Saturday , December 5 2020
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Pompeo: Iran is feeling the full might of the US

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discusses plans to meet with President Erdogan and national security in regards to ISIS and military defense.

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  1. Welcome to the center of USA propaganda …make seek knowledge to other media and get saved from being brain washed by these USA politicians😂

  2. Zionist terrorist warmonger Pompeo, go and fix your 22 trillion debt. Can't even defeat taliban villagers.

  3. All Americans matter. Including limbs. Maria get your kids on the line

  4. Maria, don't second guess the President. ISIS prisoners have escaped. The rest are still contained, not let out. NO MARIA! The Kurds & Syria will work together to take care of the oil.

  5. Any life lost is a tragedy, to rank it as too many is to surrender the debate.

  6. The female reporter is annoying AF

  7. Turkey is in a blackmailing game

  8. Wow Maria got her marching orders😕What is her interest in keeping us in Syria. I think it’s time for Maria and go back MSNBC

  9. I think Mike Pompeo is the best Sec of St we've had – thank you for your service !!

  10. dont call me racist, muslim is not a race you morons , it is a fake religion

  11. the Turcs are muslim , no need to say more

  12. i usually agree with trump, but it really seems this wasn't well thought out. i don't disagree with the idea of bringing our troops home, but whether it would have been to get a stronger coalition in there first or whatever, it seems there could have been a better idea for a solution. it looks like our allies, the kurds, are going to suffer the most, and this makes people understandably distrust the u.s. the syrian civilians will, of course, also suffer severely. also, there's the possibility that we'll end up back in there with it worse all over again. finally, countries such as china and nk, that were seeing such a strong trump just a few mos ago, and knowing he was a man of his word and to be feared, are now seeing a piddling little country like turkey walk all over him. it also seems like pompeo's extremely uncomfortable with her questions.

  13. This Woman just Showed her hand as Controlled Op in this Interview!!!!! I'm thinking Rev 3:9 is at work here but I've yet to Verify her relationship with the American Subversives.

  14. As Iran doesn't have the money to support terrorists any more, the Kurds should be able to fight their own battles, if they want to.

  15. Please tell Pompeo, the Kurds, our allies, are feeling the full might of Turkey. Trump has betrayed them. Wait till we ask for help in the future, our other allies will laugh at us.

  16. If you would get sick with cancer, only then, Pompeo, you`d understand, what " full might " really is! Empires always comes and goes, and under the sun, your might is irrelevant.

  17. Were's the proof of war chaos?!

  18. Maria, you are in over your head.

  19. Why nobody talks about Turkish government attacking Arminian border???so sad ..turks are barbars

  20. The poorest people are suffering in Iran and that's the children and the lower class…

  21. I heard: 'we had forewarning from a NATO ally of their actions and it would not be prudent for NATO v NATO ally conflict'. I agree with that. I also agree that [sic] we (DS in actuality) should have never been in Syria. DS actors sent troops in after inciting discord to defend the population they incited to gain some kind of sick power in the region. You don't see POTUS sending troops to Hong Kong or even having a part in inciting divisiveness. NO. what you are seeing in Hong Kong, France is organic because OUR President is inspiring All of us (anons) to speak up against the GLOBAL Cabal that we all know exists.

  22. Ok Thank you very freaking much.
    We are fighting Russia
    We are fighting north Korea
    We are fighting Iran
    We are fighting china
    We are fighting Iraq
    We are fighting Syria
    We are fighting lebanon
    We are fighting Afghanistan
    We are fighting yaman
    And now we are going to start a new fight .with who????
    Wiiiiiiith Turkey ! yaaaaaaa.
    any body knows why ???
    Yeeeeeeeas we dooooo!

  23. These mideasterns hate us no matter what.

  24. Maria wants to change the President's direction. She should have been President since she knows better.

  25. The strategy is save American lives. They are dying for no reason.

  26. If you had children in Syria you would not be talking this Moronic stupidity Maria. Shut up you witch. Let's give you a gun and you can protect the Kurds you female Rambo.

  27. Mr Pompeo you are the best. Please keep doing what you are doing. I have faith in you. Ignore the communist party in our government.

  28. Rename that area Byzantium.

  29. Iran is feeling the full might of the US…if i had a dime for each time they said this

  30. Let's pretend Trump wasn't the one responsible for this.

  31. Maria, do you really want more Americans soldiers to die in defense of Syria ? Seriously?

  32. You cannot bring the era of the Ottoman empire Erdogan. Turkey's time had finished thousands year ago.

  33. Mike Pompeio seems like a very intelligent man speaks very well really enjoyed his interview

  34. The small number of troops, can't stop Turkey's troops. Maybe we should declare WAR on a NATO ally? Nope.

  35. Maria. Send there YOUR kids to die. Show you don't care if your kids die first

  36. Marie….please quit yelling not necessary! Good Job Pompeo!

  37. Did you guys see the letter trump sent to Turkey's president? Wow this guy

  38. question is how long before donnie dump throws mikey under the bus

  39. The Turks are better than any NATO Allie, they have fought beside America every time they have been called on. THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD ALLIE!

  40. Turkey under Erdogan should be kicked out of NATO he is a mad islamist

  41. Pompeo, the Zionist Warmonger!

  42. At least our leaders are taking it to them.

  43. Now when the Turks attack the Kurds and other minority groups, Syria does not matter for Trump oh what things are quick to change, Just a short time ago, he had a dozen missiles fired in Syria.

    He should send his friend Erdogan a bouquet and praise him for this bloody invasion of the Turkish army.These are all hypocrites these presidents and rulers in this world, but the living God is watching and he will truly judge those rulers who let the innocent blood be shed on this earth.

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