Friday , November 27 2020
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Pompeo: 'I was on the phone call' with Trump, Ukrainian president

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discusses the phone call with President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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  1. It was not Huawei's equipment, who licked the information.

  2. Pumpass comes into his President's cavern yet again….

  3. What’s funny is All you people wishing for the President to be Impeached don’t realize how much money you are loosing in the Stock Markets right now!

  4. Wasn't Obama and Biden and Muller and Comey etc….in charge during these so called events ????? Somebody wasn't doing their job !!!!!

  5. Where is that great big POMPOUS smile we always see on Pompeo's face. Looks a little worried

  6. I'm waiting for the movie on UkraineGate. This is juicy stuff and getting juicier by the day. Pompeo: "Call? What call? Ohhh, you mean the call I was on. That call." The Mueller report thing bored me but not this. I'm mesmerized.

  7. Indictments will increase and Mr Pompeo will not be able to feign ignorance as this president continues to shout seditious remarks and will soon be indicted for sedition

    Sec Pompeo is a West Pointer he understands the consequences of sedition

  8. Pompeos own words "we lie,cheat and steal"

  9. This guy has torched his future by being Trumps SoS. Trump supporters are in a state of denial. They think they are the victims of a deep state conspiracy, when the reality is Donald is just dodgy & highly unethical, and delusional.

    Whats more realistic, that Trump has gone off the deep end, or 'The Cabel" actually exists.

  10. Can you imagine if it was H. Clinton who was on the phone call, the hypocrisy is staggering also if she did something like it she would have been smarter than Trump…"release the transcript". WTF

  11. Oh Democrats and their media lied again? Why am I not surprised? Look at all the liberal paid trolls that are sent to conservative videos. Haha GIVE IT UP.. We don't care about what you have to say and President Trump isn't going anywhere. You think you'were angry in 2016 you're going to be really pissed off in 2020. I do understand most of you are brainwashed by CNN,MSNBC , NYtimes and the other fake news outlets. Keep up your trolling because it's something to laugh at for us normal people just like Election night 2016 was hilarious.

  12. So there’s a transcript that doesn’t say he was on the phone call but all of a sudden he’s on the phone call? Does Trump have something on him and now he has to lie and say he was on it and defend Trump?

  13. Una faccia da depravato si vede subito. Lecchino di merda. Puoi anche telefonare a Trump e dirgli che sei un lecchino

  14. Justice will prevail, our Constitution defended, despite the wailing of the spineless Hypocrite GOP.

  15. Lies lies lies send him to prison

  16. Mike Pompeo, I watched what the POTUS said about you in one of his interviews. I had no idea of the awsome things you have done with your life. Awsome!! Glad to have you🇺🇸💪👍 hope we can hear more from you.

  17. Media cooperates with the FBI which cooperates with the Democrats who cooperate with the media to cover up for the FBI's collusion with Hillary.

  18. Hey, you scum democrats, this will fail and you will find another way to harass, threaten, hide, and try to stop the progress of the greatest president in history!!!!!!!

  19. Mike pompeo you embarrassed your Alma mater the West Point.What happen to your virtue and integrity?

  20. Democrats don't understand, you don't push Italians around. It will N E V E R end well for you. Thank you Pompeo!

  21. Work for a liar, you lie for a living…

  22. The whistleblowers identity is secret but we know Pompeo was present during the call despite his initial denials. Its no great leap to theorise that HE is the whistleblower!

  23. Westpoint man brought down by Pumkin-head. wow !

  24. Mr. Pompeo is not a pushover like Pencil Neck is used to intimidating! Good for him!!! He knows the rules and won’t go against them! Good for him!

  25. I'd never buy a used car from that guy.

  26. Even Trump supporters sure knows that this is at least an illegitimate presidency from the beginning. It truly and honestly needs to end. This is disgraceful.

  27. So Mike Pompeo went to West Point and graduated first in his class to end up lying for the reality TV star turn president? Only a Foxnews Trump supporter would even attempt to see right in such an obvious wrong.

  28. Mike's the man of the hour! His duties are wearing on him. He needs to hear the words of Jesus to His disciples after their exhausting work for the Gospel: "Come ye apart…and rest awhile."

  29. It's acceptable for trump to bully the whistleblower and other countries but when it supposedly gets done to you that is unacceptable? You corrupt piece of crap You are going down and I can't wait

  30. LIAR The American people don't have confidence in you so why should another nation?? You are lying through your teeth. You said this was the first time you heard of the call and then you say you were on the call. Get the f out, you corrupt bastard.

  31. I think the Democrats made a big mistake going after Pompeo and others they should have just stuck with Trump. It makes them look stupid and whoever the residing judge will be from the Supreme Court is not going to take kindly to Adam shift attacking everybody

  32. Corrupt media ..fake news, vicious attack ….Every attack to our President Trump is a cover up for the 26 trips of Clinton to Epstein's Island, 32 thousand of Hillary emails and billion and a half of Biden son from former Ukraine gov.

  33. Pompeo is going to try to hide the statements and documents and stonewall because he also is part of this extortion and now cover up. That is why Giuliani made sure to include Pompeo in his news statement just in case he (Pompeo) tried to jumpship or distance himself from this problem. Now, Pompeo has to do anything to keep from criminal charges. I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, we deserve better than this. Pompeo should cooperate with the investigation.

  34. Oh lord now we've got Barr and Pompeo together in Italy. Two bastards in cahoots. Christ what next

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