Thursday , August 11 2022

Philadelphia's youth grapple with the prevalence of gun violence in their city

Young people in Philadelphia recount near-death experiences with bullets, as community leaders desperately search for solutions.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. guns obtained illegally and used to shoot their own people. it's devastating to see.

  2. Biggest problem in Philly is fathers. Their aren't many of those. However, a brother.. you'll find one anywhere, its the city of brotherly love. And some of these young kids are just picking the wrong brothers, the ones who get them to do things they wouldn't do themselves in exchange for Love that should only come from a father. Guns aint the problem. A moving car will take out more people then a pistol in 1 second. Jayana Tanae Webb, killed 2 cops and 1 bystander in the blink of an eye. No gun needed just an old car an a little bit of alcohol in the blood to help with the pain of impact. Darrell Brooks, killed 6 with a car in the blink of an eye their lives were gone.

  3. Lol stop saying it’s a systemic problem. It’s a cultural one. How is it the systems fault when some soft fragile black ego is triggered on social media enough to go out and shoot someone?

  4. Where can I find the full 30 minute version?

  5. Welcome to the Democrat’s Pro-Crime Pro-Pedophilia Pro-Drugs Anti-Family Anti-Science Woke Cult Utopia.

  6. As Malcolm x stated y'all keep putting y'all hope's into these political white parties n get nothing in return 👈🏾💪🏾dats been our number one problem for years now. We forgotten all the teaching Malcolm x did.

  7. LORD DADDY JESUS, please have mercy upon us all, and please protect us all.

  8. The black community needs a Leader cause we are lost and broken 😔

  9. Joan and I saw the piece on the news last night !

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  11. Pretty sure Why Tea is not shooting
    let that be your first clue

  12. I’m sad to say I’m a refugee from Philly

    This country need to pay attention if they care!!!!

  13. It's BLM on BLM violence. Recall Krasner and fire Outlaw. Let the cops profile and Stop and Frisk certain people.

  14. Heyyy that’s meee ❤️❤️😩😩😩 thank you guys for the opportunity ❤️❤️

  15. Recall your CRIMMINAL DA !!!

  16. It must suck when your own people are the enemy.

  17. this should be a documentary

  18. But wait they are not able to legally own a gun, so how can they have gun violence, murder and assault is illegal so we know they follow our laws and will continue to do so, right Democrats 🤔

  19. With the new gun bill, hopefully the criminals will follow the law. However, when law abiding citizens are left defenseless, will he feel safer?

  20. I'm glad to see this problem is getting media attention.

  21. Q. Why do Americans sound like chickens saying "like, like, like"?

    A. To attract game animals they can shoot with AR15s.

    Q. Why do Americans need AR15s to hunt?

    A. Join the rest of the world where mass shootings don't exist and are extremely rare.

  22. Over 280 American mass shootings this year in the ONLY country on Earth that has school shootings.

    'Amend' means 'to change' or 'put right'. The US constitution has already been amended 27 times.

    Ban Americans from international travel to control the spread of stupidity and amend Amendment 2.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: School shootings B: Masks.

  23. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 Vaniaa.Uno qualification m.l.t medical lab technicianr ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  24. Philadelphia 'black youth' deal with gun violence. There, I fixed it for you.
    White and Latino and Asian youth ARE NOT having to deal with it.
    This is a 'black culture' problem. Get it straight!

  25. Hey another,”V” a.x on its way! They must,find one “You” believe! Think,P.0.L.I.0!

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