Thursday , November 26 2020
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Peter Navarro: Trump's wins are being overshadowed by impeachment

White House assistant for trade and manufacturing Peter Navarro, in a wide-ranging interview, provides insight into trade deals, market volatility, China using the Communist Party’s 70th anniversary to show off new missiles, and reports of the White House considering delisting Chinese stocks.

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  1. I am not sure why she invite people to her show , she would not let any one talk , My Gosh let him talk !

  2. Maria has a bit of tourettes. You better make your point in 4 seconds flat or she's coming in to interrupt you.

  3. Maria is a bit of a compulsive interrupter isn't she?

  4. Authoritarianism is the main tool of weaklings

  5. The America people know this impeachment is another DEM farce, another hoax.

  6. give the squad some fentanyl

  7. and the trade uncertainty is China's fault !!!!! lets make it their problem

  8. Trumps going down RETARDICANS. Trump 2020. IN JAIL!!

  9. HAIL TO THE CHEIF Thank you Mr Trump. USA

  10. 🇺🇸 TRUMP AGAIN – 2020 🇺🇸

  11. Overshadowed by his criminal acts. Your all hypocrite traitors to the constitution and to our U S A. Go to hell

  12. The Chinese military display is like an impotent man flashing children in the park.

  13. This lady"s voice is so annoying. Please don't yell. 😣

  14. USMCA is on life support and has less value for Canada and Mexico

  15. This is a Pres. whom stayed in the oval office during the shunt down waiting on the Dem's to bring Legislation to the table. 109 Dem's sitting on the beach Paid by lobbyist. My Point That's something of Value the Democratic party Should Be on the Impeachment table. Airfare round trip, Food, Room an Board, +++ Bull Crap Charge's, Well over $6,200.00 a head

  16. Love it how they mention Australia as the leaked emails and arrests to come!

  17. Kisne Marne ka order diya check kiya

  18. Aap ke jitne president qu made Abraham linkan se sub aab tak constituion qu nahi tha

  19. Wow, my computer won't let me see it

  20. This idea of impeachment has been bruited about long before the 'Ukraine' thing became public. This charade promoted by the left/democrats is designed to make insignificant Pres.Trump's accomplishments. But the electorate is not blind nor will it be dissuaded by this political smoke screen in time for the 2020 elections. There will be a second term for this President! Make America great again!

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