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Philips Lumea Compact IPL Hair Removal Review & Demo | Fashion Mumblr

In this video I’m sharing my review on the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal gadget – I’ve been using it for a few months now and thought I’d share my experiences with you!

This is not sponsored – all views completely my own!

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Product Mentioned : Philips Lumea Compact IPL http://bit.ly/1HbtTlU


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  1. Bruh the camera wobbling got me 😵

  2. So complete rubbish, if you have to shave monthly, it's not permanent. You should get your money back.

  3. Is it okay to take a bath, or wet it after? Or the next day?

  4. you look like jamie otis from married at first sight show

  5. Any one try the emjoi hair removal?

  6. The pencil strategy really helped! How do you laser the back of your thighs/bum area without missing any areas? x

  7. Hello there this is a great video. Do you not need to use ipl gel in it?

  8. Hi i would like to ask, what will happen if u zap the ipl twice at the same place? Will it affect to the skin?

  9. Thanks so much for this review it’s very informative

  10. There’s a fake chinese website using your review video(edited) as a review to their fake product

  11. I want to buy it but I’m not sure if it’s really use a full or no

  12. This isn't the Phillips device. It's a much cheaper knock off from Amazon called SYOSIN. But if it actually works well then in doesn't really matter. Save your dollar. Just the title's misleading

  13. Great video i have learned a lot lets stay connected sis !

  14. Hi Stephanie, I have a similar later Lumea model and was interested to see how others are getting on with it. After 3 months I'm finding very good results, especially lower leg as you say, but the underarm is not so good. I'm strawberry blonde mind, but I think I read from one specialist that a second pass is not such a bad thing, I've not done that, but I do overlap much closer than you, the little green window is smaller than the white outer part and you'll miss lots the way you was doing it. Also I don't use the pencil idea coz of the same thing, I kind of try to remember where I have been? Though I must admit, if I stop for a sip of coffee or something, I do forget where I was sometimes! It's a very good machine though and regrowth is very slow, and now it seems never in some spots! Oh, the window must be, (very very, carefully), cleaned sometimes, else you are wasting your time…. Celia xx

  15. Really informative & helpful in illuminating what at home laser is about, thanks☺

  16. It doesn’t work on me. I tried Remington and Much better

  17. I want to know full name of ipl

  18. but ummm,you dont seem to have any body hair. try being a guy with dark,thick black hair.lol it is a nightmare

  19. This is a very nice review. Very helpful. Thank you.

  20. اذا ممكن تشرحي لي طريقة الاستخدام باللغة العربية

  21. Great video BUT on the isntructions of the Philips Lumea it says you should not use a pencil to mark the area as it might burn your skin..

  22. Hello I just purchased philips lumea essential and when I tried to use it for the first it didn't produce any lights whenever I pressed it. Idk whats happening is it broken? pls help. thanks

  23. We can use this one on face too if we use on face we shave face hair first too.. plz reply

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