarro on Trump administration trade negotiations with China, why he sees tariffs as a positive, the Federal Reserve, the state of the U.S. economy and the future of the USMCA deal.

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  1. Peter Navarto correctly says the tariffs on China's products are raising revenues. Of they they are because when the feds raise taxes on Americans revenues go up. Just what exactly is the GOP agenda now that they have become the party of tax and spend?

  2. Peter Navarro = Idiot. Trump only hires the best idiots.

  3. if you import something from China and tariffs are applied at the US border, you the US consumer are responsible for paying that tariff, not the Chinese manufacturer. I don't know what's more terrifying: that the Trump admin attempts these obvious lies, or that the Trump supporters believe them. It's like we're living in a Twilight Zone where 40% of the adult population has lost all powers of critical thought.

  4. Wishing Peter Navarro can solve the economic epidemics of Mexico.

  5. 😂he lying so much he can bairly breath to keep the host from talking as much as possible

  6. Tariffs are a tax. Come on Tea Party!

  7. Peter is economically stupid.

  8. Ban all Chinese imports.
    It is time for China to respect the mores of the West. If the Chinese do not want to react as set out in the agreements, they will no longer have access to the American market. The cat and mouse game of the Chinese must stop worldwide. Where is the long-awaited convergence of the economies, as stated in the lectures? One thing is sure: catching hares is not possible with unwilling dogs.

  9. Hillary and Bill the crooks the lying theives the criminals are in office Hillary got a long span of time to do more harm she owes America money for uranium, she stole more money than she made??? How I ask How can this happen you have sneaks in your business a theif should do time a lifetime!!!


  11. maria NOT about you getting it. WE want to hear the reality you tend to short change info we are due this is so typical of you all and we are weary

  12. Peter is a very smart and canny guy, he knows what he is talking about.

  13. I don’t trust anything Maria says. . . . At all. She’s a MORON

  14. How many junk yards are there all across the US ? We need to start clearing them out for the steel and aluminum.

  15. She acts like she on some kind of speed slow down

  16. “He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. He doesn’t represent my party, he doesn’t represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for…..he doesn’t have a clue about anything, he’s just trying to get his numbers up and get the biggest reaction he can, he’s putting our soldiers and diplomats at risk, he’s empowering the enemy, he is empowering radical Islam, ….My party is going batshit crazy….I don’t think trump has the temperament or judgement to be commander in chief …you know how you make America great again, you tell Donald Trump to go to hell…..Trump is the most unelectable republican I’ve seen in my lifetime….He’s not fit to be President of the United States…He’s a jackass….I think he’s a cuckoo, I think he’ crazy…I don’t think he’s a republican, his policies are really bad for the country…trumps foreign policy is a complete disaster”…….all quotes from Lindsey Graham.

  17. I’m sick & tired of armchair diplomacy…Maria, I like you, but you’re annoying…when you start whining about tariffs on Chinese steel or, Canada steel, for that matter, you need to sit back & keep your trap shut…
    Do realize that if President Trump has not intervened in steel & aluminum industry, our steel foundries & aluminum plants would have been driven out of business? Think about this scenario, if we had to buy all our steel & aluminum from an enemy or an ally that could become an enemy or sides with an enemy, how the hell are we gonna fight a war…excuse me China, I know we’re at war with you, but we need a lot more steel so we can build tanks & other weaponry in order to defeat you…I’m sure China wouldn’t hesitate to sell us what we need &, of course, it would be the high quality steel & not the cheapest pig metal that they sent over…Thank God for President Trump, otherwise we would be defenseless in any conflict with even the tiniest island of Guam…SHUTUP, I voted for President Trump to lead this nation & make the tough decisions & negotiations, not you…

  18. Keep on painting China as evil as much as you can. But, those with brain will find out the truth at no time. Tariff good for US, just stop import from China and the rest of the world. Why seeking a deal with China? The woman is so great she don't expect the deal will come thru ; definitely if she is the negotiators. Who will want to deal with person like her. Stop talking and just stop buying, idiots ! Bullying tactic won't work !

  19. China is a totalitarian country. They cannot engage in free trade.

  20. USA government is weak and pathetic. They are cowards who state we need law to impose tariffs on another country. Law and litigation are always the downfall of nations.

  21. Tariffs bring industry home. This woman is an idiot who needs to shut her pie hole.


  23. It's about time feds cut rates. Should have cut them more but then they never should have raised them that fast in the first place.

  24. I am all for getting China out of the way and get a fare trade deal. Hope others left or right support you. No longer politics. It is patriotism and survival

  25. Peter HELPED Trump making America bankruptcy.

  26. Here is a good example

    Say Trump put tariffs on PENS at 150%

    Now pens will cost the typical American family let’s say double or more according to so-called experts.

    That would be a GOOD thing because it would allow new American based companies to come in and make pens for less. The result is the typical American family pay far less than was projected.

    Big corporations are against tariffs because of the expense of re-location of factories. The DOW drop reflects the possible expense of moving back to America. Obviously JOBS are created.


    Fk China!

  27. Spin, Spin, Spin. It's amazing that no one at Fox has vomitted on air so far!!!!!!!

  28. Maria is wearing her shoulder padded suite from the 80s. Someone should tell her she does not have the neck for it

  29. Navarro sounds like he’s part of architecting some of these tarrifs

  30. Tariffs raise revenues as tax cuts do. The latter by attracting-back capital investments in job producing industries; especially of basics like steel and aluminum for building war ships and airplanes. In a level playing field payroll costs would be the same in all countries and loss making production would not be propped-up with taxpayer subsidies.

  31. Maria gets courage to interrogate this worst economist

  32. The POTUS has to face news that does not tell all of the facts that answer these questions. She says she gets it but then becomes the "devil's advocate". Just Watch Lou Dobbs and he is the adult on the Finance network. We have been paying billions in tariffs and not they will to and go to no tariffs. Let the market set the price. "We're not going to get a deal." Marie The elephant in the room is the fake media and the Dumbs who run down our president 24/7 and our enemies see a chance they might get the Dumbs back who raise funds from them who will roll over and go backward to business as usual. We the people lose as always with Dems.

  33. Maria acting like a deep state pawn LOL

  34. off the backs of Americans we pay the tariff's ( new taxes)

  35. Dr. Navarro I have read all you books and finally found someone like you who really know the solution to the Sino-US problems. Please keep up the good work until CCP accepts all our demands.

  36. How does she act so oblivious? Is she really THAT stupid? What agenda is Maria (Fox) really trying to push? it isn't for the benefit of Americans. More globalist schills

  37. Stealing trade secrets? Really? We gave them the secrets. Hell, how much did Apple give them.

  38. Maria, this guy is a jerk every economist says we are paying not china stop being a trump stooge are you looking for a job in white house

  39. Raising revenues for who❓

  40. "Tariffs are a tax on the American people"
    No – tariffs protect the American people.

  41. Maria, stop hanging out with Chris Wallace!

  42. These "talking heads" have ego's the size of CHINA ..they make it all about them and screw the guest..WE want to HEAR the G U E S T not you BIG MOUTH

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