Police officer killed, second wounded in Alabama shooting

One Huntsville police officer was killed and another was wounded as they responded to a report of shots fired at an apartment complex. The suspect was later taken into custody.

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  1. Again it's been every day in America stop the shootings show us what you are good for police 🚔

  2. If they were better service they may have not been target people getting tired of fake law's government judge etc

  3. I am so sorry about this I tried my best to stop this from happening with a lot of other cases I got Intel that this was going to happen I had the time I am trying my best to stop these criminals from overtaking the United States government with foreign affairs on top of it I have to work every case in United States I've been getting phone calls from every law enforcement agency in the United States of America and also every town and everything else I am so sorry that I am over book I'm overbooked I am trying to do everything that I can I'm just one person working every case throughout the United States of America in every state and I am also trying to work overseas chases and get more until every time hearing United States of America every time that I get Intel I let every agency know ahead of time if something is going down I am pushing for the FBI to shut down no longer United States needs to FBI and state congress leaders if they are not going to do their job even the mayor's it is causing trouble also with a lot of businesses and everything else we do not need to bed apples in our work and our environment of work we need good people in the community to help each and every law enforcement agency please keep every law enforcement agency in all of the United States government please keep everybody in their prayers especially please keep me in your prayers also I need to prayer because I need to work every case it is about my men and women in uniform it doesn't matter who also all of United States all the people matter to me it doesn't matter what you do in life every person matters to me I have to work cases and everything else I am working every Chase from West Virginia my house in West Virginia every time that I am working more cases I'm trying to get every agency the Intel and every every case that I am trying to I am trying to make the right call on every case I'm sorry for all the criminals trying to overtake United States government and also I am handling try my best to manage everything as I'm handling Foreign Affairs and everything else

  4. I love watching the news here…… But, I hate the "Thanks for watching our You Tube channel". I hate it.😢

  5. I wish they cared this much for all the unarmed civilians that are killed by the police every day but instead they go to court and say I feared for my life as the man ran away from me and so I shot him in the back with every bullet I had and the judge says JUSTIFIED case dismissed then they go and have a beer and laugh about it so when I see news like this I say JUSTIFIED you can simply google autistic man shot by police as this is what I did looking into a particular case of the unarmed autistic man shot dead by police and after searching Google with those key phrase "autistic man shot by police" I couldn't believe how many times this had happened I thought it would just show the one incident I was looking for assuming that it doesn't happen often but that wasn't the case I was reading article after article I could have been up all night if I continued I had to stop I knew it was like that for just unarmed people but unarmed autistic wow so ya maybe if police realize how this situation makes them feel maybe they will stop killing people who are not a threat because those people have friends and family to and they feel the pain to stop being murderers and karma won't have to get involved

  6. Officer Garrett Crumby we are here because of you, all of time and space contains us all and you caught us all falling through the cracks, we will find you too and free you, & your loved ones will never be alone even without you, we will pay your sacrifice forward and look after your fellow American hero: the injured officer Albert Morin, may you heal in peace.

  7. Prayers so sorry for your loss

  8. ban guns. keep border open.

  9. Great more gun violence

  10. Very sad.. Condolences from Puerto Rico.

  11. A corrupt cop was taken off the streets,is what I heard

  12. We pray for these officers today for doing their job to the best of their abilities be with the families and help them recover from this tragedy

  13. Too many guns around, the whole country is threatened by it, police will suffer the brunt and get less tolerant of civilians in nonviolent situations, escalating to deadly force because they’re frightened. We are doomed because republicans are owned by the gun lobby and Dems have no balls to oppose them effectively. We need a political movement ami g citizens despite the antidemocratic ownership of congress by corporate lobbies.

  14. Better be careful out there folks

  15. Why are you not covering the Trans day for vengance? And all of the Catholic school closings because of threats? People research cause you need to know when the kids are in danger.